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Posted in: Meta says China-based campaign aimed at U.S. election See in context

But...but...less than 5% of tweets on twitter are from bots, OK. Just trust me, says the CEO.

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In larger countries like America, there will always be a place for let's call it refuelling station. As it is in Norway at the moment, they're building charging stations with dozenz of bays so I can see larger gas station converted into charging stations for EVs.

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Posted in: Petrol stations' days may be numbered See in context

@Desert Tortoise

Whilst I agree with your sentiments, hydrogen is really difficult to replicate - economically - across national networks (and impossible on international networks) because it's such a small molecule it leaks very easily.

I am invested in fossil (ENEOS etc.) and am actively looking at hydrogen investments, and my readings are saying we still have a way to go. Toyota and Honda had hopes of transition to hydrogen, but even they are finding it very difficult. Converting hydrogen gas to liquid is also prohibitively expensive even if you use renewables. So all good if we can solve the technical issues, but unless you have a massive fortune that you want to convert into a small fortune, hydrogen is not 'investment' grade at the moment.

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Posted in: U.S., Russia square off at U.N. over Ukraine See in context

It's sad but it's a fact that neither Putin or Biden has intent or capability to de-escalate this horrible conflict that's affecting the whole world through sheer sufferings by the Ukrainian people, unwilling Russian Soldiers or people of the west through inflation and people on the subcontinent through hunger.

The only stakeholder that's capable of fixing the mess are Russian strongmen who can oust Putin.

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Posted in: Japan intervenes in currency market buying yen for dollars for first time since 1998 See in context

There is nothing in this story that says the BoJ stepped in to intervene to stabilize the yen, ad rightly so. So I'm wondering why posters in this thread think the BoJ did it.

Suzuki convened a hasty news conference yesterday to announce that the Finance Ministry (the Government) stepped in to intervene. He didn't confirm there was any consultation with anyone either, and it was done AFTER Kuroda said the BoJ will not be moved by the Feds hawkish move (75 points raise), and won't likely be moved for 'years'.

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Posted in: Japan core consumer prices rise 2.8% to nearly 8-year high See in context


Who's got better control of yield curve Feds or BoJ? Think about how that's going to impact on business funding. Hint - Japan doesn't need an IRA.

Japan is the envy of the world right now, and it's not through luck.

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Posted in: U.S. bank CEOs warn of 'daunting' challenges from inflation See in context


I wouldn't think insolvency is a problem at this moment, we're obviously in a tightening cycle now, 'no loose lending'. The banks will be fine, some customers of banks will not, whilst others are happy their term deposits will earn more as rates explode ever higher.

Besides, it's also obvious, capital is flowing back into the US.

Are you really trying to obfuscate and detract attention away from the ridiculous Ukraine ever escalating situation? How much more inflation can the west sustain before we all turn off the lights and grow veges for food?

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Posted in: Japan oil giant Eneos says misconduct against woman led to CEO resignation See in context

Good to learn of a board with ethics and morals. We need more board of directors like this.

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Posted in: China, AUKUS countries clash at IAEA over nuclear submarine plan See in context

This is how China conducts non-interference. LOL, brain damage starts right at the top.

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Posted in: How the tide turned on data centers in Europe See in context

Who are these activists? Can they keep a look out on ebay for half a brain? Data centres are the key to efficiency, without them it would take many times more energy to complete the same task.

Imagine a room full of people looking through records with lights and A/C gulping electricity.

I can't believe they are targeting data centres but not crypto miners who consumes much, much more energy AND achieves nothing for society.

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Posted in: Boeing to resell some Max jets ordered by Chinese airlines See in context

I know the current chair and CEO are not responsible for the mess, but the board as a whole must pay for this until they have demonstrated they've learnt from the whole saga and has put in place measures that can ensure tragedy like this go no where near the company. I don't like the CCP but for once I think they're teaching Boeing a very good lesson. LIVES MATTER - PROFIT NOT FIRST. I feel sorry for shareholders, they're the innocent ones in this, wish they could have sued the CEO that was responsible.

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Posted in: Japan logs record August trade deficit on weak yen, costly oil See in context

Japan logged record capex for August, over 150% higher than forecast.

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Posted in: Why Apple can hold the line on iPhone prices and defy soaring inflation See in context

Surely input costs to produce an iphone being mostly in Asia means price should come down, given the strength of the USD vs other currencies.

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Posted in: U.S. considering China sanctions to deter action against Taiwan See in context

Russia might have failed miserably in Ukraine, but they still managed to kill thousands destroy the country and make the whole region unsafe.

Not just this ^, they're now half way to Berlin with nukes to be stationed on Kaliningrad. They've also broken energy contracts, nationalised LNG projects, whilst facing the same set of sanctions.

So they've lost a few thousand conscripts, does Putin care? What matters to him is control of Russia's wealth, and he has more control than ever. Ukraine will loose its ability to extract fees for gas transit, its future exports will be highly problematic, even if it win the war.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. eye joint research to counter hypersonic weapons See in context

Says the guy on the board of Raytheon.

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Posted in: Japan warns of intervention; BOJ conducts 'rate check' over yen's fall See in context

All talk, no walk. They won't intervene, market operations to alter value of currency (instead of raising interest rate) requires cooperation from other central banks AND traders. Want to know what happens when you do it on your own? Google Asian financial crisis, or BoE vs Soros.

