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America is taking a harsh beating from this virus. I hope the vaccine will turn things around asap. I'm very saddened by all this desperation.

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Posted in: Int'l fans thank pop group Arashi as it starts hiatus See in context

Who truly likes this insipid garbage?

There are those of us who ain't broken hearted, our dog hasn't ran off in someone else's chevy, the world is ok looking at it from certain angles, and we just wanna feel the beat!

Oh and we don't critique music, we just feel it. Not that I'm an Arashi fan mind...and I dig Johnny Cash too.

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Really. The fact that words can mean several different things is new to you?

It's new to your source 'Cambridge', because they certainly haven't translated 'dojo' as a 'stable'.

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Sometimes, Japan is totally, totally incomprehensible

just sometime? To me rather often incomprehensible, and looks like bushido is still very much alive and thriving in corporate and political clans.

When I worked in HK for a Japanese corporate, my manager often gave us bushido style speeches, and espouse the virtue of a warrior in completing projects on time. It was surreal, there was us, and then there was nobody (everyone else who didn't matter), it just rolled off his tongue like it was the Heian era.

I'm guessing, despite the power of their vote, the people of Fukushima are mostly people who don't matter.

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Posted in: In a first, Congress overrides Trump veto of defense bill See in context

Not surprising, something made Trump completely incoherent for a week, his advisors didn't seem to give a toss, and Trump himself didn't know how incoherent he was. Glad Washington can move on without him in this instance.

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First, I'm not in favour of political correctness, and my post is about english language usage.

Now 'stable' is for horses or other donesticated animals. A better word is needed here to describe a sumo dojo, certainly not a 'stable'

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Posted in: Wisconsin pharmacist arrested on charges of sabotaging COVID vaccine doses See in context

Criminal offence I would have thought, sabotage?

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To be commended, Australia is certainly not a 'young' country.

Better than New Zealand too, whose national anthem is/was??? 'God defend New Zealand' as though god hasn't got anything better to do hahaha LOL.

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Posted in: Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai ordered back to jail See in context

The UK looks very weak in light of the blatant mistreatment by China of the Joint Declaration, the UK should at least take back control of HK Island and the Kowloon Peninsula, these were territories ceded to Britain in perpetuity, and China only got them (together with the return of the New Territory) because of the Joint Declaration which must be maintained until 2047.

On another front, China gas now arrested nuns from a Kowloon Catholic mission as well.

These thugs will stop at nothing, it's time China is given the binary treatment by the global community, good or evil (China).

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Supporters see Brexit as an escape from a doomed Franco-German project that has stagnated while the United States and China surged ahead. Opponents say Brexit will weaken the West, further reduce Britain’s global clout, make people poorer and lessen its cosmopolitanism.

LOL, meanwhile, back at the ranch, citizens of the EU disguised as a door has had its knob shot off.

How can anyone write this stuff ^^^ when the evidence is staring at you. RCEP just negotiated without provisions for Labour exploitation, environmental standards or state subsidies.

The just signed investment deal, where China can now bring workers into the EU to complete projects. The whole deal has been done for the benefit of one company VW (the infamous asthma on wheels, on the nose everywhere except China).

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Posted in: Iran's foreign minister says Trump trying to fabricate pretext to attack Iran See in context

Mohammad Javad Zarif - please tell us something we don't know. Your country attacked a US embassy 4 days before Christmas, and you think USA need a pretext to teach your country a lesson?

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So over 30 deals so far, and they say it can't be done.

I'm still miffed at the sold out of NI in the EU deal though, it's going to come back and bite BoJo later.

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Very deserving title for a true champion. I've been toying with adding an MV Agusta F4 LH44 to my garage, I think it's a goer this year.

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Posted in: Japan opposed sanctions against China after Tiananmen crackdown, declassified documents show See in context

Japan has never been good or even adequate at diplomacy, this declass info is not ssurprising.

Japan can't get over its own human rights record.

Japan can't truly join an alliance based on value - again due to history.

Japan can't expresses its interests globally - because its companies have gone totally global and forgotten its roots.

Japan can't lead because it has such a large chip on its shoulder, from all of above.

IMHO, Abe 'knew' all this (the only PM in modern time that does), but he couldn't get enough support politically to complete the 'Modern Japan Project'. Recent example - he got cut off at the knees by Iran and his own corporates when the tanker was attacked, AND the shipping company contradicted actual evidence.

China knows all this too, and is exploiting it for it's worth.

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Posted in: Tokyo money transfer company helping stranded Vietnamese See in context

You've chosen to go down a very risky path.

Agreed, seems to me like a scam at both ends, employers scamming interns, agents scamming interns. Interns utterly exploited by everybody, yet they still want to come. What give?

