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Posted in: Trump lavished with royal pomp and pageantry on state visit to UK See in context

There was nothing wrong with President Trump's attire. I suggest you have a look at A Guide to Men's Dress Code and you'll see the white waistcoat below the black jacket. President Trump's evening wear is the most up-to-date as you can see in the attached in the link

Liberals are resorting to triviality. Also, those who commented about Melania Trump's bare arms. You obviously don't realize that long gloves replace sleeves.

Well done, President Trump and Melania. Brits are having a field day commenting on the daily news sites on the liberal protesters who they say don't represent the UK. The only two protesters I saw interviewed looked as if they hadn't had a shower for weeks, dirty unkempt hair and one wearing a Karl Marx t-shirt. Hopefully, liberal Americans are a bit nicer than that but I wonder ...

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