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Posted in: Japanese women, fans savor World Cup win See in context

if you dont like it dont tune in, dont watch, dont read and dont comment. then your world will be perfect

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Posted in: Japanese women, fans savor World Cup win See in context

mrdog, I have no problem with people getting behind teams during big events, but they way it goes on here is childish and sickening.

if you had no problem with it you wouldnt be complaining. who's to say that your american way of cheering is superior. or more right than the japanese way. can't you accept that its just not the same? maybe thats just to big a pill for you to swallow as you constantly try to nitpick on every story you see on here.

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Posted in: The big heat See in context

wonder what the concentration of pee is in that pool?!?

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Posted in: Maomi Yuuki guest of honor at Best Kisser awards See in context

j bashers like herefornow love japan today, they cant get enough of it.

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Posted in: Murdochs to be questioned in UK; FBI opens probe See in context

what the ,., does the bloody fbi have to do with this?

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Posted in: Maomi Yuuki guest of honor at Best Kisser awards See in context

herefornow, quit with your j-bashing, its just sop childish. you know what they say, if you dont like, go.

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Posted in: Second suicide in two days at Shin-Koiwa Station See in context

Only in the news because there seems to have been a drop in frequency of suicides at this one station

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Posted in: Second suicide in two days at Shin-Koiwa Station See in context

deepdrifter, there are therapists and shrinks, too. just not the ones that gives you bottles and bottles of drugs to addict you to like in the states

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Posted in: Nintendo 3DS joins Vans Warped Tour in U.S. See in context

wow, as if we didnt have enough gadgets in our lives already, they're attacking sacred venues.

Now available at this year's outdoor summer music festivals, tents where we can zone out, not communicate with others and stare aimlessly at screens.

a tragic sellout by the organizers

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Posted in: Model Shiho launches beauty book See in context

dont think its so usual that couples dont want to know the sex. some want to know so they can prepare.

there's a couple from canada or the states, whatever, that has kept the gender of their baby a secret, saying its their right and that exposing the gender would open the baby up to discrimination. the older sons are allowed to wear whatever they want, dresses included. very, very puzzling?!?

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Posted in: 78-year-old driver arrested after fatal 9-car pileup See in context

to all the oldies out there, i'm sorry, but if under 18 is too young to drive, over 70 is too old. obviously some discrepency between what this man thinks to be the rules of the road and the actual laws. due to your stupidity and inability to be patient for enough time that it takes a traffic light to change, you've ended the life of a 9 year old. RIP

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Posted in: How can workplace bullying be eradicated? See in context

eradicate the workplace

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Posted in: A sip of champagne makes Itano feel 'really hot' See in context

hot for what? pic please, these akb stories with no pix should be banned

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Posted in: Alert: Terrorists look to implant bombs in humans See in context

who else but from our world police headquartered in washington do we get this valuable information. Read: we're running out of ways to scare you.

be afraid, be very afraid. 1 kilo explosives are riding up someone's but on a flight near YOU!

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Posted in: Sparkling time See in context

for 20 million yen in jewelry you think they could've sprung for a hotter, younger woman. anna is nice but she's getting on

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Posted in: Japan's nuclear power plants to undergo stress tests See in context

very ironic that the story after this one is entitled: Fire breaks out, extinguished soon at nuclear plant in Ibaraki

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Posted in: Police, in a first, charge teen for using cell phone while cycling See in context

lesson learned, i guess. the thing i dont understand is how many times i've seen police pulling people on bikes over for no apparent reason but to ask them some questions and check the serial numbers on their bikes. how useless is this? is this even a big problem that requires police to stop otherwise law abiding, unthreatening and far from suspicious looking people?

i can understand her disregard for the cops here because they are terrible at what they do and are the most unintimidating 'police force' i have ever seen

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Posted in: Big fan See in context

if you're honouring japan, there's no need to drape that lame flag all over the japanese one. honouring yourself and your bad attempt at trying to show you care.

honour them by not charging them for the 'relief' work you did after the disaster. that would be an honour and that would be real gesture

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Posted in: McDonald's selling all carbonated drinks for Y100 See in context

thanks mcd, for once again going above and beyond trying to feed the world your nasty food and drinks, a deteriorating peoples' health. any chance to prey on the weak and they jump on it

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Posted in: Kumi Koda goes sexy for CD, DVD jackets See in context

is the CD titled 4 times cuz this is the fourth time she's released the same crap?

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Posted in: Venus Williams outlasts Date-Krumm; Doi has dream debut See in context

Date, you are my hero. You are a legend in Japanese tennis and show the spirit of a true competitor. Williams, very nice come back but lose the toga you had on, it does nothing for you except make you look like you belong on Mt Olympus. If you had a chance to catch the match, it was a spectacular display of how tennis should be played on grass. it was a treat to watch.

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Posted in: Teachers pin down knife-wielding man with two-pronged 'man catcher' See in context

"used in Europe up until the 18th century"

I dont know why but I just cant help but cracking up when i read this line

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Posted in: SMAP to release charity album See in context

TimieClic, nice one

SMAP, that is a truly lame effort at a charity album. these guys make enourmous amounts of money and 5% is all they can dish out?!? FFS, thats just a disgrace. i cant beleive it was possible but i have even less respect for you than i had before i read this article

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Posted in: Do you think the Fukushima nuclear disaster is worse than Chernobyl? See in context

what a useless question! voting yes or no means exactly what? yes--you've tuned in continuously to trash news sites, ahem, and tv to be in such a panic to believe anything, instead of concentrating your energy on how to help. no--you're trying to compare the situation to something that happened years ago, in a totally different set of circumstances, making the comparison utterly useless.

wrong time, no, just a stupid question

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Posted in: 2 workers, 2 customers shot to death at New York pharmacy See in context

tragic. RIP get those damn guns off your streets

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Posted in: Man arrested for illegal entry confesses to 2-year robbery spree See in context

wow, arrested for a string of BNEs and then confessed to over 100?!? would like to see the interrogation video records for this one.

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Posted in: Niigata police sergeant leaves handgun in toilet See in context

Obligatory J-cops bonehead story of the week

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Posted in: Honda launches long-delayed Fit Shuttle See in context

you're right, thats butt ugly.

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Posted in: Love in Action See in context

didnt ya hear? one of them sits on your lap while your giving blood.

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Posted in: Tad and Takako See in context

always thought she was one of the prettier, more natural female celebrities in Japan. i think she may have one in the oven in this picture.

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