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@Norman Goodman

Julian Assange? Traitor, plenty of evidence of him conspiring with Russia, coordinating with Russia to damage the west. He lost his claim to be a defender of free speech when he started taking side.

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Posted in: Japan mulls assigning 2 SDF vessels to new Middle East mission See in context

@ Sceptical

Just like we know the intimate details of all ships, who owns them, how they are flagged AND the cargo they carry, etc. So do the Iranian. The only time when it becomes difficult is when the transponders are swiched on and off randomly.

There are operating databases that brokers, logistic companies use, a flag is close to useless for monitoring purposes and really are used only for registration.

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Posted in: Japan Atomic Power to get ¥350 bil to reboot plant See in context

Just because the government sets their rates it doesn't make their profits any different than any other company.

Hold on, to me, having the privilege of avoiding competitive tension AND to earn a decent profit is to me a subsidy of the best kind. You don't have to feel like you're getting a handout, and your return on equity is locked in stone.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for operating movie theater without permit See in context

I'm guessing that these men feel harshly done by. When you look at Osaka's Shinsaibashi, or Kyoto's Nishiki (and let's not even go to Tokyo), with the tourism boom, the number of people occupying these places, most of whom can't read kanji, it's a fire trap.

1,200 people over 14 months vs hundreds of thousands each week in Shinsaibashi, I would personally deem both fire hazards.

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Posted in: Japan estimates trade pact with U.S. will raise GDP by 0.8% See in context

Good deal, but if it's too good to be true....If I was Abe, I would get it in writing 'no increase in auto tariffs' before signing anything ;-).

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Posted in: Japan mulls assigning 2 SDF vessels to new Middle East mission See in context


My take, Rouhani told Abe, look at your tanker, we can get to any Japanese tanker, even in broad daylight, ewithven US drones constanstly watching. If you join in with USA, your tankers won't be safe. No negotiation.

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Posted in: China detains Japanese professor possibly for spying See in context

What is secret? What is spying? Is China going to clarify these, or leave it obscure enough to arrest people. The Japanese government ought to demand the release of the professor.

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Posted in: China detains Japanese professor possibly for spying See in context

Why ?

Good question. Why arrest? Why not provide more details of allegations?

There was a lot of pushback against 'The Patriot Act' when it was proposed, Obama dissed it, every other countries including 5 eyes countries dissed it for going too far against freedom. It was to have a 5 years sunset.

Then most every other free countries started introducing their own version, then the sunset clause got canned, Obama extended it indefinitely. It is now considered essential to fight terrorism, around the world. The new threats are suppressive authoritarian regimes calibrating their laws to suppress freedom, we need a 'Reciprocity Act'.

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Posted in: Japan Atomic Power to get ¥350 bil to reboot plant See in context

Zero emission!

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That's a nice dream. I wish it were true. Manus Island, Guantanamo Bay and CIA blacksites say "Nay".

@Norman Goodman

Hardly comparable, in fact, by your own words, rather futile. 'Black' sites are illegal, tgey are not part of the legal framework.

Guantanamo - seriously? These are people NO ONE wants, not even their own countries, AND, it's not arbitrary, tgey have broken the laws, in the most heinous ways known to mankind. Tgey can't be returned to their own countries. China would likely shoot them or harvest their organs.

Manus? Seriously, these people entered a country illegally, hardly arbitrary. They were offered a chance to return to their country, paid for, AND with living expenses, they chose to stay on Manus. Otgers who claimed to be refugees and assessed as such are settled in Australia/NZ/America.

None arbitray.

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Our legal system doesn't allow childish tit-for-tat vengeance.

Vengeance, never intended. Maintain equilibrium, yes.

If you don't defend the basis of your relation with other countries, you will end up irrelevant. The world is more connected now, countries like China etc with its firewall, seditions laws etc. is shoring up its own defences. What's western democracy doing?

Here's an example, not as extreme as the diplomats example. If you collect demand (say oil) information in China, you're spying or acting against the state (yes China has punished foreign and Chinese nationals for doing this), but if a Chinese national collects oil supply info in Canada, it's fair game. Can you see how that ends up if you're trying to fairly negotiate oil contracts with China?

