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Posted in: Japan's manpower-light defense strategy a flawed 'paper plan', officers say See in context

Japan doesn't need to add a lot of personnel to add Tomahawks, JASSM-ERs or SM-3 to their arsenal.

eh? Just for the SM3 they're going to have to build 2 x 20,000 tonnes ships, their largest surface combat ships. WIDELY REPORTED in the media.

I am not sure what your motivations are, but I 'personally' find your posts either argumentative or at times down right gaslighting, and you hide behind them with technical designations (more relevant on a military armament than on a generic Japanese culture forum).

You posted on another thread the Tomahawks require targeting infrastructures, and data, that's not going to come out of thin air. Similarly, you tried to gaslight about the Tomahawks being a strategic or tactical missile. There is no difference, google it, the media differentiate it for nuclear weapons, usually based on range, so even if a journalist had to make a call, which he /she shouldn't a Tomahawk is not a short range missile.

Most of all, what irks me most is you made a call on this story contradicting experts without any rationale nor example, like you always do, and often just for argument sake. Come on DT, we appreciate your knowledge, but you don't have to argue everything, and if you did argue, show us some examples or facts to back up your proposition.

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Posted in: Japan's manpower-light defense strategy a flawed 'paper plan', officers say See in context

NO Problem, Just look at what the Ukrainians are doing to Russia, outnumbered, out armed, and out sized. but they were able to push Russia back, free their capital and hold it.

This is 'True' only if you ignore the massive NATO logistic and intelligence machine that support and sustain Ukrainian front line forces.

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Posted in: World Bank slashes China growth forecasts on Covid woes, property crisis See in context

Sadly, this brave soul got locked up and, in the end, lost his life to COVID and we lost so many lives around the world and freedom due to ignoring this man.

But we now know why he was locked up, the CCP was desperately hoping for a quick cover up and wishes the virus would be contained. Even western scientists who suspected gain of function and lab leak were silenced.

They knew since September a novel virus has escaped and is circulating, in November they locked up a database of corona viruses, and that database has not been resurrected since, not even for the WHO as part of the investigation into the origin of the virus.

The worst part is, they knew the Wuhan lab was conducting gain of function research on vviruses. Google Matt Ridley and Alina Chan. The CCP had no choice...the facts woukd have shocked the world, bad science + bad management + totalitarian state.

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Posted in: Japan's manpower-light defense strategy a flawed 'paper plan', officers say See in context

Its interesting that this headline is right next to one announcing we have slid below the 800 thousand birth mark for the first time ever.

Yes, very, I'm sure Japan's weaknesses whether it's defense capability, demographics, lack of resources in a deglobalised world...they're massive challenges for Japan for the next 5 decades at least.

BTW, I agree with the sentiments of this story, standoff war fighting does not necessarily mean man-off, if anything it will probably require more man power to do so, not least because you need at least an operator, AND a network operator.

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Posted in: China-Russia navy drills to begin Wednesday See in context

At some point in time China's self admission that it's a strategic partner of Russia is going to make morally challenged corporates that do business with China very stinky to consumers and voters, and that hopefully means when Russia go back into the iron curtain, China will be joining it.

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Posted in: Russian drones hit Kyiv; Putin has talks in ally Belarus See in context

What is the difference between a "kamikaze" drone and a cruise missile like a Tomahawk?

Massive difference. A flying scooter drone that Russia uses was not designed to hit strategic targets, it was designed for terrorist to use to terrorise civilian population. It's not accurate, easily jammed with consumer grade drone hamming devices, and its very loud (you can hear it comin').

The Tomahawk is designed to hit strategic targets with precision. It's a strategic military missile.

Any how, these drones are becoming very predictable. Every time Russia has a setback on the 'real' battlefield, Putin orders flying scooters to be sent to Kyiv, indiscriminately.

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Posted in: Tokyo unwitting host to Chinese 'police station,' report says See in context

There are reported and unreported but is well known cases (hundreds of them) of HK students disappearing then found dead in alleys, in the harbour etc., the same with crypto startup founders, media personality etc....If Japan do nothing about this, it will be complicit in murders.

Wechat is generally saying Jimmy Lai is lucky he only got 5 years jail terms, he could have been disappeared.

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Posted in: Biden meets Ecuador's president amid growing immigration crisis See in context

"We were the first country in Latin America that condemned the Russian attack on Ukraine. We believe in multilateralism, we believe in the international rule of law, we believe that dialogue is the best formula to resolve differences," Lasso said.

