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Sh1mon M4sada comments

Posted in: Boeing shareholders approve CEO's compensation as company faces investigations, possible prosecution See in context

Calhoun announced in March that he would step down at the end of the year. Another shareholder said Calhoun should leave immediately.....tge company's ties to China.

Sounds very much like coming from airlines CEOs to me. They ALL put enormous pressure on Boeing (Calhuon) to deliver planes quickly (like Muilenburg did), and they all threw tantrums when Calhuon refused to give them finished planes parked in the desert but destined for China.

IMHO, if Boeing doesn't deal with these airlines effectively, safety will always be second to delivery. Can anyone even trust airlines when they open their mouth?

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Posted in: Putin concludes trip to China by emphasizing its strategic and personal ties to Russia See in context

The partnership between China and Russia “is not directed against anyone,”

...and yet, the Non Aligned Movement meet in Baku (Azerbaijan) has resulted in chaos and bedlum all over the world, especially the pacific and middle east.

Just look at the facebook page for the Baku Initiative Group where there's direct funding from China Russia.

Violence in Solomon Islands, New Caledonia, Fiji, Papua New Guinea, economic instability in Tonga, Vanuatu...and let's not forget Argentina, Ecuador, Colimbia either.

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Posted in: 'Flying car' makes Tokyo debut at international tech event See in context

My biggest concern is that like all the recent disruptions (ABnB, Uber etc.), they all startout illegal then legacy industries adopt the new relaxed laws.

ABnB totally broke town planning, AND international innkeepers laws, causing excessive housing costs and homelessness throughout the world. But somehow it's legalized.

Similarly taxis have always been heavily regulated, now the standards for taxi trips have dropped causing safety and excessive charges, even scams all over the world.

Do we want the FAA to be toothless too?

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Posted in: 2 Vietnamese nationals arrested amid spate of burglaries See in context

I don't know about you, but it seems like it's almost always Vietnamese whenever crime news are reported.

Commie origin, they must feel free and invincible when they're not so closely watched. I know I'd upset the wokies here, but fact is fact.

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Posted in: Yemen's Houthis will target all ships heading to Israel, group says See in context

Time for Blinken to admit his mistake to the Saudis and let them deal with the Houthis as they like, AND accept that the Saudis may end up annexing Yemen wholesale.

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Posted in: Honda revs up on EVs, aiming for lucrative U.S., China markets See in context

All the stars are lining up for Japanese autos now, weak yen, CCP geopolitics, uncertain continental Europe, it would be a wasted opportunity of a lifetime if Japan Auto doesn't invest.

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Posted in: U.S. Navy flagship carrier USS Ronald Reagan leaves its Japan home port after nearly 9 years See in context

“The USS Ronald Reagan and her crew have ensured that millions of people across the Indo-Pacific have been able to live their lives free of coercion, aggression and suppression,” Emanuel later told reporters.

Very commendable mission, thanks for your dedicated service.

Meanwhile, Xi (wannabe invader) welcoms Putin illegal invader, CCP stocking up gold like there's a war coming, likewise dumping US treasuries, creating ambiguous red lines all over the South China Sea (but should be renamed Shin Nippon Sea). US needs to bring on USS George Washington earlier than later.

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Posted in: Coppola's long-awaited epic 'Megalopolis' divides Cannes See in context

Looking forward to it. I have all the times in the world for Coppola art.

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Posted in: Honda, IBM tie up on development of chips, software for future cars See in context

IBM is but a shadow of its former self., of all the Japanese semi companies tgat Honda can partner with, it chose foreign IBM?

On the linux forums they are laughing at IBM for paying $6.4 billions for Terraform because it's synergistic with Ansible yep really combined to be 'Terrible', AND there's an open sourced fork OpenTofu totally free.

Most US tech companies have ceased being cool, MS, Adobe, IBM, Google, Apple...just collecting cash from userbase now, how long can this last?

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Posted in: Over 80,000 foreigners working at convenience stores in Japan See in context

Given the demographics, this is much needed to keep the cogs turning, though I would have thought the numbers would be much much higher.

New Zealand, a country of 5 millions, had 15 thousands foreign workers last year just for the agri sector, and they desperate want to double that.

I understand the anxiety that foreign labor brings to Japanese, just this week there was reportss of asian men speaking broken Japanese casing out and invading homes in Fukushima.

But, at the end of the day, Japan needs workers to maintain standard of living. Bloomberg is reporting that Japan' GDP shrank 2% in the first quarter, whilst Taiwan had massive growth.

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Posted in: Sharp to stop making LCD at Osaka plant, end TV panel output in Japan See in context

I wonder why Samsung TVs could never be found at any Japanese store

Sony has a secret sauce. Go look at the latest Sony TV, IMHO extremely good, whether it's calibration, or rendering hardware, or image orocessing...who knows, they're just extremely good (despite using Korean panel).

