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Posted in: S Korea rejects Boeing; says F-15 not good enough See in context

F22 ' s have never seen combat. Look good on paper.

Spitfires and Zeros FTW!

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Well both China and Japan claim the islands.

Good to hear some fresh news ;)

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Posted in: TOKYO AWARDED 2020 OLYMPICS See in context

I hope this spurs the government to take more decisive action on dealing with Fukushima.

Agree! Now they have to realy sit down and work on this issue now that the whole world will look at it.

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Posted in: Gov't to spend Y47 bil on Fukushima water crisis, including ice wall See in context

The people who and countries that depend on the Pacific Ocean for their livelihood and their lives, are all doomed. I hate to be in places like Philippines, Thailand, Hawaii, and California, where the Pacific Ocean makes up for the majority of their economies. Not only they are facing wipe downs in fishing, but they are also facing total collapse of tourism.

Houndreds of nuclear bombs were detonated in Pacific or on Pacific. Are those dangerous? Would you like to live on the shores of nuclear dump? And had the whole world collapsed?

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Posted in: Chinese media accuse Abe of dangerous politics See in context

And yet, when a South Korean visits South Korean islands the Japanese freak out and talk about how big of an issue it is. So which is it? Do these islands belong to Japan because, even though no one lives on them, they are administered by Japan and for the same reasons, plus people living on them, Dokdo belongs to South Korea and they are free to visit? or do those islands not belong to South Korea and these not to Japan? I'm just pointing out how hypocritical a lot of the J-thinking on this is.

I don't know what you're ranting about. Have you read an article? What does it have in common with the content of the article?

Everyone knows Abe's agenda is a nationalist one, and even within his own party many are against what he wants to do; so you therefore cannot deny his plans carry with it the potential for instability and danger.

Everyone here knows how much you hate Japan and how big authority you are in cases regarding international relations as well as nuclear energy...

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Posted in: Japan warns of toughening security climate in east Asia See in context

I am concerned about the rapidly increasing defense budget of China. They will be outspending the US soon.

Every country in the region increases it's expenses on military. Aside from Japan which keeps it stable or even decreases slightly...

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Posted in: Japan warns of toughening security climate in east Asia See in context

lol, everyone here, educated, etc (ok, 10% know Japanese at least) write how Japan 'fired up' Senkaku issue few months ago with it's nationalization. Meanwhile, I had opened my old ONZ Encyclopedia from 1975 and look what's there! It's written there that CPR started to care about the islands since 1973! Not from 2012. It started 40 years ago...

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Posted in: Hashimoto offers to meet 'comfort women' to apologize See in context

were forcibly drafted into brothels is sexual slavery, which other countries didn't do.

You clearly miss the point here. Germans had an identical system during WWII and they used Polish, Ukrainian and Russian women. South Korea was securing a similar brothels for US Army until 1990. Not to mention Vietnam where it even became a subject which you could see in almost every film about that war. So more or less each war saw prostitutes doing 'favors' for soldiers.

Says the guy who gets his information from 2Channel.

In 2ch probably everyone knows there's not even a single evidence confirming it was 'forced'. China and Korea didn't come with any of them for 70 years and I think there won't be any. What Hashimoto says is true. He admits such system existed but it wasn't forced.

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