You forgot we invited China into the neighbourhood who then plundered our fisheries and starved our people for NO gain. We did it because our bias made us virtuous nosebleeds who can't see true friends for foe.

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Posted in: Twitter users vote to oust Elon Musk as CEO See in context

All the poll says is TSLA stockholders want Elon back at Tesla. As for how well it's doing, the numbers speaks for themselves, record registration of genuine users, and proof main stream media making fools out of themselves.

No wonder even search and index companies are making more advert. money than media companies.

First it was the Murdoch, then came so called main stream, then it hit aggregators as well, soon all advertising money is going to go to search and index companies, because traditional media are making themselves untrustworthy and irrelevant. Poetic...

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Posted in: Working at 76: Inflation forces hard choice for older adults in U.S. See in context

...and yet over on another story here on JT, posters were calling Kishida a moron for encouraging citizens to invest in stocks.

The finanialization of everything means banks/funders has their greasy hands in everything. Company CEOs are treated as incompetent managers if they didn't exploit workers enough, even your mortgate is a financial product, your shop rewards, your wages...

The only way to claw back some of your hard labour is to be at the receiving end of financialization as well, ie own stocks and receive dividends. Else you are a by-product of financialization.

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Posted in: Tokyo unwitting host to Chinese 'police station,' report says See in context

Yet another slice of sovereignty salami. Decouple seems to be the only way to keep China at a safe distance.

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Posted in: ‘Avatar 2’ makes waves with $134 million domestic debut See in context

Don't know why but I'm totally over woke and movies like this is just unconvincing.

I feel like it's just more propaganda despite knowing its totally fictional.

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Posted in: BOJ owned half of outstanding Japan gov't bonds for 1st time, as of Sept 30 See in context

Well well, so when the BoJ said it was worried about corporate bond losses, it was a half truth, it was also worried about its own bond losses.

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Posted in: Japan declares plan to have preemptive strike capability and cruise missiles See in context

The calculus on the US side has changed keep saying this, but without even a single example of it in practice. On the other hand, I've provided examples after examples of USA banning export of 'prime' military tech.

Taiwan has lust after Tomahawks for how long now? Still mot approved for export to Taiwan, they waited, waited and eventually had to develop their own HF-2E. Does Japan have time to wait?

I will eat my words when the first Tomahawk is on Japanese soil, until then, IMHO, it's wishful thinking. Don't forget Ukraine either, ie if it's all about calculus, Ukraine would have Patriots missile defense in Feb 22.

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Posted in: Musk sells $3.58 bil worth of Tesla stock See in context

I’m buying 1500 shares of Tesla once it hits $150 a share.'s your chance. BUT, Warren Buffet's propositionnis better IMHO, buy TSMC, they pay a dividend, AND you're buying into TSLA upside because TSMC will be making the chip (advanced AI, expensive chip) that will go into every Tesla car AND robot.

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Posted in: Twitter chaos too much? There are plenty of other options See in context

Why does Musk own Twitter? -- Because he is rich.

...but getting poorer each day, though I believe Musk when he says it's to save democracy and humanity.

Google Matt Ridley and covid gain of function. Fauci is neck deep in it. Main stream media protecting him is akin to promotion of bad science and genocide. This ought to scare everyone, not just rich people.

Why did the government subsidise electric cars? -- Because the left always thinks that government spending has good outcomes.

Government spending gave you electricity and roads, are you complaining? Now the government want to switch to renewables, what's wrong with that?

conservatives who warned that the government should never intervene in free markets.

Not a certainty that this is the case, conservatives love government spending if it adds to their bottom line.

Also, I'm pretty sure Musk created Musk, AND he's always been vocal on everything that matters.

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Posted in: Japan declares plan to have preemptive strike capability and cruise missiles See in context

Tit for tat. Will such an arms race solve anything? It only takes two to tango -- mutual destruction and demolition.

This ^^ is a nice soundbite, but has proven to be a false narrative every time. On the other hand "deterrence" has proven time and time over to be the most effective strategy to avoid conflict/war/cough cough...special operation.

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Posted in: China sends ships into Pacific near southern Japan See in context

"Hyping up the so-called China threat to find an excuse for its military build-up is doomed to fail," Wang said at a daily news briefing.

This ^^ being the case, we know the new strategy will be effective against at least one adversary, China.