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Posted in: Hong Kong says murder suspect wants to surrender to Taiwan See in context

Every one here is from country that at some point invaded china or some other land jet you think you have a right for your unlimited blind Chino-phobia.

ROTFL, bawawawahaha, 'Chino-phobia'.....LOL, look around Jon, there might be a few loose screws lying around.

China is the most phobic of all countries, it can't tolerate anything, not a cartoon bear, it even tries to suppress free speech on a sport (NBA), on foreign soil, speech that could never have reached its citizen because if its phobic wall, speech in support of people it calls its own (HKers).

Still ROTFL....

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Posted in: Hong Kong says murder suspect wants to surrender to Taiwan See in context

He should go back to face the music; good call Lam.

What are you on about? She is worming her way out of a mess Beijing created. If she genuinely wanted to deal with the case, the treaty would have been between HK and Taiwan NOT China. Failing this, Taiwan could have also issued an international arrest warrant and HK could arrest him and hand him over to Taiwan.

Taiwan isn't even recognised by HK or China currently, so for her to even admit to being happy the suspect will go to Taiwan is bogus. Taiwan is NOT a country to her.

She wasn't convincing before, even less now. I am guessing she is a terrible mother in her own home, and there is no way she is a respected leader.

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Posted in: IMF, World Bank leaders appeal for an end to trade wars See in context

Another translation:

'What's mine is mine';

'What's yours is ours';

'What's ours will be mine, eventually';

Stay together in this global marriage, or divorce before you loose everything?

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The West would never detain a suspected spy.

Because in most western democracy, arbitrary detention is illegal, and there are specific requirements before law enforcement could arrest someone, even on charges of spying.

It's time the western alliance introduce 'reciprocity' provisions, eg if the Canadians diplimats are locked up, the daughter of Huawei founder should also be locked up in Canada, ie reciprocity provisions means her own country will have forfeited her rights in Canada. If western democracy doesn't enact reciprocity provision soon, countries like China will be continually calibrating their laws to gain advantage in matters of national security and trade.

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Posted in: Japan to dispatch SDF to Strait of Hormuz instead of joining U.S.-led coalition See in context

United we win, divided all loose. Iran wants it that way, they have already won the first challenge, ie splitting existing alliances.

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Posted in: Chinese snooping tech spreads to nations vulnerable to abuse See in context

no free lunch...

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Posted in: U.S. to require Chinese officials to report American contacts See in context

Too little too late!

If you are a visitor to China, even as a tourist you have to register every day/night stating where you are staying, who you will meet and for what purpose.

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Posted in: Trump leaves Turkey and Syria to argue it out; Pelosi says he had 'meltdown' See in context

Putin has got Trump's balls locked in a vice. Don't be surprised when Cuba hosts Russian missiles at the invite of Trump.

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Posted in: Huawei CEO eager to cooperate with Japan amid U.S. fight See in context

There's no shortage of documented Chinese individuals working with or for an entity, only to leave and take prized documents with them (illegally), it's a trait. If I was a recipient of Mr Ren's offer, I'd runaway as fast as I can. There's no happy ending anywhere Huawei or China is involved.

The African Union, who got given a $100 million for their HQ now wishes they didn't accept the gift from China/Huawei in the first place. Who gets a gift and wishes they didn't accept it?

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Posted in: IOC wants to move Tokyo Olympic marathons, walking races to Sapporo See in context

"The Olympic Games are the platform where athletes can give 'once-in-a-lifetime' performances, and these measures ensure they have the conditions to give their best," IOC President Thomas Bach said in a statement.