From my experience working there, it appears to be a rather buoyant economy, and it wouldn't be difficult to start a small business, but the corrupt police always crack down on businesses that don't pay bribes.

They openly collect bribes too, I witnessed a collection whilst having lunch at a legit business with a shop front (but had illegal tables on the footpath). The shops that can't afford to pay had their tables confiscated by police thugs who damages tables and chairs then just leave them scattered on the footpaths.

I am guessing these Vietnamese workers are escaping persecution rather than trying to get training.

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Posted in: Japan greets new year with crowds despite pleas from leaders to stay home See in context

you will see in a few days the number of cases will explode

...hmmm, are you implying the authorities will increase testing numbers?

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Posted in: Japan greets new year with crowds despite pleas from leaders to stay home See in context

Happy new year everybody!

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Posted in: China accuses U.S. of show of force with Taiwan Strait passage See in context

Nobody should take any notice of what China say. They have a track record of inventing self centred narratives.

The CCP should instead wake up and acknowledge the world is better than them.

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If I was a billionaire, I would see it as my duty to book out the Beaver Creek Resort, invite and PAY athletes to boycott China and instead compete at Beaver Creek. Freedom and humanity reign supreme.

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@proxy - I totally dig your posts. Japan already have a plethora of high value added food exports, eg Kewpie, take a stepback and you have eggs. Japanese eggs are the only eggs I know of that you can eat raw straight from the carton.

Japanese shoyu is the tastiest on the planet, take a stepback soybean. Mochi, kombu, white wines, wasabi, ....

IMHO, the list is endless, tourists pays through the nose to eat Japanese foods, let's give them home options as well. It's time the government encourage family farms to go big or handover to immigrants.

The current situation is no better than subsistent farming, yeh, yeh, lifestyle lure so young couples make more babies etc. but it is not working, so time to go big or go home for the aggri sector.

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Lots of people missing the point here. The government wants to issue loans for aggri businesses to scale up production, for export. Seems like a good idea, but how many grand-mom n grand-dad will take up the offer is the unknown here.

If Japanese culture was more generous, the government would encourage small grandpama farms to train up international interns, forms coops, and increase production for the long run.

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Posted in: Chinese court jails 10 Hong Kong democracy activists for up to three years See in context

shocking hypocrisy from one of the worst dictatorships on earth

+1, and shameless as well. That is why even a decouple is not enough, we all have to sever ties with China.

The only way is as Michael Machisa says, do not buy Chinese products or services.

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Posted in: Will a pastoral town in Nagano be the model for a 'super smart city' of the future? See in context

no...Osaka is best at everything!

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Posted in: Chinese court jails 10 Hong Kong democracy activists for up to three years See in context

CCP China is the scourge of the world 2020. Lets hope that won't be the case 2021.

You just know CCP China is the focus of evil when even the Russian are seething at them.

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We should all write to Biden and Trump and implore them to revognuse Taiwan as the newest country in the world, to protect it from CCP China.

Would be terrific and hopeful message for celebrating new year's day 2021 too.

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Posted in: Chinese court jails 10 Hong Kong democracy activists for up to three years See in context

terrorism, secession, subversion or collusion with hostile foreign entities legal

in what country are you accused of 'terrorism, secession, subversion or collusion with hostile foreign entities' just for protesting to defend freedom of expression?

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There's been nothing close in the history of presidential transition

NYorkers would disagree with you, especially those who lost loved ones as a result of 9/11. Just because you say it, or have a bias, doesn't mean the facts support it. BTW, Clinton / Bush is just a recent examples...many others. I'd even go so far as suggesting your bias clouded your memory.

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Without complete closing of the borders, finding international strains circulating in the country is just a matter of days.

this ^ sratement is contradictory to your previous posts in support of the WHO's advice keep borders open and not have international travel restrictions.

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Posted in: Japan gave intel on China's crackdown on Uyghurs to U.S., Britain See in context

Japan seeks to maintain friendly ties with China as its largest trading partner without hurting relations with its security ally the United States.

Cliche, everyone say this^^^, because USA has dropped the leadership ball. USA should have been more protective of its allies against China's coercions.

South Korea and THAAD, USA should have retaliated against China's punishment of SK.

Japan, USA should have punished China for the rare earths export ban on Japan, or when Japanese factories were attacked in China.

USA should have levelled tariffs and bans on China for its punishment of Australia.

AND, especially because the Philippines is a treatied ally of USA, USA should have retaliated against China's banana coercion against the Philippines.

Heck, USA should have protected its own NBA when it was punished by China.

Please Mr Biden, send China a clear unequivocal message - DO NOT HARM OUR ALLIES, ELSE.

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