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Posted in: In U.N. speech, Trump threatens to 'totally destroy' North Korea See in context

The question is will NK risk another test or will it arm it next time? It's clear their target isn't SK or Japan otherwise they wouldn't be trying to range their weapon for the USA coast. A strike on Old Fateful which sits above a super volcano would decimate the entire continent. It would be important to put anti missile batteries in that area

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Posted in: Strong exports push Japan's trade balance back to surplus See in context



the workers aren't going to enjoy the results of their efforts. Corporations will;

Who are categorically not people.

they will increase their cash-on-hand and "encourage" workers to do just a little more overtime.

feeding their misery even more in a kind of catabolic collapse

However, good news for Japanese export-driven corporations, ie. cars and computers.

Corporations again. Proving the economy isn't for people

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Posted in: MLB breaks record for home runs in season See in context

MLB has egg on their face with a changed baseball that has been injuring multiple pitchers throughout the season with unexpected blisters. After league wide complaints, they said they'll look into it, but getting a monolithic organization to do the right thing always takes longer than having them skim the bottom line at a moments notice.

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Posted in: Strong exports push Japan's trade balance back to surplus See in context

Doesn't mean anything when people are overworked to death. If human beings can't enjoy the results of their efforts then it has no value

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Posted in: Do you support legalized casino operations in Japan? See in context

Pachinko already ruins lives, there's no requirement to ruin more

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Posted in: Abe likely to pledge something for everyone in election campaign See in context

In a one party state he can say whatever he wants without consequence. Pledge Pledge Pledge Pledge Pl....

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Posted in: N Korean missile launches may cost Japanese broadcasters billions of yen See in context

BTW what does "Wide" mean in a TV show title? It's like English Kanji. Too bad real Japanese language was lost to English that makes no sense.

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Posted in: Abe says he'll decide timing of election on return from U.N. trip See in context

since it's a Parliament the LDP would still win but there's no reason to re-elect Abe

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Posted in: Abe considering snap election as early as October See in context

What does a snap election mean in a one party state?

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Posted in: Bitcoin ... the way to the future or path to financial ruin? See in context

Any such system has to start from the existing banking system, otherwise everyone would get free points at the beginning like a game. The moment you have to use real money to start the system then its base is from the existing system whose value it is pitted against. If it were really online only, it would only have internal value to itself.

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Posted in: Take cover - but where? Japanese helpless over N Korean threat See in context

Sanctions can only work if the party can be convinced of change and has other grievances that can be addressed by doing so, thus creating an agreement and a way forward. NK has no such ability to find agreement and is headstrong to keep developing weapons.

It will simply come a time soon enough to use conventional weapons to end it. Whether it's China or USA it doesn't matter. It would be ironic from years of inaction for it to be China but it is in the best position to wipe them out, and that's where I would like to see diplomatic action. However more likely if NK continues to not stop USA will be forced to act. If it can be done by only affecting the upper echelon that would be for the best

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Posted in: Need for mountain doctors growing in Japan amid trekking boom See in context

so roughly equivalent to a plane crash every year for decades.

I would have thought some basic climbing licensing would have developed by now too

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Posted in: Defiant N Korean leader says he will complete nuke program See in context

The photo and his comments point to a single-mindedness that no sanction can stop, unless stopped.

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Posted in: Japan urges world to unite on N Korea after latest missile See in context

I would think the math to know if it's going to hit land or sea is well known. It would be great if they included that in the warning displays so that people can gauge the risks rather than be puppets to every scare

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Posted in: Netflix 'Death Note' director deletes Twitter account; has had it with fan complaints See in context

Critics panned it as well. It just wasn't well made. If his name enters the same realm as being Shyamalan'd, then he has to wear it

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Posted in: Atomic Energy Commission supports nuclear power despite Fukushima See in context

Stockholm syndrome? Keep those brown envelopes coming

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Posted in: Intense work continues at Tokyo Olympic stadium site two years before deadline See in context


Yeah that's correct. It just came off as odd to me. The statements I made above are true so I wanted to leave those about speculation out of it.

Her death was particularly odd to me personally. I have had bronchitis since I was a kid and am susceptible to bad air conditions such that I check the PM50 weather ratings. Generally caused by pollution injury to the lungs.

I just took it as a fantastic coincidence that the one suing the Olympics conveniently dies which saves it from more scandal and a public lawsuit for her stolen stadium designs. It of course certainly can be, but it's not impossible to consider it a result of foul play for me. Bad air, if you know the trigger, is easy to simulate from an aerosol can or another source. I have that same problem depending on the brand of air freshener. If it were done intentionally I don't think I would survive either.

