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@Sh1mon M4sada

Looks that you forget about settlement issue

No, I just don't conflate different issues to create false narratives like you.

Google PLO, each and every time Palestinians utilises diplomacy, they win. Each and every time they resort to terrorism, they loose.

Go back to 1947, Palestinians had a chance to have an independent state under UN resolution 181. they chose to listen to their war mongering Arab friends instead and forego'ed statehood. It's been the same repeated mistakes ever since.

Just listen to yourself. Hamas launched a terrorist attack, they took hostages, they used Palestinians as human shield, and you want to bring in other issues like 'settlements'?

Hamas puts hostages, Palestinians lives in danger, you want to give Palestinian a voice? Support Israel to neutralise Hamas. It's that simple. Israel didn't launch their raid on Gaza in a vacuum.

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Posted in: ChatGPT maker OpenAI fires CEO Sam Altman for lack of candor with company See in context

The blackhand of Microshaft is all over this second instalment (bringing Altman back).

Altman + MS = Commercial, for profit, and OpenAI has been anything but 'open'.

There's even talks Altman wants to step on nVidia's turf by designing its own chip, so good luck with that.

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The answer is a long, complex one stretching over 75 years that requires an understanding of history

meh, this^^^ is exactly how the MSM portrays it. It is much, much simpler than THIS ^.

Israel came before Palestine.

Ottoman Empire controlled what is now in conflict.

Then the British took over.

Jews started arriving in modern day Israel, and in 1948 it won statehood from the UN (using diplomacy). Note Palestine could have also won statehood if not the for other Arab states that against it. Arabs unite against diplomacy, preferring instead war and terrorism.

The Arabs didn't learn the lesson from 1947, 1948, tried again in 1967, lost more territories. Or shall we put it, put even more into conflict.

The PLO managed 'using diplomacy' to formally government 'Palestine', but that too was thwarted by the Arabs, which eventually turned what is a territorial control issue into a full blown religious war with the insertion of Iran and Hamas.

Now, fast forward to the present day, it's very simple, support diplomacy (Israel), or support terror (Palestine).

It's not complex. It's only complex if you want to understand history with biased lapses.

Israel is not fault free either, the rights have lost the plot, even though its actions is defense, defense, defense, Benji is openly speaking of revenge, revenge, revenge. I would have thought Israel would be best served by articulating defense, defense, and defense. Benji is realising the goal of Hamas by speaking of revenge, ie helping gather more Arab (religious) supports and involvement, and the evidence says a religious war is devastating on all civilians.

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Some people will believe anything ! Haha

True, especially politicians in the west who continues to defy calls for ban on tiktok and other social media that continues to spread lies and misinformation for dirty Chinese and Russian money.

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So all the raving about AZ vaccines causing blood clots etc., completely misses the fact it's much higher if you weren't vaccinated.

"Our findings arguably support thromboprophylaxis to avoid thrombotic events, especially for high risk patients, and strengthen the importance of vaccination against covid-19," 

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It's not about full vaccination OR full protection. Up to date vaccinations as recommended by trustworthy authority is the 'best; defense available to you against covid. Yes, you could still get covid, you could still suffer severe complications etc. etc. but at the end of the day, vaccinated vs unvaccinated, there's clear evidence vaccinated are much better off.

If you are anti-vax, there's more chance you have been duped by Russia, China, NK etc. than you being duped by your own government. Evidence also show this, eg Indonesia, Malaysia, China where ineffective (non-western vaccines) have killed so many doctors and other health professionals. Likewise, CCP official and their families all got western vaccines in western countries.

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Posted in: U.S. diplomat says intelligence from 'Five Eyes' nations helped Canada to link India to Sikh's killing See in context

Why is it so hard for any of them to use the term 'evidence' in this case, not even 'unsubstantiated, unverified evidence'.

Credible allegations, shared information from intelligence sources, are not evidence, you don't go accusing a nation state without using the term 'evidence'.

This smells like all other Trudeau bungles to me. Where did this particular form of statecraft that he is using comes from? Where allies are in a quandary, relationship with a massive stakeholder in global geopolitics in in peril, and both Canada/India no closer to their ultimate goals (that of trade relations and anti-terrorism).

For Canada it's even worse, NOW, there could be open hostility between Hindus and Sikhs in Canada. Surely this is not in Canada's best interest, even if you think India is irrelevant (which it's not). Sure I want to support an ally, but not one that' so inept his use of statecraft outwardly looks like self sabotage.

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Rahm Emanuel, the U.S. ambassador to Japan, took fresh aim at China on Friday over coercing its neighbors, posted pictures of Chinese boats he said were fishing near Japan despite a seafood ban and noted China's defense minister was still missing.