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Posted in: Whistleblower: China, India had agents working for Twitter See in context

I've watched the full Zatko testimony now, I would be surprised if Twitter's leadership team and board can avoid jail time. SEC fraud alone looks like a solid prospect, and given hints about staff complaints evidence will be easy to collect.

At least I'm no longer perplexed as to why TWTR was trying to restrict info to Musk, it's damaging, and IMHO, CRIMINAL.

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Posted in: Wholesale prices jump 9% in August as weak yen lifts import costs See in context

Wholesale prices in Japan climbed 9.0 percent in August from a year earlier as the yen's tumble against the U.S. dollar and other major currencies boosted import costs, Bank of Japan data showed Tuesday.

So it's not the exchange rate then given elsewhere around the world, especially USA inflation is running at 9%.

Is there a winner?

At less than 3% inflation, I think Japan is in a better place than most other nations, and the markets certainly think so ^.

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Posted in: Japanese government shutting down its COVID contract-tracing app COCOA See in context

I'm going to go contrarian and say that the path ahead is so murky, this may end up being a bad move. The Russian and the Chinese both thinks or at least wants their population to think USA is behind new covid variants (using Ukraine as a base for research).

This means there will not be an 'opening up' any time soon, AND if the west opens up first, they (especially China) will use the opening up as an opportunity to infect the west. It's a view especially pervasive on Weibo, but the posts are deleted very quickly, so I wonder why.

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Posted in: Whistleblower: China, India had agents working for Twitter See in context

Well, now you know how Twitter is able to knife its founder (Dorsey) and install a new puppet for its political masters.

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Posted in: Bill Gates: Technological innovation would help solve hunger See in context

If anyone else said it, I would believe it, but because Gates said it, I know it's the opposite, at least that's what I think he is likely to deliver.

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Posted in: U.S.: Russia has spent $300 mil to covertly influence world politics See in context

The cable released Tuesday cites a new intelligence assessment of Russia's global covert efforts to support policies and parties sympathetic to Moscow

"NEW intelligence"? Sigh, we knew Russia sent spies into Egypt voer ten years ago during the Arab Springs to learn how social media was used, then proceeded to exploit Twitter, Facebook etc. to influence elections in America. The only thing new is that Ukraine knows exactly what Russia was up to.

Putin is finished as a world leader, and Russia is teetering on being backed into cold war MK2, by its own doing. May be Putin wants a cold war, who knows, and may be Xi has told Putin a new cold war with China on side might win over the west this time round.

IMHO, we're going to be in for a very unstable world in the near future. A world that 'might have been averted had the Biden team weren't so much in a hurry to show his cards to Putin (on Ukraine), ie the west could have just told Putin NATO has no intention of accepting Ukraine into the fold for 'now'.

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Posted in: Asia shares rise as Wall Street on track to end loss streak See in context

Getting cheap energy from Russian, competition from China on hold, exchange rate favourable, inflation relatively manageable....I'm surprised Asia hasn't surge ahead of western economies 'stuffed' by Ukraine/Russia conflict.

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Posted in: Japanese language school decertified over abuse of Vietnamese student See in context

So what's the reason for the restraint? Is the Vietnamese student threatening self harm? I am going to assume there's more to this story. What I know is citizens from authoritarian/totalitarian states are utterly psychologically damaged, Russian, Singaporean, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cuban, Iranian...utterly destroyed psychologically by their governments.

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Posted in: New UK leader Truss vows to tackle energy crisis, ailing economy See in context

Bojo used to remind me of a mop, LT now reminds me of a door mat. For some reason, Tony Blair is the only PM that evokes a statesman, though I hated it every time I hear him defend the Iraq war and thinks of a criminal.

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Posted in: OPEC+ to meet amid economic downturn fears See in context

It's been a supply problem, not a demand problem

Not if you ask retailers (like Walmart, BBY, etc.), they have months of inventory.

The only shortage is in construction materials, but that is now easing and prices, such as for lumber has walked back as well.

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Posted in: Liz Truss vows tax cuts after winning vote to be next British PM See in context

Patel has resigned...

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Posted in: Liz Truss vows tax cuts after winning vote to be next British PM See in context

The UK is going to need a lot of gaffa tapes.

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Posted in: Slowdown or not? U.S. job market walking a tight rope See in context

Nothing can stop the US

The unemployment rate disagree with you.

OPEC+ disagree with you and meeting soon to try and avoid collapse.

Oil futures 50% down from high. Market disagree with you.

Bond market disagree with you, yield curve inverted.

Two consecutive negative GDP growth disagree with you.

Only the White House agree with you, LOL.


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Posted in: OPEC+ to meet amid economic downturn fears See in context

Faced with recession fears, the OPEC+ countries are expected to agree a modest increase in oil production at a meeting on Monday, with some experts even forecasting a cut to support prices

So even OPEC+ thinks US is in recession. Unemployment up, inflation flattened, but White House keep gaslighting the world, even to go so far as to issue a statement defining what a recession is. It's so embarrassing, the White House, educating economists on what a recession is? LOL

Some body please tell Brandon, it's ok to make one mistake, but not ok to stack mistakes upon mistakes to cover up mistakes.

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