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Posted in: Historic rivalry as Japan faces N Korea in World Cup qualifier See in context

ah, a match made in ...media?!?

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Posted in: Iran's top leader warns U.S., Israel against strike See in context

Superlib, i have no idea where ur coming from as u expect me to have a discussion about iran, without including the US and Israel?!? they are the two countries spearheading the whole thing. u keep referring to 200 countries, but in reality if this attack ever comes to fruition, this attack on Iran will be lead, carried out and poorly executed (as evidenced in the mess left by them in Iran and Afghanistan) by the US, not by a 200 country coalition, equalling to more war debt, even worse social conditions and dead, young Americans. Is it really worth it to attack? I guess that's really the question. How will this make life for regular people in America better?

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Posted in: Iran's top leader warns U.S., Israel against strike See in context

SuperLib, sorry if I struck a chord with my words about Israeli, but mostly American tactics of propaganda which were in fact not prepared, but thought up during my morning coffee.

If there are 200 countries lining up to take their shot at Iran, do you really think Iran would be stupid enough to make the first move? They know what the consequences will be if they ever do use that kind of weapon they supposedly possess, which israel in reality possesses but still denies (hmm, can never seem to get my head around that one). It's their one card, their only card to play. So they play it, see what reaction it gets, then back off again, as they have in the past. there is NO imminent threat of attack by Iran on anyone. The only cries and calls for war come from who else? Sorry, I forgot, you're sick of hearing it. Well, I am too.

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Posted in: Iran's top leader warns U.S., Israel against strike See in context

is it possible to create nuclear energy in a way that is not the same as producing it for use in weapons? i'm no scientist but it seems that the methods are one and the same, therefore making them almost indistinguishable. Are we now suppposed to follow what the US and Israel lead us to believe in the media, as the US and UK did when they claimed Iraq was producing weapons of mass destruction? Look at what they did to Iraq? They left it in ruins and to this day, after almost ten years, it is still picking up the pieces.

I for one would not want my name on even a single bullet in this conflict between nations whose mandate involves destroying each other, nor will I trust what the US and Israeli governments say to be true. Americans will cry freedom, and say the reason why anyone in the free world can speak their mind is because of these wars they wage. I ask any american, are you afraid of Iran? Do you think they're going to come bomb you with their supposed nuclear weapons? do you even know where iran is on a map? okay, that's a low blow, but what i'm getting at is what will this accomplish for americans in america? not a whole hell of a lot. How will your daily lives change? Same answer. what I am certain will happen is that many of your brothers and sisters will again perish. that I am certain of and no one is able to refute.

Your government has thrown your economy, and those of several countries into turmoil, and your present leader's approval rating is at its lowest. look at just exactly what they are trying to do here. they want to emphasize to no end that there is a threat from iran through media reports, drum up a feeling of intense patriotism to the point where you yourself will feel like going to fight on the front line, and then go to war once again. This governmet, like any, needs the support of people, and what better way for them to do that than to present a threat and go after it.

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Posted in: Canada shuts down Occupy protests See in context

title of this article is very misleading. it is in fact true that an occupy protest in ONE CITY, London, has been shut down by police and city officials, however, Canada as a whole has not shut down all protests. There are court injunctions and orders being processed within several of the cities where protests are taking place however this has been the case in any city where protests are taking place from the very beginning of the movement. Dont lead stories with sensationalist trash headlines when the facts clearly refute this ridiculous assertion. JT get it straight! I know its an AFP article, but that's no excuse. Use better discretion.

the protests in canada are also supported by the majority of canadians as a peaceful movement, aimed at raising issues dealing with social, financial, and ethical practices of the government.

while i do support the movement, being canadian and knowing what real cold is all about, common sense will prevail here among the protesters that this has to end. local governments know this, regular people know this. So why the mad rush to get these people out when the cold is just starting to set in? In my estimation it boils down to local governments flexing their muscles so at the end of the day they can say they drove the protesters out and cleaned up the city. I would suggest taking the high road here, letting time and the elements prevail, but then again, what governments do that?

