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Once a Commonwealth Brit stiff, always a Commonwealth Brit stiff! Kiwis are stiff Brits, and they will always be. So no need to be cute as to change the flag ;-)

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Persian? Where? Never seen it. Are you 100% sure when it comes to Arabic and Persian? I don't see Arabic or Persian anywhere.

Go visit supermarkets and look at the signs on many of their automatic doors' sides. Supermarkets, man! Japanese supermarkets.

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By the way, there are also Arabic or Persian language signs all over as well. Why not pick on those Muslims too huh? Especially that tough-wanna be young one (as his young Japanese kinds are punks). Too scared maybe?? I'd like to see what would happen to them soon if they would also bring up "No Arabic" protest as well. Cowards!!

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Sign of the times that demonstrators crowd is so small that everyone of them has to carry 3~4 placards !

Good comment! That protest is truly hilarious, and a bit disgusting by the way. Their argument is invalid as they can't even read & understand English signs properly themselves. Anyway, simply put, their anti-Chinese & Korean ego is acting out. These right-wing hardliners simply don't wanna have anything to do with any foreign element that has never subdued their past imperial ego. The Chinese & Koreans have never conquered their Nippon ego, so why should they be kind to them?? True ignorance & abominable pride. They really should learn from their ancient (not the pre-war imperial) ancestors.

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One vaccine breeds a generation of flu strain. The truth is out there, but who will have the faith?

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The so-called "limit" is by no means without some radiation! That's just ridicilous! The government ought to be straightforward and much clearer in their wording. The citizens of Japan have not yet had any way to tell what the real truth is. Because radioactivity is a huge thing a residing Japanese citizen should be concerned about.

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I agree wholeheartedly with katsu78!

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