But Mr Bach forgot to add, Jiro sushi is in Tokyo, and all the other 5 stars hotels are in Tokyo, and it would be sacrosanct to have considered anywhere other than Tokyo in the first place, given the importance of looking after athletes, cough, IOC leadership. Athlete's consultation will always come seconds to IOC gravy train and perks.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader presents policy address via video after disruption See in context

This will never happen as the US would move in and establish another military base on the doorstep of HK. The US already has over 800 military bases around the globe and has China completely surrounded

Good to see that chip on your shoulder balancing itself with a double act, ie one on each shoulder. I have no idea how the heckling of a HK leader by her own MPs, whikst governing a Chinese territory has anything to do with USA, but you cack me up how you segue to USA from just about any topic, even whilst I endure the cleanup of a typhoon.

Unless you have not noticed, most if not all Asian nations wants a bigger US presence in their region, and you probably have not noticed, but the HK protesters would rather have USA or Brits than Communist China ruling them.

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Posted in: Hong Kong leader presents policy address via video after disruption See in context

The woman just have absolutely no shame, or very unblissfully unaware, she can't be a leader to her own family let alone a leader to her people.

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Posted in: Companies welcome U.S.-China trade truce, warn disputes remain See in context

This 'Deal' achieves nothing in terms of righting of grievances aired by Americans, I wonder what it achieved for Trump. This is proof Trump is desperate for anything to save his political bacon. I consider my comment as being kind here, it could be worse, eg the exPM of Malaysia, totally sold out Malaysia for billions of personal gains. Surely Trump is not all about personal gains and crynism?

China must (like Japan has) think all their Christmas'es have come at once, they have axtraordinary pork price rises, and the deal involves buying more AND cheap pork from USA. Oh and hog feed (soy) from USA.

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Posted in: Turkey presses Syrian assault as thousands flee the fighting See in context

Trump has lost his mind.

The evidence says he never had ut in tge first place. Let's see what he promised, and what has been delivered:

Withdrawal from TPP, he can do much better deal - boang, he barely got a deal with Japan, and it's still better for Japan than USA. Let's not talk about China...

Leave Paris agreement - and? Nothing....

Move US embassy to Jerusalem - and look what happened to Benji...bad move. Same with backing Golan Heights, politically suicidal for both him and Benji.

Tax cuts for high income earners - ok, he did it, but the next election will decide whether America wanted it.

Make the supreme court more conservative - ok, he did that, but still can't get the courts to back him up anywhere.

Slash red tape - yes, but has it delivered any more efficiency or productivity? Nope.

Now to the finale - get troops out of middle east, yes, but is America or the world safer.

All he has proven is, he hasn't got it, stable or genius.

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Posted in: New Nissan CEO brings global outlook but faces uphill task See in context

The original WB was Hari Nada, he's not Japanese. Saikawa wasn't a WB, he cooperated when the whistle blew. Ghosn decided he wasn't going to cooperate.

I assume Saikawa and Nada has got assurances that their cooperation will save them from prosecution. After all, they didn't even know they were recipients of the Ghosn/Kelly scheme until after all the investigations had taken place. The biggest difference between them and Ghosn is they had no idea dates were shifted in their favour, AND they didn't have offshore facilities to hide their supposed illicit gains.

Why would Nada blow if he knew he was also partied to these illicit acts?

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka picks Japanese citizenship with eye on Olympics: NHK See in context

I think it'd be fair to say USA has a lot more to Osaka's success and standing than Japan. I'm upset sportpeople feel they have to pursue 'other' agendas in their career insteading of focussing on sport.

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Posted in: 'It won't happen again' insist Ferrari's feuding drivers ahead of Japan GP See in context

does any one even watch F1 anymore? It's not racing, it's a farce.

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Posted in: Turkey presses Syrian assault as thousands flee the fighting See in context

I'm still waiting for the obliteration of Turkey!

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Posted in: George Clooney calls Trump's quip on Kurds 'pretty shocking' See in context

And his opinion matters because....?

...because he has a huge platform, and on this issue, I'd want people like George and his platform to flatten Trump on what is the most detrimental decision made since Trump came to office.

In one dumb move he has cemented the notion that USA is NOT trustworthy. Can you imagine all the intelligence people working the various jurisdiction to keep America and the world safe, now have to contend that people they approach for cooperation thinks Russia is a more reliable partner?

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