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Sorry, but I am slightly confused. If "hafu" means half, then does that not mean that it would only apply to a 50/50 ethnic relationship? Hence Nisei? I consider myself to be a "hapa" a word from Hawai'i that means portionately, mixed, somewhat, diverse, and of course from the English "half".

Take myself for example. I am a "Nisei" Swiss, I was born in Switzerland. I have German, Scandinavian, and British ancestory -- uh... as well as (ah hem) JAPANESE! Now because I am not FIFTY/FIFTY, does that preclude me from being considere to be a "Hafu" (meaning HALF)? Or does the meaning also take into account such as the term from Hawai'i "hapa" and include those with ANY amount of Pacific Island or Asian descent along with non-Asian descent as well?

In this instance, I really don't know whether to consider myself to be a "hafu" or not. Could someone please tell me whether I would "qualify" to be considered to be a "hafu" that I do in fact have SOME Japanese descent thought not necessarily 50%?

Now, insofar as some of the comments above, I am quite proud of my German, Scandinavian, English, AND Japanese heritage! So if indeed "Hapa" or "hafu" does describe my ethnic identity as such, then indeed there would be no reason not to have any pride in such! I AM proud of both my European AND Japanese heritage! It is what makes one HUMAN, the DIVERSITY! Ne?

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*I am a Nichiren Practitioner, but I do NOT particularily care for the Soka Gakkai -- at least in America! (SGI-USA). If you leave the organisation or quit, they retaliate by trumping criminal charges such as rape, murder, and paedophilia, et al! I know I was accused of being a paedophile myself! (The YMD are all LEGAL ADULTS *as in California, one must be at least 18 years of age to join! (Paedophilia is legally defined as relations with MINORS, i.e. juveniles who are under age and children! There are no adolescents and children in the Young MEN'S** Division (YMD) of the Gakkai! Uh ... so... where is the paedophilia?

This is the typical Gakkai mentality, to ruin and discredit someone's life if they should decide to drop out! NICHIREN, if he were to be alive today would absolutely have a royal fit if he learned of this sort of behaviour on the SGI's part!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, STAY OUT OF THE SOKA GAKKAI (at least in America)! (There are at least 36 other Nichiren Sects to go to without all the corrupt sheninagans of Ikeda and the SGI, but the SGI-USA is in particular very bad! This is the worst for of slander against the Gohonzon , Gautama Siddhartha, and indeed NICHIREN proper!

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The Internet MUST remain free and open! If it were to become "managed" it would undoubtedly over time lead to censorship, corporate control, a medium for corporate propaganda and put the emergency brakes on free and uncensored (legal) intercourse internationally! It would also nationalise (i.e. restrict the internet to a national agenda and exposure and exclude international access). It is IMPERATIVE that the Internet be left alone!

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What ever happens, please DO NOT adopt the American model! It is an umittigated failure! The so-called "youth" today of America are spoiled rotten! They have not been taught the issue of respect and what it means (especially towards anyone older than themselves). It has become a "hate" generation, just 180 degrees diametrically in opposition to the mentality of the 1960's!

All they know is corporate greed, that it is not only okay and acceptable, but encouraged as THE most important issue to strive for in life -- and that is a bloody shame!

Japan in my opinion has one of the most advanced civil attitudes on this planet, I really do not wish to see that diminishet whatsoever! America today on the otherhand has probably the WORST civil attitudes for mankind! America of this day and age is the absolute WORST model to emulate -- especially in regard to the present day youth.

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