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Posted in: Crack found in bullet train could have caused derailment: JR West See in context

Kobe Steel is one of Kawasaki Heavy Industries' suppliers, so it could be traced back to the safety data scandal.

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Posted in: International call for Japan to halt Antarctic whaling See in context

If the Japanese government genuinely considers this is scientific research (which is highly unlikely) - the least they could do is set up a breeding/farming program and make sure they restock the ocean with younger whales, that number should obviously be higher than the number of older whales they take for "scientific research".

You take from Mother Nature, you give back to Mother Nature.

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Posted in: Crack, oil leak found in bullet train in 1st 'serious incident' for shinkansen See in context

a crack was found on the steel frame

Kobe Steel, anything you'd like to confess?

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