Or put it another way, the reason Chinese TV are crap and inconsistent is because they don't allocate sufficient time on the production line to calibrate.

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Posted in: Three dead in New Caledonia as riots rage after Paris approves voting change See in context

What are these changes?

Insignificant. The bill allows for french citizens who have lived in NC for over 10 years to vote. It's just a formality, they can obtain rights to vote anyway.

On the other hand, riots broke out in Sri Lanka, Djibouti, Pakistan, Ecuador, Solomon Islands....after China entered the fray.

Tahiti was also near riot, but was quelled by France back when French people didn't care.

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Posted in: Three dead in New Caledonia as riots rage after Paris approves voting change See in context



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Posted in: Sharp to stop making LCD at Osaka plant, end TV panel output in Japan See in context

Except overly expensive Sony, the TV market in Japan seems to die or give up to Chinese and Korean products,

Go into Yamada Denki Namba and tell me if you can even buy an old LCD TV. Sony QD-OLED TV (Korean panel) is what people want to buy. In a store like YD, where all the offerings are lined up side by side, no brainer Sony QD-OLED TVs are the go to for new TV buyers.

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Posted in: Biden hikes tariffs on Chinese EVs, solar cells, steel, aluminum — and snipes at Trump See in context

Good, now put up other barriers as well, like security, labor standards, transparency, carbon emission, environmental, fairness, freemarket, reciprocity...

Trade with friends with shared values.

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Posted in: Biden hikes tariffs on Chinese EVs, solar cells, steel, aluminum — and snipes at Trump See in context

people are under the misguided notion that tariffs are paid by the exporter - china.

tariffs are paid by the importer, then passed along. the consumer ends up paying in higher prices.

You are missing the point. Tariffs, in this instance pushes back against the CCP forcing Chinese taxpayers funding otherwise unprofitable companies so that the CCP can gain controls over countries where these products are sold.

We have seen how utterly punishing it was when Japanese and US businesses were denied rare earths. Never again.

Tariffs are win win here for Chinese people/taxpayers and American taxpayers. Not having to fund a repugnant political regime is a win for all.

You will hear corporates shouting from the roof about inflation etc., it's all smoke n mirrors, they just want to benefit from slave labor, slave taxpayers.

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Posted in: Google unleashes AI in search, raising hopes for better results and fears about less web traffic See in context

Just been forced to watch Google's AI presentation, worse way to spend 15 minutes of my time ever. I am a logic controls engineer, I have no idea why my dinosaur boss thinks I need AI.

Looks, sounds, quack, likes any other current google practices, full of smokes and mirrors, nothing for me, all for google, dread the day when I will be forced to sign away all my personal info just to use their services.

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Posted in: Small Chinese EV called Seagull rattles U.S. auto industry See in context

So, quality is good,better than a western or Japanese vehicle costing much more.

I want one!

This ^^^ is the reason why the rest of the world must put up robust barriers against all CCP business. You are ignoring systematic dismantling of a competitive, fair, freemarket. You are ignoring opaque, downright exploitative labor practices (and this is being kind), you are ignoring security of sovereign supply chain.

In one statement, you are saying, politically controlled, by the worse politics the world has ever known, should get a free ride into the world economic system unchallenged.

What then when the CCP says no parts to fix your car because you criticise them?

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Posted in: Sharp to stop making LCD at Osaka plant, end TV panel output in Japan See in context


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Posted in: Indonesia's Prabowo reiterates 'Asian Way' to defuse tension, Al Jazeera says See in context

Nope , Balinese are generally Hindu { a Bali version } and in some area, Muslim.

LOL, you can exploit semantics, but fools no one that Balinese Hinduism is vastly subjugated by Islamism, AND has the same roots as Buddhism, particularly in the Bali context. You crack me up ROFL.


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Posted in: China calls for stable ties with South Korea despite 'difficulties' See in context

Stable ties with China means minimal engagement, no economic coupling, and being wary at all times. Because China means CCP, and the Chinese people themselves knows this better than any foreign country.

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Posted in: Boeing's problems drag in U.S. aviation regulator as well See in context

precipitated the departures of a series of top Boeing officials -- including CEO Dave Calhoun, who is set to step down at year's end -- and the reduced production of the 737 MAX.

Dave Calhuon should have been begged to stay. Pressure heaped on him were from airline CEOs who couldn't careless about safety, all they wanted was delivery of ordered planes so they can meet their growth targets. He wanted to slowdown delivery so that safety can be prioritized.

"The FAA has to be held accountable as well," said Senator Richard Blumenthal, who heads a subcommittee investigating Boeing's safety practices.

Of course they should be. None of this could have happened if the FAA had done their job.

