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Posted in: Trump vents about election as agencies aid Biden transition See in context

his turning orange from anger...lmao. Wonder where the former first lady is and if the rumors are true that she'll soon say bye to the donald

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Posted in: Japan business lobby sets goal of 30% female executives by 2030 See in context

More lip service. So far 2 most common reasons of why women stop working or deliberately shorten their working hours are: child care and tax brackets. Together with the notion that staying late=working hard, I don't see how they'll have more female execs if nothing changes.

My husband and I work fulltime although our net income would be higher if I work part time and he declare me as his dependent. I also have a female colleague who carefully keeps tab on her working hours so that she doesn't exceed the income bracket for dependents...she said she wants to work longer and earn more but its impossible due to present tax rules.

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Posted in: Japan eyes post-marital title for female imperial family members See in context

They'll spend millions of yens of our taxes and probably hundreds of hours on this irrelevant, impractical, meaningless "problem" as if they don't have other things to attend to.

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Posted in: Nomura to start new grads in call center as sales change See in context

Based on my experience, starting from the bottom is SOP in Japan except that now they it will be the call center instead of the usual office. This practice has several advantages since most of this fresh grads will be working for the same company until they retire. For example, starting from the bottom will teach them how things are from different levels and this is precious knowledge when you get promoted to manager. of course there are several disadvantages depending on one's POV.

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Posted in: Facebook, Twitter dismantle global array of disinformation networks See in context

You've already allowed several undeserving politicians of several countries to use your platform during the last elections. Your inaction and greed for revenues allowed revisionists, extremists, and liars to spread hate and false information. A lot of minds were poisoned and corrupted. Too little too late

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Posted in: 89-year-old ex-top bureaucrat pleads not guilty over fatal Tokyo car crash See in context


most streets here have a speed limit of 50kph, 30kph for narrow streets. Unless you're driving in the express way, 96kph is way above the speed limit.

This guy's gall to lie to cover his ass is very sickening. He called his son instead of the ambulance, continues to wiggle his guilty self out by insisting that his car was faulty, not being arrested despite killing 2 people, and now he is pleading not guilty... this is just disgusting.

I hope that the father and the rest of the family doesn't give up until they get the justice that they rightfully deserve.

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Posted in: Japan’s healthcare system summed up in photo of hospital bill for father’s heart surgery See in context


National Health Insurance premiums are based on your income plus an additional amount for each dependent. After a certain age, you are also required to pay for nursing care insurance.

If you paid more than 100K yen for medicine, check up, and other out patient procedures covered by the NHI, you can apply for a tax refund.

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Posted in: Fashionista comedian Naomi Watanabe becomes Kate Spade’s first Japanese brand ambassador See in context

Just like @WilliB I don't find her funny, cute, or entertaining at all. She annoys me.

It's a shame fat women on TV have to go into comedy and can't be taken seriously.

She was the one who capitalized on her fatness, even if it wasn't her idea she said yes to it.

Being extremely thin or fat is not healthy, and I am all for positive body image. But it really irks me when people rush in defending somebody fat for being body-shamed... it is as if they are telling the younger generation that it is ok to eat your way to death. Same way how I don't like seeing people starving themselves to death. Though it's a different story if one is sufferring from a certain illness that makes him/her extremely fat or thin.

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Posted in: Koizumi backs different surnames for married couples after heckling incident See in context


I am from an Asian country, married to a Japanese guy but chose to retain my family name. My home country doesn't require women to adapt their husbands' family names. So, not all Asian countries are like Japan.

When Japanese friends ask me why I didn't change my name, I ask them back why should I? If people need proof that I am my husband's legal wife, we can provide our marriage certificte and his family registry. He was even able to devlare me as his dependent, without any problem, before I was able to find a fulltime job. On the otherhand, I rather find it discriminating against single parents, children born out of wedlock, and children of divorced parents. What's the point of this law, Japan?

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Posted in: Bar association says long-term detainments of foreigners on the rise See in context

The government should just sen them packing and take the first flight back to their home countries. Buying them tickets is economically better than continuously feed them. These are criminals who consciously chose to break the law, they don't have the right to stay here.

BTW, if they want to seek asylum there is a proper procedure for that and that certainly doesn't include overstaying your visa.

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Posted in: Gov't considers expanding part-timers' pension coverage See in context


I think your Mrs is entitled to a pension since she was able to comply with the 10 year minimum. I suggest you clarify this with the city office and ask what options you have.

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Posted in: Hokkaido may pull out of race to host casino resort See in context

Good. These casinos are just one way for bad people to launder money. By bad people I mean the mafia, the yaks, some businesses, and ofcourse our leaders.

I bet a lot of mainladers who bought properties in Hokkaido are a little bit sad hearing this news.

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Posted in: Department store reviews plan for staff to wear menstruation badges after outcry See in context

The fact that there is a need for this badge for people to be kind and considerate is outrageous. This simply shows how cold and apathetic we've become.  

Personally, I don't expect people to treat me kindly because of my gender or because I am menstruating.  I would rather prefer it if people just respect each other and observe the golden rule.

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Posted in: 46-year-old 'hikikomori' arrested for leaving mother’s dead body inside house for over a year See in context

If the city officials were doing their job even in a half ass manner, the person in charged of these hikkikomori would have noticed, the tax office would have noticed, the insurance office would have noticed, the welfare office would have noticed. And if the society wasn't so used to indifference then the neighbor or any family members/friends would have noticed.