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Posted in: Cain sex accuser goes public in New York; he denies it on late-night TV See in context

the circus that is american "politics". smear campaigns, media feeding off of sensationalism, way too much coverage and hoopla around the candidate race, nothing accomplished. par for the course, i'd say.

meanwhile, who loses? once again, the regular people. the people who are unemployed, the soon to be unemployed, the college students with growing debt, the graduates with insurmountable debt and no hope of finding jobs, the poor, the sick... etc.

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when manny pacquiao is done with marquez, the japan automobile manufacturers association's board of directors is next! cath it on PPV on HBO. and dont forget to watch 24/7 in the weeks leading up to the bout, where we get to see just how desperate the japan automobile industry is getting

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Posted in: Israel's warnings on Iran get quiet nods in Gulf See in context

southsakai, America and Israel are responsible nations, They have the right to possess nuclear arms. They don't go around screaming death to this country and death to that country.

uh, responsible? weapons of mass destruction in iraq? NOT. Israel, how many deaths have there been in israel? compare that to the deaths in palestine. Responsible? who lives behind a wall, and is not allowed access to outside aid? Palestine. who lives on the other side of that was and is constantly taking away more and more palestinian land? israel. who takes away funding from UNESCO because palestine has been recognized as a state? please, dont start with responsibility. they have the right to possess? have you seen any of the treaties against nuclear porliferation that israel has signed? NO, because they refuse to sign them. sorry but i dont think i owe anything to israel nor the us for my freedom of speech. i am awake and can see through the propaganda constantly being produced by the americans. its those of you who fail to look beyond what they are saying for your own answers who need the awakening.

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Posted in: Israel's warnings on Iran get quiet nods in Gulf See in context

What? More fear? Don' mind if I do!

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Posted in: Israel's warnings on Iran get quiet nods in Gulf See in context

oh israel and america, you are the epitomy of hypocrisy. the americans trying to police the world, while no one polices them, and the israelis crying about iran's alleged nuclear developments all the while its the israelis that continue to produce, import from america and possess the nuclear power to destory any gulf nation, not to mention refusing to sign any nuclear proliferation treaty put before them by the IAEA and the UN.

the leaders of israel and america along with their cronies are masters at blowing smoke where there is no fire, tilting, read brainwashing, their own citizens into believing the threat is real, pumping fear into their own people to the extent that real peoples' concerns, ie, their family's well-being, jobs and stability for future generations and proper social programs and services such as good public education and support for the elderly and disabled, are all but forgotten due to the severity of the cries of wolf from the very people they have elected and empowered to take care of them.

these so called leaders are interested only in controlling the last of the world's natural resources, because to them, controlling this would give them even more power, and making sure the rich stay rich. nothing more, and certainly nothing less.

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Posted in: U.S. fines Bridgestone $28 million for rigging bids, bribery See in context

tokyokawasaki and net ninja, seems you think that corruption is a strictly Japanese way of doing business. clearly this is a very naive viewpoint with no base if you consider methods used by companies all over the world. its business, its cut-throat. stongest one survives. bridgestone btw, regardless of your grievances about its products or your pro american stances or a petty $28 million fine, remains the number 1 tire company in the world, followed by michelin. good year brings up the REAR in the third.

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Posted in: Living in Japan, which food or drink item do you miss most from your home country? See in context

i miss fat, salt and sugar

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Posted in: Japan air traffic controller leaks Obama flight plan on blog See in context

and when did osama even come to japan? last year? move on

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Posted in: Two Osaka subway drivers test positive for illegal substances See in context

guilty until proven guilty

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Posted in: Japan air traffic controller leaks Obama flight plan on blog See in context

is it a leak if he put it on his own blog?