Conspiracy I know, but it's possible that it was important enough to get her out of the way of the brown envelopes that were threatened by continual lawsuits and media attention. It certainly should have warranted an investigation.

I left the facts in my earlier comment. Clearly this one doesn't have the veracity, but the incident does give me pause about business dealing in Japan and the pride of construction companies.

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Posted in: Japanese firms step up measures to keep employees healthy See in context

Stop the work day at 5pm. They deserve their own lives back

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Posted in: Intense work continues at Tokyo Olympic stadium site two years before deadline See in context

The operators have since taken measures and the working environment has improved.

Improved how? From what to what? How many shell companies before and after?  

The construction was more than a year behind schedule when it started, as an earlier stadium plan was scrapped because of a spiraling cost and unpopular design.

Not true. It won a Japanese lead design competition, where the entry company designer Zaha Hadid wasn't allowed to partner with a construction company, (costs are too high!) whose design was then stolen, suddenly allowed to be partnered by a Japanese construction company, (costs are now low!) then with a reduced design, and is now the revised one now currently under construction. Her company sued the Olympics for stealing, and since then Hadid mysteriously died.

You can't rewrite the truth when anyone can look up all the shady deals. They get reported in the outside.

In fact, what isn't a scandal and linked to the Olympics?

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Posted in: LDP to come up with rough draft on revising pacifist Constitution See in context

Article 9 must prevail. It's really special. I wish we had one

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Posted in: NGOs complain to IOC over Tokyo Games environmental record See in context

Transparency? But that would reveal all the shell corporations

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Posted in: Wagyu Olympics held amid growing demand for luxury beef See in context

All research evidence worldwide and in Japan points to meat and dairy for the top 15 diseases in human beings. This increases dementia and diabetes for example. Fish also expected to have a major collapse.

As diets shift towards whole food plant based it'll be interesting to see what happens to Japanese industries. I think the cooking skills in Japan are amazing so there's no reason to think it would be negative, just a shift.

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Posted in: TV correspondents face danger they told others to avoid See in context

Stupid media are stupid. Film at 11

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Posted in: Tokyo eyes basically banning indoor smoking at restaurants, hotels See in context

Many cities around the world including my own banned smoking in restaurants and bars in the 90's or earlier. Crying and complaining from businesses resulted in more people going out not less. We now have a vibrant restaurant scene and now they're crying all the way to the bank.

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Posted in: Japan takes fresh look at education, work styles See in context

and what is the plan to handle all the oyaji in the way of change?

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Posted in: Japanese car rentals include stickers that read: 'A foreigner is driving' See in context

activate-all-the-racism sticker

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Posted in: Japan aims to more than quadruple rice exports in 2019 See in context

Parboiled rice is $1.50 per 900 grams so how would Japan exports compete with that? Even so I stop eating it after NutritionFacts.org painted the arsenic picture in a 13 video series about rice. (Gist: USA Southern rice has lots of arsenic, California rice much less, India rice the lowest, but rice contains some arsenic generally). Arsenic is water soluble so you can reduce it, but if you eat rice daily or even more than once a week then probably not. I just decided it wasn't worth it when there are half a dozen other grains out there that are worth trying. So far Barley as replacement has turned out to work fine in my rice cooker and tastes great. Also low cost, 88 cents for 450 grams. Pretty close. Both Pot Barley and Pearl Barley.


Anyway, if the arsenic content of Japanese rice were known, and if it was low, that could make for great marketing. But it remains to be seen if the higher price would be worth the exporting at all.

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Posted in: You must brie joking! Foodies cheesed off as China says 'non' to France's finest See in context

Nippori Nick

Can't take credit for it (thank the Internet) but cheese puns are easy to find and are grate. But some people get feta up with them.

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Posted in: You must brie joking! Foodies cheesed off as China says 'non' to France's finest See in context

Sweet dreams are made of Cheese

Who am I to Diss a Brie

I travel the Roquefort and the Seven Cheese

Everybody’s looking for Camembert

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Posted in: U.S. court rejects Qualcomm bid to limit Apple lawsuits See in context

Apple reminds me of where Big Pharma routinely discredits doctors against their drugs, so it's a well established corporate playbook to try to discredit some one or company if the money is large enough. It has nothing to do with right, just exhaustion

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