Even the Alaska door plug issue has had eerily similar occurrence, twice before on the DC10 Turkish flight 981.

This is a very sad chapter for American aviation because despite having all the right people in place, the markets don't seem willing to give the people at Boeing time to repair the damage. They've apparently even scoffed at the idea Spirit Aero should be folded back into Boeing controls.

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Posted in: Small Chinese EV called Seagull rattles U.S. auto industry See in context

The Alliance for American Manufacturing says in a paper that government subsidized Chinese EVs “could end up being an extinction-level event for the U.S. auto sector.”

It wasn't that long ago that they were saying the opposite. Now that the Chinese market is essentially shut to all outsiders except for a few German/Chinese JV.


This is not about competing, it's about survival against a state owned ecosystem because the CCP funds resource extraction, refining, R&D, manufacturing and even down to marketing for the state owned EV makers. Could Brussels or Washington ever market EVs commercially?

Just lock them out already. Tariffs, certification for NO government interference and anything else that is impossible to reciprocate. Trade with friends, no foes.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., EU to beef up countermeasures against counterfeit trade See in context

Temu does not sell counterfeit products.

Thank you for your contribution comrade. May I ask which SoE and province you're from so I can assign a social credit score for you.


Yes the above image is from Temu, and any one within the party resolutely know it hasn't been 'faked' from an original Rockler design, below.


I hope to see you at one of the party funded 'Design' centre one day.

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Posted in: Indonesia's Prabowo reiterates 'Asian Way' to defuse tension, Al Jazeera says See in context

When you are lost and don't possess coherent foreign policy, you then have to rely on intangible such as the 'Asian Way'.

China is the most populist nation, should the Asian Way be like China's coercion, illegal subjugation of other ethnics Tibetan, Xianjian, Mongolian, Cantonese....oh I forgot Indonesia does the same with the Buddhist Balinese, West Papuan (and previously the Timor people) as well.

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Posted in: Israel moves deeper into Rafah and fights Hamas militants regrouping in northern Gaza See in context

Why is it that none of the surrounding Muslim countries will receive any refugees from Palestine? Why does no one want to help these people?

Yep, good question. The same Muslim countries that wanted to erase Israel from the map during the 1967 war (but should have been called genocide because that was their intent).

Since 1967 war, If you were an Israeli wouldn't you want to occupy the west bank as well? Or would you just sit around and wait for the next invasion?

Similarly Palestinian pretends to be workers in Israel but carry out terrorism instead, then all Palestinian complain about checkpoints setup to keep terrorism out.

Then there's Oct 7th conducted by Palestinians against women and children, but Palestinian says Israel can't prevent the next one, can't get hostages back, can't defend itself.

The Palestinian just can't help but gravitate towards lawlessness and violence but expect their targets to be silent and benign, and going by Palestinian shop keepers views in Jerusalem, I'd be inclined to think they are cut from the same cloth and none deserve to be listened to.

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Posted in: Israel moves deeper into Rafah and fights Hamas militants regrouping in northern Gaza See in context

Palestinians NEVER lived under "Israeli rule "

Can I have a refund on my 1 minute of forum time please.

Where do you even get your opinions from? I didn't think Kellogs give away fictional cards anymore.


the majority of Arabs in Israel now prefer to be identified as Palestinian citizens of Israel.[8][9][10] International media outlets often use the term "Arab-Israeli" or "Israeli-Arab" to distinguish Israel's Arab citizens from the Palestinian Arabs residing in the Israeli-occupied territories.[11] They are formerly, or are descended from, those Arabs who belonged to the British Mandate for Palestine through Palestinian Citizenship Order 1925.....

Under Israeli law, Arab residents of East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights have the right to become Israeli citizens, are entitled to municipal services, and have municipal voting rights

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Posted in: Japan, U.S., EU to beef up countermeasures against counterfeit trade See in context

But the CCP just doesn't do anything about it

The Chinese premiere has publicly refuted IP theft and outright copying numerous times. The CCP always have a response prepared for what is wholesale attack on the global economic order.

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Posted in: More than a thousand protest outside German Tesla factory See in context

For years Mr. Musk has claimed his cars do not need Lidar for successful self driving

...and he still believes this. Except (and IMHO) he's a bigger jelly fish than he claim to be, ie spineless when it comes to the CCP. Reports says he's willing to use Baidu's lane level mapping and use lidar in China because or else FSD won't be available at all in China.

I have always liked Tesla cars, fanstastic cars, but Musk is just mushy, wet fish. He carries on about free speech but on appearance, gagged all the workers he sacked recently, not even on X.

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Posted in: U.S. forges new 'battery belt' in hopes of electric future See in context

Better late than never. Go free democratic countries!

This should bode well for all, especially Chinese people, Korean people, and Japanese people who are the victims of pollution from refining facilities who ignores environmental protection rules.

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