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A specially destructive sport in terms of health. This is proven to be extraordinarily dangerous by medical research. I can't believe this sport is growing when it should be shrunk out of existence. You have to be somewhat negligent to let your child play it.

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Well, doing a little research, I see there are many cases like this with suspended sentencing. What a shame. Shame shame.

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This is quiet common.

This is likely only the 1% or less cases that actually reached the justice system, and not covered up by the school or the police.

Because of how weak the punishments are for these crimes, this guy will highly unlikely sit a single day in prison, and likely will get a suspended sentence if he gets prosecuted at all (which is again unlikely). Especially for rapes vs. minors, Japan courts have rarely punished the perpetrators. I will be shocked if this guy gets anything more than a suspended sentence. Unless someone died or severely injured in the attack, sexual assaults/rapes do not get prison sentences in Japan.

Furthermore, he will quickly recover his teaching license after a few years and can go on the hunt again at another school. There are also pretty much zero social consequences for teachers who sexually assaults their students, which allows these cases to continue and propagate.

I don't doubt that this goes unreported often but I'd be more inclined to believe it wouldn't reach a judge than to believe it gets all the way to guilty and then the sentence is actually suspended and he ends up back in the classroom. I guess it's possible. Do you have any links to cases where that happened? I'm just curious. Suspended sentence means he's found guilty. Are there statistics on this? There must be something. Do you state all this from knowledge or just guessing?

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Posted in: 5-year-old girl dies after being hit by car in Yokohama See in context

People drive unsafely where I live. It's a real problem. Sometimes they post a cop on the corner, maybe once a year. I'm in a suburb at the foot of a mountain and people seem very much in a hurry to zip to and from their houses. The streets are narrow with traffic going both ways and vehicles often having to stop to let each other get through. I live next to a turn and it's almost blind. Cars have to be very careful to make the turn because it's narrow. We live right on the road and we have very small children. I'm worried every day about this. I was thinking of building a fence but it's costly.

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I wish they could speed up the boosters. They should really pull out the stops if it'll prevent further problems.

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There is a Lock Ness monster and also Big Foot. We have at least one photo of each. There are millions of Uighurs in this genocide you speak of but we can't find a single photo in this day and age.

I watched the BBC documentary and others on the supposed concentration camps. It doesn't even look like a prison. It looks like a school.

This brings back fond memories of university:

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"Naomi Osaka's humility and dedication to others has been spectacular to watch. It's incredibly meaningful that she has been able to talk honestly about struggling with her mental health and share with us her vulnerability," Wilson wrote.

Wouldn't it have been braver to NOT mention it to the world, but to deal with it privately? Or, perhaps she should have targeted the Japanese audience, maybe in the Japanese language, where racism and mental illness probably aren't discusses very much at all. I don't see Osaka as someone who's spoke articulately about any particular topics but maybe that's OK. This fad of the appearance of celebrity activism is tiresome. It's just that the narrative seems insincere and there are many other people who do have depth and influence.

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Great young players who seem to be genuinely enjoying what they're doing. I hope the loser takes it easy too, especially as both will get big endorsement deals and have already achieved a lot. There's a lot of hard work, sweat, amazing mental and physical vitality and tons of luck on display. But they will become very rich forever. People like to see athletes enjoying their talents - especially as they do get to be immediately wealthy. These two seem to delight in the game and they've spread some cheer.

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@iron Lad I'm always interested to look at something new. Do you recommend any artists in particular? I always have to remind myself that one of the richest artists in the world is Japanese: Murakami. Maybe he's another example of a bad trend. I'd love to see something different.

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Why do people describe it as weird? Doesn’t she do kind of the same thing over and over again? And isn’t it kind of safe and easy? There is something in this concentrated repetition that seems representative of Japanese society/arts and crafts. That might seem “weird.”

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While Japan's commitment to world peace and non proliferation is a commendable act, one must face the stark reality that there are many nations with or developing nuclear weapons who have no such scruples or moral limitations.

Japan has no such commitment. It is a strong supporter of the nuclear umbrella and has been steadfastly against any reduction in nuclear weapons. It also lied to its own people for decades about letting nuclear ships through.

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I am being told that the perp was part Vietnamese and has been caught. Could be a rumor but this is what the Vietnamese online are saying.

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If filming this aids the police, then it will have been a good act. People here are making tons of assumptions about who did and didn’t do what and when. As for intervening, what would you have done? Do you recommend anyone to get involved? Anyone of any size and ability? I agree that it’s good if there’s someone who can but I don’t think I could have. I would recommend the average person to call the police. Scream as well and try to get their attention. Scream murder. But I wouldn’t advise the average man or women to physically get in between. A person who does, has my admiration.

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The videos were sickening and I'm sorry I watched them. If they do not get these guys, well...there's too much evidence for them to walk. They have to get them. In the States, they'd all be done up for murder and they'd be gone at least 20 years. Here, maybe only the one and, maybe, what, like 7? As for intervening, not me. I admire anyone who thinks they can do it and who thinks they'd know what to do. Maybe if I knew Brazilian jiu jitsu. I do not. That video is going to give me nightmares. How can someone have such little value for life?