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Posted in: UNHCR calls on Japan to do more as refugee approval rate 'quite low' See in context

Let us not be quick in judging Japan in this issue. If you look at the number of applicants rejected and correlate this to the reason of rejection, maybe we can see the bigger picture. If you also talk with the applicants, you'll soon realize that a large number of those denied are fake refugees. They falsify documents and lie. This is unfair for both Japan and the applicants who are really qualified.

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Posted in: Costco bets on international appetite for first Chinese store See in context

I can just imagine how long the lines for samples will be and families taking nap on the display beds and furnitures. I'm not saying these are wrong because samples and display furniture are meant to be tried but they have a tendency to be opportunistic and "abusive" towards freebies.

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Posted in: South Korean president invests in local firms fund amid Japan row See in context

Hilarious... this just shows how naive Moon is.  Unless they've started building, pooling capital money, and researching way ahead, I don't think they'll be able to supply the raw materials covered by the sanction. Even China imports hydrogen fluoride from Japan. Without HF, semiconductors, metals, pharma, and agri will suffer. This will then have a domino effect on prices and employment. Eventually, somebody else will be sitting in the Blue House.

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Posted in: Pakistani, in Japan for 31 years, files lawsuit seeking special permission to remain See in context

After 31 years of breaking the law, he now expects mercy? Hell NO! He and his wife were given a long time to legalize his stay or think of a better alternative, like going back to China, if staying here isn't possible. As an illegal resident, he wasn't paying taxes, pension, and health insurance. If a valid visa is granted to him, he'll be entitled to receive welfare money and free health care if he doesn't have enough income now and after he retires. This is unfair for those who legally toiled and paid taxes and pension contribution.

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Posted in: Airline, luxury brands follow China's lead on Hong Kong See in context

It's all about the money for these companies. I am also surprised that a Taiwanese company would side with China.

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Posted in: Body confidence and body positivity in Japan See in context

I am honestly disappointed when people use the fat shaming card everytime I point out that someone is humungously obese. For me, they are just justifying the person's unhealthy lifestyle instead and denying the fact that obesity is infact a health problem. I have the same sentiments when people use the body positivity excuse to justify insane dieting and eating problems.

I for one is struggling and trying my best to have enough exercise and balanced body. I was underweight when I was younger but gained too much weight after I turned 30. I made the choice to acknowledge the issue, seek help, and act on it. It is a work i progress, but atleast I am working on it instead of shouting fat shaming while shoving empty calories into my mouth.

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Posted in: South Korea seeks US help in bitter trade spat with Japan See in context

And now the cookie crumbles to a million pieces. I sympathize with all WW2 victims, it is a shame that they are being used by politicians whenever they feel like doing it...what SK had been doing is just plain extortion, guilt tripping, and blackmail. I'm with Japan on this

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Posted in: 'Stranger Things' breaks Netflix viewing records See in context

Enjoyed season 3 but something doesn't fit...nice weekend watch though.

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Posted in: Abe raps opposition parties for joining hands only for election See in context

come on Abe boy... you're party did, does, and will do the same thing if you want to protect your own interests.

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Posted in: Bieber defends manager after Taylor Swift 'bullying' accusation See in context

Bieber has a point (not always, but he did this time). Taytay is still a drama queen who likes to whip out the victime card all the time.

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Posted in: City begins square watermelon shipments See in context

Energy, space, time, water and food wasted for nothing. I hope they move on from this ridiculous and useless spendings which I honestly find to be extremely pretencious. The bubble has bursted a long long time ago, we are struggling to lower CO2 levels, drought is affecting millions of people and here we are turning what could have been delicious watermelons into useless trash.

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Posted in: Raw, fried or on a bun: the many ways Japanese eat whale See in context

This is a very misleading article, JT. Not all your readers lived long enough in this cpuntry to know that the Japanese DO NOT regularly eat whale meat but this article is trying to paint a different picture. Haven't seen a whale meat in my local supermarket for a while now, and even if I do it's always on sale with nobody showing any interest on buying. Schools serve this for lunch to children who are expected to eat it. School children here are trained to eat anything served at school lunches, unless they have health or religious reason not to.

I bet the researchers who have virtually zero published data on this topic or the government who are proud are stubborn, aren't too excited to eat whale either. But who knows, Abe and friends may come out wiht a video showing how much they love fried whael with sake.

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Posted in: Hong Kong fund to provide up to $180 mil aid to struggling Japan Display See in context

Is this HK's money or China's money? I hope Japan Inc think hard on this. It's embarrassing thinking that they've been lending money and/or giving out aids, China included, and now this?! The company was formed through a deal brokered by the government, most probably received tons of stimuli funded by the poepel's taxes, and then gets mismanaged by its highly-paid CEOs?!

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Posted in: Kyoto mayor posts letter to Kim Kardashian on Facebook,explaining what kimono really is See in context

Youtuber, That Japanese Man Yuta presents his points and explains why this is an issue well.

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Posted in: Man arrested for keeping mother’s body in apartment for a year See in context

I don't have anything against living with one's parents, it's normal in Asia. Weirdly, the Japanese are not good in keeping a functioning relationship with most family members, may they be living together or apart. It is as if their parents become "disposable" after they've served their purpose. An exampleis this  person who didn't want to spend money to bury his own mother but was probably very much willing to suck on her pension.

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Posted in: 69-year-old man arrested for killing 86-year-old wife who had dementia See in context

With the aging population, financial burden, lack of personal connection, and a lot suicide-murder cases among elderly couples...legalizing euthenasia is the better option. There's also a large number of elderly and terminally ill people in this country that are in coma and just waiting to die. Legalizing euthanasia will give people an option if they don't want to be a burden or if the family members need to move on. I am not saying it is the only and best option, but it is good to have an option other than suicide and murder.

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