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This may not make much difference to people of Japan, but it will definately help improve India really. I wish our PM visit japan frequently, and apply the Japanese system in forthcoming Indian smart cities. there is a lot to learn from Japan, for both, public & administration.

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@narendramodi is one of the only 3 people followed by @AbeShinzo on tweeter.

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This would be a great step for India, to follow the 'Japan model' for India's overall development. watch my tweets of 28 may @shaile75

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welcome to India. Hope this visit will develop Indo-Nippon relationship, not only in business but also in area such as culture, education and tourism.

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welcome to India........

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Thanks Nippon ...

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nessie, its commonly understandable that printed suit means 'some thing printed on it' and now aren't u aware of scientists have developed the technology to "3D print " any type of 'object ' via computer /internet to a remote location without actually transferring any "material ". so next time it may be like " Mr. Abe uses a printed pen everytime."

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fukushima was in no way a matter to worry about as olympics are long away. however the disaster or post disaster problems may have 'worked' to create a sympathy wave for Japan. but besides all of this, Tokyo really deserved it and there it is. congratulations!!!

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good initiative. every creature in this world has equal right to live. so we must follow the slogan "LIVE AND LET LIVE ". said by lord Mahavir 2500 years ago. NON-VIOLENCE IS THE BEST RELIGION

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rickyvee, "life" is always priceless. be it a human/ non human or known / unknown. hope u have a mirror at home.

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