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Posted in: Japan declares plan to have preemptive strike capability and cruise missiles See in context

They are assuming USA will export the Tomahawk to Japan, which I doubt very matter what they've been told, only 1 other country has it, the UK. Even its most trusted ally Australia doesn't have it, AND if Australia do get it, it will be incorporated into AUKUS...has Japan been invited into AUKUS? No, or at least not yet.

Even for Australia, there are calls for Australia to develop its own, and I suspect it's because even with AUKUS, there will still be opposition from within USA. It's a missike with Network capability, whuch means hooking into USA's targeting infrastructure. IMHO, Japan should develop its own ASAP, like someone ekse posted 2026 could be too late.

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Posted in: EU leaders agree on more Russia sanctions, funds for Ukraine See in context

Fascista e ditador, just lovely, and you wonder where Europe got its mess from.

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Posted in: Harry accuses Prince William of screaming at him, his aides of leaking stories See in context

I guess that royalty as a symbol of their nation is not working too well for England.

LOL have some sympathy for NZ, their national anthem is 'God save the queen'.

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Posted in: Harry accuses Prince William of screaming at him, his aides of leaking stories See in context

IMO, they're all just taking royal life into the modern age, no press is bad press, if anything the entire clan is getting media attention and they probably don't mind most of it.

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Posted in: Tokyo makes solar panels mandatory for new homes built after 2025 See in context

You prefer global warming? And having your own panels means you are less beholden to the Energy Swine companies like TEPCO, so your post makes 0 sense whatsoever.

I'm totally on board with this. Even without anthropogenic climate change, I would still be 100% behind renewables, because then there will be no wars fought over energy, no environmental degradation from drilling and extraction. AND manufacturing will be more localised. WIN/WIN allround.

Though I admit, ENEOS, Osaka Gas and Mitsui is going to fund a big part of my retirement.

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Posted in: JETRO to showcase 36 Japanese startups at CES 2023 See in context

“Ashirase” is a wearable navigation system that assists the visually impaired with walking. The system consists of a smartphone app and an in-shoe vibration device. Ashirase’s intuitive instructions via vibration can guide users to their destinations more safely without obstructing their hearing ‒ a sense that is critical to the visually impaired.

Very promising, could be useful to posties and taqbin as well.

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Posted in: Report: TikTok promoting posts about eating disorders, suicide See in context


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Posted in: Group casts doubt on Amazon's claims of reducing plastic See in context

There must be a delay in plastic waste washing up on shoreline. My Amazon packages have had no plastic pillows for at least 12 months, all paper now.

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Posted in: Musk sells $3.58 bil worth of Tesla stock See in context

LOL, no more planned sale. Though for Musk, who will be getting more stocks as compensation package it's probably half a year's earning.

There are lots of Musk fan investors like Ross Gerber who are very upset about this and calling for the board to initiate stock buyback.

Glad I don't own TSLA, though based on EPS it's looking very cheap. My rule, no dividend, no buy stands though no matter how cheap.

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Posted in: Kishida walks tightrope with planned defense splurge See in context

How about spending money locally on Defense Research & Development

+1, this is how the Ukrainian was able to strike deep within Russian territory, by developing their own drones.

No point waiting for USA to approve sale of missiles etc, might never happen. Just look at what Japan need most, ie defensive strike capability, eg Tomahawk cruise missile, but surprise surprise USA has only ever sold it to ONE other country, the UK.

Japan has the know how, just get on with it. Unless Japan can strike deep within Russia, China, NK, it's ripe for attack.

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Posted in: EU to U.S.: We already have war, don't give us trade war, too See in context

A money conflict?

YES, a ninary one too. OLD vs NEW money.

The new money says renewables vs the old money's carbon tax everyone and on polluting. Binary.

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Posted in: EU to U.S.: We already have war, don't give us trade war, too See in context

Even Europe thinks the misnamed Inflation Reduction Act is nonsense.

Agree that the name is inaccurate, for now....but in time it would be deflationary, because no carbon tax would be added to cost.

IMHO, this is one initiative born out of the Biden administration that makes sense, on so many levels.

No carbon tax.

No troops protecting fossil sea lanes. No war.

Decouple from China supply chain, because local energy is cheaper than remote energy, transport costs etc.

Complementary with deglobalisation.

...and help the planet heal.

If the EU is a true ally, it would adopt the same policy, not doing so will only help China and Russia (as we can see from the war).

The GOP should cut its ties with fossil, fracking has done its job, USA no longer have to venture into the middle east grovelling to authoritarian states, this alone should be enough.

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