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Posted in: Why are Olympics going on despite public opposition, medical warnings? See in context

Last year the machine was stopped and humans saved.

This year the money is all that matters. No one will take responsiblily.

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Posted in: Japan to lift state of emergency one month before Olympics See in context

and what was the source of that poll? and how many were asked? and what was the credibility interval of the poll number, 19 times out of 20?

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Posted in: No time to waste, warns Japanese climate activist See in context

But where are we gonna get the rest of the energy without coal?

not from coal. True story

How can you type but not use a search engine??

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Posted in: Japan to cap spectators at 10,000 after COVID-19 state of emergency See in context

I'd say this throws another wrench in the works, but there are so many wrenches there now that whatever remains of a plan is long gone

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Posted in: Melbourne to allow residents to leave city, despite stubborn virus outbreak See in context

if they had a UBI, their life would not be sacrificed for the upper class

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Posted in: Melbourne to allow residents to leave city, despite stubborn virus outbreak See in context

Sure, what could possibly happen? R value has to be less than 1 to be safe, but whatevers

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Posted in: Republicans introduce bill to fire Fauci, face of U.S. Covid response See in context

Dumb Republicans are dumb, film at 11

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Posted in: Warning to athletes: Follow the rules at Tokyo Olympics, or else See in context

Olympic athletes and staff egos and the money made are more important than human lives, otherwise why would they go to China in 2008 and again in 2022? Thus caring about Japan isn't going to happen either

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Posted in: Warning to athletes: Follow the rules at Tokyo Olympics, or else See in context

will all the chef de mission be culpable when the Olympic Epsilon virus spreads over the world or has the paper trail made everyone legally not held responsible?

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Posted in: Mass vaccination site to fill vacant slots with police, other officials See in context

any same day shots, or is everything a waitling list to a waiting list?

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Posted in: GM exec: Company to announce more battery plants this week See in context

GM could have been the world leader if it hadn't bulldozed all of its EV1's in the 90's. The cars were leased, and were getting popular so they gathered them all up and trashed them.

Hopefully all the dinosaurs of Who Killed the Electric Car? the documentary that documented GM's 180 on EV's then won't do that again today. I think now they realize ev's are here to stay. Glad they are making the attempt but what a waste of time though, literally a generation

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Posted in: Suga says he won support from all G7 leaders for Olympics See in context

It was on Suga to stop the games and let the G7 know that theirs is the highest responsibility.. Oh well guess not, back to work, back to the machine

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Posted in: British medical journal calls for global conversation on Tokyo Olympics See in context

It's far too late. If a nation doesn't want the Olympic virus they should start banning participants of any kind entering Japan. But the machine won' t be stopped. Not like last year. All the exact same people have now turned a blind eye for money.

Best to get the second shot as soon as you can

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Posted in: American father, son to go on trial for helping Ghosn flee Japan See in context

kinda hoping they'll also be helped out of Japan. Hostage justice should not be acceptable

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Posted in: Schools pull out of Tokyo Olympic spectator program over virus fears See in context

One gets the feeling that any decision at all was made the night before it was due like cramming a term paper rather than the year in advance they had

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Posted in: Biden urges G7 leaders to call out and compete with China See in context

Hey you first G7

Recognize Taiwan as a country

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Posted in: Olympic organizers estimate 225,000 fans per day at Tokyo venues See in context

and how many will be vaccinated?? Welcome to the Super Spreader Olympics!

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Posted in: Hong Kong democracy activist Agnes Chow released from jail See in context

Can she be smuggled out? No way China lets people leave now

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Posted in: Suga refers to Taiwan as country, drawing fire from China See in context

whoops Suga said something from reality. He'll walk that back soon. Of course Taiwan is a country otherwise the CCP air force wouldn't keep testing its borders

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic Village considering ban on alcohol See in context

The beer sponsors should get their billions back

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Posted in: Tokyo Olympic Village considering ban on alcohol See in context

Next they will ban laughing and cheering

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Posted in: Suga regrets having to take all the heat for hosting Olympics during pandemic See in context

ooo ooo was it regretable??

it was regrettable


did they respond to comments?

Koike was not immediately available for comment.

The prime minister's office declined to comment.

The gold silver and bronze of responses

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Posted in: Suga aims to finish vaccinating Japan's population by November See in context

why keep makimg predictions you can't keep?

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Posted in: An umbrella to keep your backpack dry is just the thing we need this rainy season See in context

Just buy a better backpack???

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Posted in: COVID origins mystery continues to spark speculation and tension See in context

It came from China, just like all the other ones too. The End

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Posted in: U.S. eases 'Do Not Travel' advisory for Japan See in context

pretty clear everyone is just capitulating to whatever rather than just adhering to the science. Going for the Epsilon Variant I guess

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Posted in: Scholar learns remains of Tojo, other war criminals scattered in Pacific See in context

Shades of what the US Navy did to another fanatic, Bin Laden.

Done for the same reason, to remove any fanaticism.

Next is Yasukuni itself, as it's just a list. Get rid of the listing of Class A war criminals, and the shrine can go back to its original purpose of commemorating the national war dead. Something it was up until 1978.

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Posted in: 'I must listen to my body': Federer withdraws from French Open See in context


Probably because Federer is making logical sense?

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Posted in: Australia's Victoria logs biggest rise in COVID-19 cases in a week See in context

They didn't think through the naming system, as it is used with the variants as greek letters, but the first primary one is still China! Nice job scientists

Has China noticed yet? They should probably contact their people in the WHO

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