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Reading this makes me physically ill.

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"And that may actually still work, particularly if Japan happens to get a big medal haul."

Komiya-sensei, that's a whole lot of cynicism and contempt for the people. Say it ain't so!

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Posted in: Osaka says Djokovic, Michelle Obama, Phelps, others reached out to her See in context

An elite problem for the privileged few: "to press conference or not to press conference"; "to pick up the phone when Michelle Obama calls - or not." For many people, especially Americans, and she's basically an American, the issue is access to quality (mental) healthcare at all. It's generally very expensive. I hope she gives some of her riches to charities in this area.

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Posted in: Alcohol allowed but no condom distribution in Tokyo Olympic village See in context


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point taken. She’s mentioned it a bit in interviews. But she doesn’t speak up loudly about when, arguably, it’s very apparent in her experience. As for her country, yes, she can be whatever she likes since she’s rich and famous. Japan will take her as Japanese because of that. My only point is that she could do a lot of good in speaking up about Japan the way she speaks about the U.S. - especially considering how awfully she’s been treated in Japan.

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There's some paradox here. She's Japanese but doesn't speak the language and hasn't lived here. Maybe she's rightly American in terms of what culture she's from; she's lived in the U.S. all her life. She criticizes the U.S., as is her right, on the issue of racism and is considered an activist. Her family suffered deeply from Japanese racism but she never criticizes Japan at all. Her success in Japan is monetary; she makes a fortune from Japanese companies. Maybe she has not once criticized racism in Japan.

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She should retire from tennis, and focus on social justice. She's already mastered tennis, and she has enough money to work towards whatever social justice she wants, and all the internet whiners can do is whine.

What do you think would happen if she turned her attention away from the U.S. and towards social justice issues in Japan? Would she achieve success? It's interesting that she hasn't said much about the country for which she chooses to play and identify, especially when she herself has been the target of racism in Nihon. I wonder why. Anyway, who knows what goes on in people's psychologies. To be as good as she is, she has to have been striving for it non-stop since toddlerhood. I guess that in itself could have caused implosion. Maybe she was pushed into it by her father, like Agassi. That could make one miserable. At least she's so rich that she can 1. relax in amazing mansions and 2. hire around-the-clock therapy teams to help her cope. I hope she does come out about it and find a way to help people who aren't so privileged but also have depression and anxiety.

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I like the story as much as the next guy, but what is this style of writing? It sounds like a trailer for a tv series. Is this a translation from a gossip magazine?

This writer and "SoraNews24" have been awful for many years now. I guess it's on purpose. I guess there's a paycheck in it? But, yeah, it stinks.

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Anyone with kids will feel sick reading such a headline. We all benefit from a certain amount of moral luck. I try my best to ALWAYS be watching and to make no errors in judgement. But, there's always some luck involved in life. I'm scared to death of the way OTHER people drive around where I live. As for this mother: I feel sick for her. I'm not sure I could go on living if I were her. There is nothing that matters more than my wife and kids. Nothing. Maybe there is nothing that matters without them. I do think that people who feel that they want to exact retribution on this mother are missing something important in their emotional lives. This news item is a horror that never ends. Never. Be thankful it ain't you.

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Posted in: As seen in young people drinking on the street, people are losing trust in the government and they’re not listening to it. If the situation goes on like this, it will be impossible to stop people from traveling even though a state of emergency is declared. See in context

I rarely see young people doing anything shifty. Old people, on the other hand...But forget the street. My job responded to the state of emergency by sending us all into work the day BEFORE the first golden week holiday. THAT decision wasn't made by a young person. It was made by old geezers whose pals ARE the government.

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People drive very dangerously and recklessly where I live with my wife and children. I've written down some license plate numbers to keep a record but I hesitate to do anything. It's pretty bad though.

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I disagree that Mori could retain his power if she went up against him. She’s much more popular a name now and he’s unknown globally. If she called for his head, he’d be sunk. He she be taught what it’s like when a powerful woman REALLY speaks up. That’d serve him right.

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I'm sure the industry has to change. On the other hand, it seems like a step backward if we're saying sex is off limits in cinema. There's a kind of repression that's come from the hyper-sensitive zoomers and Knightly is going with the flow. But it's an interesting psychological turn that we're seeing: hypersensitivity, denial, resistance and fear. We are closing ourselves. That's not to say that higher ethical standards aren't called for, just that free expression is a precious thing.

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I just moved to a new city (HigashiOsaka) and I'm appalled at how much worse the driving is in my new location. It's terrible. I was cut off riding with my son on a bicycle by a motorcycle and came very close to being knocked off. Lots of people drive recklessly here.

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Sounds like the woman is in a dangerous line of work probably exacerbated by the coronavirus. It’s a sickening violence. Lock him up forever.

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Enough about the see-through toilettes already. Japan comes up with the oddest distractions.

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