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Posted in: 10 happy years See in context

paulinusa: sharpie : First, full disclosure, I've never been to a Disney theme park in the US, Japan or anywhere, but your reflexive anti-American sentiment, in past comments and here in the guise of culture appreciation comes through loud and clear

first of all my posts had nothing to do with the US, although I am a stong opponent of its foreign policies. Secondly, you make no effort to give your views on what I posted nor what is included in this article.

i'll stick with my original argument, which has nothing to do with any country, except the one mentioned in this picture, Japan, in saying that disney sea, japan, whatever, has been around for ten too many years.

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Posted in: 10 happy years See in context

two hours waiting in line to ride tea cups or two hours at the national museum or art gallery? what would you rather have your kids doing?

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Posted in: 10 happy years See in context

some14some, true, very true. disney, what a racket. they have no class. as long as the money keeps rolling in

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Posted in: Uniqlo to open two mega-stores in New York See in context

elbuda, do you ever see fat people advertising anything? dont understand all the comments that have this store going bust before they even open. i dare say that uniqlos market research and strategy are much more advenced in making a forecast aboiut running a successful business overseas than any one on this board.

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Posted in: Noda to become Japan's next prime minister See in context

*be governed

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Posted in: Krispy Kreme to open 73 more stores in Kanto, Kansai and Chubu See in context

bring on obesity!

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Posted in: Belgian soccer match halted after Fukushima taunts See in context

no, this is all wrong. are americans taunted about 9/11, are jews taunted about the holocaust at sports events? no. you never ever use the death of so many victims as fodder for something as meaningless as a soccer match. anyone defending these idiotic fans' tactics are just as pathetic.

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Posted in: 30 U.S. special forces, 7 Afghans killed in copter crash See in context

Still, the blame lies with those who got us into Afghanistan in the first place. If Obama had cut and run, he would have fared no better in the court of US right-wing opinion. This is just another lousy option left to him from the previous administration.

Laguna, I would rather have dumb ass right wing opinionists on my trail than invade some country i'm not even supposed to be in and have people trying to kill me.

america caused the entire mess for her own. It was Brezenski's idea to wage a covert war against the soviet union in afghanistan 1980s that created islamic militantisms!>

just a guy, a point that so many people willingly forget.

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Posted in: De Niro hosts 9/11 film on CBS See in context

havent seen the doc, nor do i want to. hard to believe they still blame terrorists for what happened at the WTC and Pentagon.

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Posted in: Finance minister says yen is 'strongly overvalued' See in context

yes, but is the sky still blue?

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Posted in: U.S. administration starts new push on criminal cartels, including yakuza See in context

herefornow, just what exactly do you think the US is planning to do here, fly in wearing their captain american costumes and save the poor japanese? clean up this nation once and for all? its just so much worse off than the yanks are isnt it, or so you might think. and just because the yanks have taken this 'initiative', all of a sudden as you say "now the whole world know the yakuza are in the same class as the Mex cartels and the Russian mob." what exactly is your point? read the whole article, not just the title, please.

we dont need american help here. they can barely take care of themselves. besides they are only going to deal with a situation if it directly affects their own interests.

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Posted in: University student suspended following 'drunk driving' tweet See in context

so sharp moderator, thanks for pointing that out

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Posted in: Soccer star Kumagai in hot water over Twitter remarks during party See in context

realteacher, and what other developed country is your statement not true for?!? good comment, but easy on the j-bashing, will ya. what other country would this not be in the news in as quick a time as this story broke?

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Posted in: Chubu Electric to build 18-meter seawall to protect Hamaoka nuclear plant See in context

a seismically unstable area, where two continental plates meet to make it the most dangerous place to build a nuclear power plant?

was this information not availble to whatever governing body was in place at the time, prefectural, national, even international?

they're just asking for a disaster to come and hit them. close this deforming, destructive death trap now! What are you thinking?!? ARE you thinking?

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Posted in: Efforts to stabilize nuclear crisis on track, say gov't, TEPCO See in context

they ll say just about anything to get ppl off their backs

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