I love how the CCP operates when being directed to their own brain damage. Examples galore ^^^.

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Poll time - vote this up if you ever thought that the BOJ would successfully be able to create inflation but stop it at 2% without badly overshooting, and vote down if you were skeptical.

I suspect you have a bet that's not working out...because there's plenty of communication from the BoJ as to their intention, ie waiting for wages to rise.

Have a looks at this, just the first 10 minutes will do, but especially at 6:10...

Look at profit distribution, shareholders gets the bulk of it whilst employees gets peanuts. That's a massive structural problem.

As to whether the BoJ is effective, look at the first 5 minutes. Massive profits from flat sales, genius. Steady rising RoE...rising middle class, AND rising leverage for home owners.

What more do the average middle to upper class Japanese want? This is as good as it gets.

JeffLee and I have been repeating the same info over and over as to how middle class Japanese earns extraordinary income just through investments and leveraging the performance of Japanese corporations, Walls st have finally caught up, with recent news of Berkshire upping its stake might not be as good as before, but still pretty good for those with spare money to invest, and Ueda is NOT going to upset the cart.

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"Whoever thinks peace in the Middle East is possible before our people achieved their full right is delusional,” Abbas said.

Correct!!!! But he should have added, until Palestinian stops colluding with terrorists and rogue states that threatens their own 'claimed' territory, they will never achieve anything let alone peace and an independent state.

It's a no brainer, no country on earth wants an adversarial state supported by terrorists on their border, let alone Israel.

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“Facts have fully proved that the decision-making arrangements of the party Central Committee and the State Council (China's cabinet) are correct and the macro-control policies are effective,” Cong said in the briefing, which was carried online.

Could he have said anything else and not disappear?

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Posted in: McCarthy gives in to right flank on spending cuts, but they still deliver a defeat as shutdown looms See in context

@bass4funk, I agree with you.

Biden is nothing more than rinse n repeat of Obama. Obamacare symbolizes everything that's wrong with the Democrats.

Government collects taxes, but doesn't provide healthcare, instead private for profit corporations provide healthcare (but with massive, non-negotiable profit margins).

BUT, the government doesn't pay them directly, the government pays healthcare providers via for profit health insurance corporations, another non-negotiable, very lucrative chink in the profit chain.

And, they want other branch of government to follow down the same path, as evidenced by the Harvard scandals.

Who's going to end this cycle? Certainly not the moderates in the Republicans...

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Good! About time for freeloaders to pay up.

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no their products were terrible

I would beg to differ on laptop here. Toshiba is only one of a few brand that still make tough 'field' laptop. Toshiba's problem with computers is Microsoft, the end.

As for what Toshiba makes most money out of, it's medical instruments, they are some of the best, most advanced, and I'm guessing at some point JIP is going to break Toshiba apart and relist this division.

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Trudeau is backpeddling frantically

He was trudging through a pile of crottes that he didn't have the shoes for, as he always does.

Seriously, even the way USA handled the Kashogi matter was more nuanced, and USA was just a bystander.

Many Canadian I've come across say Trudeau is a BIMBO, Fryland on the other hand is a genius but is kept out by the 'big boys club'.

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Vietnam despite being a communist state, is the only communist state left on the globe that has not taken the dictator dynasty route. If anything Vietnam resembles old eastern Europe communist states who are now all democracies, eg Hungary.

It would not take much to de-communise Vietnam, they already have very vigorous party voting system in place anyway. The next step is for Vietnam to have a democracy dominated by the communist party of Vietnam, like Singapore democracy.

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Posted in: Japan, Britain, Italy plan to place advanced jet fighter project HQ in UK, sources say See in context

No brainer given Italy and UK is only one hour apart. The good thing is, design to Greenwich mean time, when the day end, Japan starts and design can be continued, reviewed or tested in Japan. You get a 19 hour work day between the 3 countries.

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I mean unvaccinated in Sweden. ^^^

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So you don' think that Pfizer and other pharmas pay large sums to regulatory agencies, media, hospitals, "fact" checkers...?

hmmmm, it was probably Pfizer that created the thrombosis conspiracy against the AstraZeneca vax, together with the EU and media organisation, in the first place.

But of course, now we know from evidence that people vaccinated with AZ vaccine are 17 times LESS likely to suffer from thrombosis than those in vaccinated in Sweden.

Also, guess what AZ is free of license fees, vs costly Pfizer vax.

Seriously, we know now, they made it in a lab, they added functions to the original bat virus, the function was to better infect humans. If you get vaccinated, you deserve the Darwin award.

