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easy enough to catch this scumbag with all the cameras in love hotels.

@ Vince Black Not sure what love hotels you visit, but my wife and I have been to a fair few and none of them require calling the front desk to unlock the doors when you leave. You unlock them yourself and just hand the key in at the front desk when you leave.

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Posted in: 41-year-old man arrested for forcibly kissing 10-year-old boy See in context


I move to counter that argument. I don’t know, or have never heard of mother’s OR fathers for that matter, not just hugging but physically pushing their kids to the floor and then straddling them (keyword just for you there), before forcibly kissing them.

The little boy was physically assaulted BEFORE being sexually assaulted. An adult male straddling and forcibly kissing a 10 yr old boy NOT sexual assault? I think yours is the world I’d rather not live in. If anyone did that to my little boy I’d be taking their remains to court and pushing for sexual AND physical assault.

Trying to justify your view in this not being a sexual assault because genitalia were not involved is quite frankly ludicrous.

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First of all, burning charcoal in an enclosed space here in Japan,be it in a car or home, is only done for one purpose and one only. Living here for over 20 years, it’s very easy to see that it’s a preferred method of suicide for many women who don’t want to suffer. Therefore, this certainly wasn’t an accident.

Secondly, whether the father was a ‘weekend dad’ as was suggested or not, since when has that been a justification for murdering three little kids? Whether there were mental issues at play or not, a mother under pressure only needs to go to the city hall to get help and advice. I can never get over this ‘gaman, ganbatte’ attitude here.

Mothers and and fathers are gods to their children, and you reward their trust and love by snuffing our their lives because of selfishness? It’s good to see more and more parents being reported for child abuse, and greater transparency, but until parents here stop treating their kids as accessories and more like human beings, this crap will never end.

I hope you three little ones are at peace, but you’re in a place you should NEVER have had to go to. My son will get a big hug from me when I get home this evening.

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Posted in: Naked woman dies after being beaten in hotel room; suspect leaps from window See in context

As I understand it (coming from someone very close to me who owns a delivery health shop in Uguisudani), the Thai girl was working as an escort for a delivery health shop in Nippori and the guy was a customer of hers.

They’d both checked into a love hotel in Uguisudani. There could have been language problems, she may have refused to do some things he wanted etc. She was definitely working illegally. However, none of this condones killing the poor girl.

I know that the shop she worked for has been closed due to hiring girls without visas. Let’s hope that this guy gets everything that’s coming to him regardless of whether the girl was working legally OR illegally.

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Very late to this discussion...However,

There are two schools of thought here. One is that she should be free to exercise her constitutional rights. If she didn't want to stand for the anthem, then it's within her rights not to.

Here's the question. How many of the JT readers here stand for their country's respected anthems at a football match? Or how many of you rise when a judge enters a courtroom? Or at a wedding? A funeral? Just because it's within your rights to not do so, following proper etiquette surely takes precedence here? There's no mention of her being forced to sing the anthem, in the same way that many sports players don't sing their anthems before matches, or at medal ceremonies. We stand because, as part of ceremonial rite, we are required to do so in order to pay the proper respect to said ceremony.

Many here are jumping on the imperialist Japan soapbox here. As much as I agree with her not wanting to have anything to do with the imperialist past (who would!), it's a ceremony and, as such, not standing demeans the poor kids that turned up to graduate.

Also, for the record, people in wheelchairs OF COURSE are not required to stand! That's just a stupid comparison. If they could, they would along with the rest of us. Next time you slam the court for rebuking her, think back to all the times YOU refused to stand during a ceremony of any importance when asked to.

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Interesting as 'she' actually used to be a 'he' before undergoing gender reassignment. Hence the level of violence in this case.

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Posted in: Cross-dressing Matsuko Deluxe: AKB opening Tokyo Olympics 'would embarrass Japan' See in context

Here's an idea for the opening ceremony....Maybe we should have Takata in his fundoshi and hachimaki playing a Wadaiko on the veranda of Kiyomizudera and shouting 'Minna, dette koi ya! ...cue fireworks, Ms. Hart screaming at the top of her lungs and rolling her R's...Minnasama, Tokyo Olympics he YOKOSO!... athletes marching, a thousand taiko drums beating, samurai and ninja fighting...(was one of the best memories I had of the Pride FC....not the ninja and samurai thing lol)...Then clam it down with a bit of shamisen and some buddhist monks chanting while sakura blossoms fall from the sky....I'd pay to see that!

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Posted in: Cross-dressing Matsuko Deluxe: AKB opening Tokyo Olympics 'would embarrass Japan' See in context

Way to go Matsuko! I can't for the life of me understand why some of the posters on here have a problem with a transvestite (I'm a big fan of Eddie Izzard), ESPECIALLY on that speaks their mind! Also, for those saying that she would be an even bigger embarrassment, she wasn't putting herself forward, or even saying she would be a better choice. She was saying that Japan should showcase the 'real Japan'.

I still haven't gotten my head around this term 'idol' either. Isn't an idol someone whose reputation and image endure throughout the ages? Not someone (or in AKB's case, the many mindless minions of some sleazy Japanese producer) who will be forgotten in a year or so. Wouldn't false idol be more appropriate? Too many pro-AKB posters on here think that most of us antis are bashing the poor little girls. I personally don't care for, or about them. I just have a problem with the lolita image marketed to guys in a country that only recently outlawed child porn.

I think you may also find that this group's fan base isn't made up of teens. ALL the teens I know in my family, extended family, friends families etc cringe when I ask them if they like AKB. I think you'll find that the majority of their fan base is made up of single, socially inept, insecure, terrified of any contact with a female, stuck indoors on their computer playing 'Final AKB Fantasy', 20, 30 and 40 year old guys.

So, good on you Matsuko. It's a breath of fresh air to have someone with the nouse to say to the Japanese public what the majority of us foreigners think (and I say that because the majority of the posters here agree with her!....KUDOS)

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**First of all, my condolences to the family of Kenji. My heart goes out to you. No-one should have to witness the murder of a family member, especially in such a barbaric way.

I do, however, take exception to one post by couversaka... **

Englanders should be ashamed of themselves for producing murderers such as the "star" of this video. What the heck is wrong with your country and its educational/social systems when your people are turning toward ISLAMIC EXTREMISM of all things? Pull it together, England. Shame on you.

You, my friend, have absolutely NO IDEA what your're talking about. As an English guy living in Japan for the past 20 years, I'm utterly disgusted with your comments. Do you really think that my country's educational and social systems are to blame for Kenji's death? One guy with a British accent kills someone and suddenly we should all feel ashamed? Why should I feel ashamed? That cockroach probably wasn't even born in England! Maybe he was just educated there? Maybe he was influenced by his family? Maybe he always had radical ideals? However, to blame my country when hundreds of people are flocking to join those ISIS devils from many countries (the US, Australia, France and...dare I say it....even Japan!), shows just how misguided and ignorant you truly are.

My countrymen and I truly feel for Kenji and his family, totally condemn any and all violence perpetrated by the ISIS, but we won't apologise for the actions of one radical, won't change our love of democracy, free speech, school systems etc for you or anyone.

If you are going to comment in the future, think more thoroughly before putting finger to keyboard.

R.I.P Kenji and all the other poor souls slaughtered by these foul beasts.

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