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The Japanese media ruined becky’s career because of adultery and she wasn’t even the married party! Now, being a country so focussed on gender equality I’m sure the media of this country will do likewise and destroy Watanabe’s career as well.

Tick tock.....

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So, (essentially) a drone with wheels being used on a US citizen on US soil.

Another positive step for humanity...

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Posted in: Cameron to quit Wednesday; Theresa May to be new British PM See in context

Thatcher mkII. Surely she can't be quite as vile as her? She'll try and run her close though. Desperate times for the UK.

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Forgetting the attempt to change Article 9 for the moment, I have to say that I'm even more concerned about how any change to Article 96 would effectively open Pandora's Box, and the government would then be able to edit the constitution as and when they see fit.

I can't help but feel that Abe and his mates will use any change to 96 to start cracking down even harder on press freedom and such. Journalists may be prevented from printing anything negative about the government because Abe and his Nippon Kaigi mates decide it's 'against the public interest'.

For someone who dislikes China so much, Mr Abe sure does seem to like the way China's government runs its media. I think he's trying to copy their murky methods.

I'd go back to England but my home country is on a slippery slope as well. At least the people in the UK are actively moaning/ranting about it though (not that it will achieve much!) Whereas, from what I can gather, here in Japan the populace is largely apathetic to it all. Or ignorant of what lies behind the spun Abe-friendly newspaper headlines. There seems to be little passion for digging deeper to get closer to a truer picture. At least, that's how it feels in my circles (Japanese colleagues/friends). Maybe I should start hanging around with smarter people!

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My students at university (barring a few who are politically 'switched on') are largely apathetic when it comes to politics. Many of the students whom I asked, told me they will indeed vote but they'll get advice from their parents first. That, to me, says that they'll probably end up copying their parent's vote. Maybe that's why Abe got the voting age lowered? - he knew that many young voters would end up copying their parents (their parents are in their late 40s - 50ish and are largely in support of Abe's lot) and that will likely keep Abe 's party in power.

The fact that young Japanese are basically schooled not to think independently and to follow their elders (parents/sempai etc) falls right into Abe's hands.

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Posted in: Woman confesses to killing 25-year-old mentally disabled son See in context

Japan is a third world country when it comes to mental healthcare. There's no way the actions of the mother can be condoned but she has my sympathy as I bet she was essentially alone when it came to caring for her son.

What a mess. RIP fella.

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