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Zoroto is correct about US. You do not need to be US citizen as you cannot ask for proof of residency.

I know some Japanese citizens that got vaccinated in US while there in Golden Week. Not very difficult to fly to US. Just need to show negative PCR test to depart Japan.

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@Kyakusenbi, you do not need Health insurance to get the vaccine in the US I flew back for my vaccine in early April and no longer have health insurance there. It is not required. Just need to show ID for age verification

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Supposedly the actors were shaking hands with the fans. I can only shake my head at that logic for some people.

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I have never seen them disinfect the train stations and inside the train cars like they were doing in Korea and other countries. Maybe they do this over night but at least in the pictures the other countries were doing this throughout the day. I would feel more reassured if I saw them constantly sanitizing these highly occupied locations.

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Another record in Tokyo today. 90 more cases.

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Anyone else notice in the picture that half the members are sleeping? I know, nothing new for these Diet pictures. You would have hoped that they were taking the situation a little more seriously other than just wearing masks. Maybe they were hoping they would wake up and this was all just a bad dream.

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