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Posted in: 2-year-old Chinese girl left on street after hit-and-run dies See in context

Let me clairfy. I am not blaming every chinese person. I am not in china and dont know every person. I am blaming every person who passed her and left her and I blame the 2 vehicles who hit her and I blame the parents for not even noticing she was missing. You never see them come running out of the store searching frantic for their child. And the one man who looked several times and finally drug her out of the road and then left her like trash he was just tired of looking at. thats who I blame!!!!

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Posted in: 2-year-old Chinese girl left on street after hit-and-run dies See in context

It physically sickened me to see this video. To think that those chinese call themselves humans is a disgrace. They just showed on national video that they have zero morals. And we give them so much of our US business. Had a child been accidently hit here in the US, i am sure people would have run to help. Most americans care. That driver can not say he did not see the child, cause he did and he even stopped then decided to go ahead and finsh running over her with his back tire since he had already hit her once. Then he left her to die, as did ever person who biked, drove or walked past that poor baby girl laying there suffering and dying all alone!!! This was no war zone. This was a market street!! This was a criminal act and should be punishied as such. All the peole who walked past her are just as much to blame in my mind. I hope they are now questioning their lack of social responsibility and morals. Because this just proves how lacking they are!! May that sweet lil girl rest in peace. May the rest of them rot in hell.

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