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Posted in: Canada bans China’s Huawei Technologies from 5G networks See in context

Better late than never.

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Posted in: Nearly 60 mil people internally displaced worldwide in 2021 See in context

...and yet POTUS has just encouraged two scandi nations to change the status quo, at this most inopportune time, whilst there is a war going on over the same grievance (expansion of NATO).

If POTUS is providing the same support provided to Ukraine, the only possible conclusion is there will be more refugees. Ukraine 'may' win the war and votes for POTUS, but civilians will loose.

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Posted in: Japan's 1st-quarter GDP shrinks, hit by COVID restrictions, higher prices See in context

Nothing fake to me, seems like it's a miscalculation of data but the same methodology was used in previous years so GDP figures are likely to reflect actual conditions.

Besides IFRS reporting standards and methodology changes regularly, it's not a question of scam more of whether methods are updated to reflect new environment.

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Posted in: Harley-Davidson suspends production for 2 weeks See in context

My Pan America order is still coming next month according to the dealer, but 'apparently' this issue may be 'emission' related (hence why it's not affecting electric bikes) so I could either end up lucky or they may be ordered to hold the bike until a fix.

Another day another EU related scam surface, it started with VW, then the rest of the Germans, then Japanese trucks, now American motorcycle. All for what, no body drives in eco mode.

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Posted in: Tokyo medical school ordered to pay 13 women over exam rigging See in context

A fine/compensation payment for systemic fraud on potentially half the population. Shouldn't the university board at least face criminal fraud charges?

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Posted in: WHO: China's COVID plan is 'unsustainable' due to Omicron See in context

Time for authoritarian China to do what an authoritarian government do best, force the vulnerables to vaccinate.

I'm told it's all the untrusting, unvaccinated elderley that's causing this dilemma. China released findings from a study last week, over a million deaths, 90% over 70s.

Round them up and vaccinate them, China is not free country. Else, the rest suffer.

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Posted in: UK raises stakes in EU feud with threat to break Brexit deal See in context

The Northern Ireland problem is a creation of EU bureaucrats. It's not about people, culture or even economics, it's purely a political punishment on whom ever it can reach. Like a jellyfish, it's spineless, and stings on contact.

I'm appalled for all his rhetoric about getting things done why Johnson hasn't done it already. Just get on with it and serve the people of NI and Ireland. Stuff the EU.

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Posted in: Finland, Sweden submit NATO membership application See in context

Shouldn't the tile have "....under duress" added? Whether it's Putin or NATO, doesn't matter. Especially for Finland who in 1917 declared a permanent neutrality, it's a sad day indeed.

Obviously, people don't matter anymore, supply chains, money chains matters most now.

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Posted in: 3 myths about electric cars See in context

No need for debate about ICE or EVs, especially in Japan. Japan has shown peak private transport occurred decades ago. Public transport is the future.

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Posted in: China's zero-COVID policy to hit Asia aviation recovery: IATA See in context

Time for an authoritarian regime to rule and force vaccination on those (mostly elderly citizens) whose' mistrust of vaccines is affecting the future of the country and the livelihood of the young.

Not doing so says the CCP don't trust their own vaccines either.

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Posted in: UK raises stakes in EU feud with threat to break Brexit deal See in context

You can't fly high like an eagle if you rub with undemocratic EU turkeys.

Just do it already (what ever it takes), the EU doesn't care about your democratic processes, why care what they think?

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Posted in: Cabinet OKs ¥2.7 tril draft extra budget to fight inflation See in context

no forward plan to make Japan a leader in the region or the world again

eh? Finally, after decades of swimming against currents, they're finally reaching inflation target, AND a competitive ccurrency.

All the car makers are announcing they're ready to invest and lead.

IMO, be more concern, asset poor people might be left behind.

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Posted in: Once-neutral Sweden seeks NATO membership in historic shift See in context

After all the unnecessary deaths and destructions, more escalation. Biden just does not know how to handle world affairs. Even Bush did a better job.

Germany must be glad there are now more countries shielding it from Putin's de-nazification. They'll buy even more gas now.

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Posted in: Sweden, Finland take steps toward NATO membership See in context

Considering Russia has lost a third of their invading forces in little Ukraine, I don't think there will be much appetite to start another war with a modern, well equipped army.

This ^ is the only 'temporary' reason for expanding NATO towards the Russian border, ie Russia will have less appetite to engage.

However, it's only temporary, and doing so is an escalatory measure. Innocent civilians have suffered enough already whilst the 'powers' like Germany sit back and fund the Russian and Biden gloat about winning a war that NATO has yet to participate in.

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Posted in: Sweden, Finland take steps toward NATO membership See in context

Is it really not possible for them to believe that smaller nations really want to be part of NATO for their own self-preservation?

Depends on your narrative doesn't it.

There are alternatives...

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Posted in: Sweden, Finland take steps toward NATO membership See in context

Are you implying that Russia will invade those countries and take their land by force?

No body has a crystal ball, the only certainty is that suddenly Sweden and Finland will be perceived as a credible threat by Russia. Just as Putin perceived a NATO Ukraine is a threat, and he has responded accordingly.

As a minimum, Putin is going to have an excuse for 'operations' to gain control of the Baltic sea.

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Posted in: Sweden, Finland take steps toward NATO membership See in context

Russia invaded Ukraine to stroke the ego of their psychopathic leader.

This ^ statement is contradicted by...

Putin didn’t want Ukraine to become an economically successful democratic state, because it would show his Russian countrymen what they’re missing out on.


if they join NATO, a big fat YES !

Do they think that, or were they duped. Like how Ukrainian were denied the opportunity to negotiate with Putin prior to the invasion.