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Posted in: Australia to hold independent inquiry into handling of COVID pandemic See in context

What's there to inquire.

They got shafted by the CCP with masks (CCP agents were sending masks back home at the height of covid and a massive shortage of mask, even for surgeries). They got shafted by the EU with vax (blocked shipment), They got shafted by big pharma for price of vax (couldn't negotiate competitive price, even compared with USA which usually has the highest cost anywhere). The end, shafted big time.

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Posted in: Troubled Toshiba to delist after takeover by Japanese consortium succeeds See in context

Looks like what used to call a Leveraged Buy Out to me. I'm guessing the pile of 350 billion yen of cash is what they're after. Good luck to them if Ueda raises interest rate (cost of capital to buy the company), I suppose they're probably too big to fail and the government will bail them out in that scenario.

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An updated COVID-19 vaccine targeting the Omicron XBB.1.5 subvariant 

eh? I thought Omicron is OLD news....

Pirola is the current variant targeted for vaccination? I know the UK has ramped up their program for Pirola.

BTW, for anti vaxxers, you win the Darwin Award.

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Under its yield cap program, the BOJ had sought to prevent the yield on 10-year Japanese government bonds from rising above 0.5 percent


In July, the central bank decided to allow the key yield to rise toward 1.0 percent


you can get over 5% if you deposit it in USD with SMBC.

We're in for very interesting times as Ueda will try to defend too money from going offshore. IMHO, low interest rate days are probably in their sunset days, unless there's A LOT more money to come out from under the mattress.

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Sad that Trudeau has let this issue descend to this level. Just go to show he's utterly incapable of managing himself let alone the country.

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Posted in: Airbnb says it's cracking down on fake listings and has removed 59,000 of them this year See in context

It's the Wild Wild West in ABnB land. Staying in an aBnB in Europe was the start of the end for me, simply horrible and it looks like the rest of the world join the farce sooner or later.

The business model is fine if there's no scummy operators, and other undesirables.

Hotels have X staff/customer, my guess is scammers, criminals etc. knows aBnB have much, much less staff (if any at all) per customer, and therefore they can get away with crimes, 'even killings'.

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It's a very beneficial relationship for Japan given the demographics. But I don't know why Vietnam would see it the same way, given Vietnamese interns would be simply be used as cheap labor and future tax revenue generator for Japan.

IMHO, if Japan wanted to help for a win/win situation it would encourage Vietnam to become a democracy, so there would be more FDI in Vietnam, which in turns keep 'young' working age people in Vietnam and generate tax revenue for 'poor, developing' Vietnam.

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Look at the US immigration and people from all over it is doing nothing but adding to total confusion with all the other people demanding inclusion being basically sponges.

I'm surprised to read stuff like this^^ on JT. But I'd like to point out that Elon Musk, Peter Thiel...etc. etc. most of the scientists on SpaceX, Blue Origin etc. etc. are immigrants.

To blame immigrants for the failure of a state is just daff and ignorant, immigrants in USA don't even get to vote let alone any lobbying power to change the course of the state.

Just because Japan has a largely anti-foreign skilled workers policy does not necessarily mean it's more successful at skilling up its own workers. I know for one thing, gen Z who I see in remote work paradise like Zanzibar, Bali, Bahamas etc., are mostly western European, US, Chinese, and continental Africans BUT rarely Japanese, and I would guess it's because their country of origins has cultivated connections to the rest of the world, enabling them to generate income from the modern 'connected' world.

Japanese gen Z's absence was a surprise to me, and certainly their presence only in Japan, and only on US created Youtube, Etsy is another surprise.

So IMHO, skilled immigration should be good for most countries.

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if Trudeau has evidence, he should show it to Modi first

OK, I don't know if Modi is caught offguard, but Bloomberg reports that Canadian security and diplomatic channels told Indian counterparts weeks ago, ie before the recent Modi/Trudeau meeting at the G20.

Canadian allies were also caught offguard that India Modi would be so defensive, as obviously enough evidence has been gathered and corroborated with allies that denial would paint India as untrustworthy. This is normal for Indian politics, but on the world stage, IMHO it's damaging Modi, BIG.

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Posted in: IAEA, Japan agree on continuous safety review of Fukushima water See in context

Good to see Japan government and businesses operating transparently and responsibly.

I hope at the next UN meeting that opaque countries like China, Russia, Iran etc. will be uniformly sidelined and condemned and their voice relegated to the loony bin.

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Posted in: U.S. firms in China say vague rules, tensions with Washington, hurting business, survey shows See in context

They all knew the risks going in. Deal with it and don't expect their country to pickup their risk.

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