"Biden promises that the U.S. and allies with act "decisively" if Russia further invades Ukraine."

Decisively? Really, even today, German money is still funding Russia's war crimes. With the benefit of hindsight, ask Ukrainian whether they would have chosen a different path.

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Posted in: Sweden, Finland take steps toward NATO membership See in context

That is a really bold prediction! Do you really thinking Finland and Sweden are going to give Russia territory?

Did Ukraine give Russia territory? Closer to home, in recent times, did Finland give Russia territory?

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Posted in: Sweden, Finland take steps toward NATO membership See in context

duh, Russia has invaded Ukraine & is destroying anything & everything

duh, that's my point exactly. Finns and Swedes think somehow, magically Putin will treat them differently?

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not talking about being strong/stronger. Sure alliances are always stronger. But if there's an alternative to joining an alliance, and in this case neutrality has a proven track record, why change?

Ukraine has lost territory since Maidan, sure as day will follow night, the same fate awaits Sweden and Finland.

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Posted in: Sweden, Finland take steps toward NATO membership See in context

Putin’s promises or guarantees are worth nothing

Only if you have blinkers on.

This is plain to see, facts!

NATO/NATO aspiration:

Ukraine is a mess.

Russia sponsored:

Venezuela, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia, all averted internal political turmoils, because of Putin's promise.

India and China (despite clashes) are economically unaffected.

Putin desperately needed to change the status quo, NATO has given it to him.

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Posted in: BOJ chief rejects scaling back monetary easing as Japan 'different' from U.S., Europe See in context


Spot on. Japan is not on the same boat. Though I hope it's not going to race off and leave asset poor people behind like during Heisei.

Already, Toyota and other Japanese automajers are talking about taking back the during Heisei. Anyone fancy paying ¥200k/month for a single bed studio?

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Posted in: Japan says Sakhalin energy projects do not contradict Russia sanctions See in context

Doing any business with Russia that gets it income is sadly helping fuel the invasion and paying for invasion

This ^ is what Germany is doing, in paying Russia, and thus funding its war machine.

Japan has a stake in a project on Russian soil, money AND gas goes to Japan. It's a financial invasion of Russia by Japan.

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Posted in: Sweden, Finland take steps toward NATO membership See in context

Dumb move. Changing the status quo (like Putin has) will only serve Russia. This is Putin's end game. He was almost done for, as reflected by chaos in Belarus and Kazakhstan. Now he's relevant again, AND winning new strategic alliances, ie India and China.

The military industrial complex must be cheering from the sideline. There's no 'win' here, more likely Finland will be 10% smaller again within 5 years. If Finns think Germany will come to their aid, think again, or just ask Ukraine. The only aid will be obsolete equipments that Germany has made redundant decades ago (Gepards).

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Posted in: Japan says Sakhalin energy projects do not contradict Russia sanctions See in context

A better way to put it is, it is better to give oil revenue to a Japanese company than to give it to Russia/China. Risky? Yes, but riskier to give up stake.

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Posted in: China military body may be target of Japan counterstrike capability See in context

This is why it will be almost impossible for 5 eyes to add Japan to its ranks. Domestic politics are too often proven to be Japan's weakness when it comes to national security.

I'm guessing companies like Nidec are to totally invested in China and their fate are tied to CCP survival.

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Posted in: Finland's leaders call for NATO membership 'without delay' See in context

This is how democracies work

Except the EU, and NATO is going further and further away from democratic values.

I bet Ukrainian had wished their leader didn't cave in to NATO and stayed neutral instead.

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Posted in: Finland's leaders call for NATO membership 'without delay' See in context

Yeah, right! We've seen Putin's hopeless armey and it would be no match to Finland's smaller but much better equipped army, let alone NATO's forces.

as hopeless as Putin's military is, he is still able to kill, main and wreck.

Finland's have you even googled it?

It is ranked behind Belarus in 53rd place. Sigh...lots of koolaid being served up.

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Posted in: Finland's leaders call for NATO membership 'without delay' See in context

@lincolnman Every one of the objectives he wanted to achieve, the exact opposite has occurred...

Yeah right, tell that to Ukrainian who lost families and homes.

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Posted in: N Korea fires 3 ballistic missiles toward sea See in context

Just let him shoot all he want. Is just ending up in the sea anyway. Waste of money if you ask me

All Japanese hope for this ^^^. But the reality is very different, and Japan has not prepared for the worst. NK has test fired a range of missiles and strategies to test the effectiveness of an attack. Kono's retort to cancelling Aegis Ashore is to have attack capability, ie upping the ante, this is creating an additional layer of risk for Japan as perceived by NK AND other unfriendly nations. Kono's stance was mostly vote buying, not defense. Popularity does not save your people as evidence by Ukraine.

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Posted in: G7 foreign ministers discuss Ukraine war, impact See in context

Sh1mon - What do you mean by that? Do you think Russia will invade Finland or Sweden?

His original goals wasn't to invade Ukrainebut only to create chaos and install a puppet, in the image of Belarus and Kazakhstan. The early days of the invasion was exactly this. Paratroopers, insurgents etc., but he was betrayed by his own spies, and Ukraine ambushed them, leading to full on invasion.

I would think he will do the same to Finland and Sweden, ie create chaos, destruction, but this time, he's going to keep things close to his chest.

Surely, anyone can see the pattern. Putin says he sees NATO as a threat, he's been shoring up all his economic tools in place to withstand such a threat, and finally with talks of Ukraine joining NATO he warned of consequences, and he's stuck to his words. What else is there to doubt the madness of Putin.

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