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Posted in: Animal rescue group risks radiation to rescue stranded dogs See in context

Its people like Etsumi Ogino that make the world go round. Nice work!

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Posted in: I would encourage Japanese people to go whale watching. It's extraordinary, it crosses culture, crosses emotion. The exposure increases the passion. See in context

Well, it was a good try but never going going to happen! As for prideinJapanese's comment, show me Japans culture of whaling?

Many European countries had a "long and true culture" of whaling, but when the whales became so hard to find, and there numbers so few, the viability of the industry was no more, they gave it up. They are now honourably protectors of the species they and others, once almost destroyed, and very proud of the steps they have taken to ensure the mistakes of the past are never repeated.

japan has no culture of whaling, they are just greedy and ignorant.

In Australia, it is BIG NEWS when the whales wander down our coastlines every year, they grace the evening news. When one washes up on the beaches our environmental teams and locals are there, working together to try to save it. Last night a fisherman caught the first ever footage of a whale being born and we saw it the nightly news, and scientists from all over the world viewed the footage, hoping to learn a bit more about these amazing creatures. In Australia and most other countries in the world, whales and dolphins are held in high esteem, honoured and a treasured everyday part of our lives. The more japan continues to slaughter these most majestic of creatures in the most horrific way, the more we see Japan as the enemy to the things we see as important. japan kills whales and dolphins to protect its tuna fishing industry, 2,000 miles from home in a whale sanctuary. Why not do it own your own dirty, diseased over fished, lifeless backyard. Why do half a job you may as well destroy is completley.

In denial you can make up "culture" excuses, but it will never make it true. GREED and ignorance will distance Japan from the rest of the world, and it's people, who mostly are not even aware, will be wrongly tarred with the blood of it's government.

I think I might give the Japanese government, who understands how easy it is to rape and steal what is precious from others, an insight into how we feel. I might organize a "scientific" expedition to japan with the intention of learning more about Japans cheery trees? Will only need to cut down a thousand or 2 trees a year, I will of course need to sell the fallen wood in Australia to make garden mulch to fund the "science", but i am sure after 20 or 30 years of this 'science", we may have enough data to tell the scientific community that our research over the decades has shown that.... yep, wait for it, japan has now 20 thousand LESS TREES in Japan, and will hope that one day our research might be peer reviewed!!! Maybe then the people of japan will understand how Australians feel!!!!

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Posted in: Japan deports convicted NZ anti-whaling activist See in context

Not suprised they sent him home, would have have rather hard even for the arrogent Japanese government to put someone in prison after they had just destroyed his boat. They knew how stupid they would have looked after their usual barrage of lies and cry baby tactics only served to bring more international shame upon themselves.

Get ready for the next season Pete!

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Posted in: Japan weighs up whether to give foreign residents the vote See in context

Maybe the japanese should allow the Ainu to impliment and enforce japans "foreign policy issues. After all they are the only true natives. But wait, are the ainu allowed a vote, or for that matter do they have ANY rights at all? just wondering...

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Posted in: IWC meeting abuzz over Japan vote-buying accusations See in context

I have to laugh at many of these posts!

Aww, just because its in the pepers dosent make it true!

Your so right, but that along with the other evidence over the last 20 years, which would stack wall to ceiling...proves it is so.

Japan blatently continues to brutally slaughter thousands of whales and dolphins in the most horrific manner possible EVERY year, including the fact they go 2,000 miles into a protected area to kill whales that was set aside to assist the whale population to recover from the decimation by greed, of which japan was one of the main perpetrators, not so long ago. That is arrogence and a discusting display of total ignorance by the government of japan.

Stop skirting around the truth here... Whales and dolphins eat fish, Japan will NOT and NEVER will be prepared to compromise it's multi billion dollar fishing industy, nor it's love affair with fish for whales and dolphins.

They see whales and dolphins as stealing the fish from their plates and have set about wiping as many as they can from the oceans, and forever lobby to get more.

It is not a "scientific" program, it is an "eradication" program.

When I see the whales swim by my town on their yearly migration, i am in awe, the japanese government reminds me how low humans can actually go!

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Posted in: Right-wingers vow to block release of 'The Cove' in Japan See in context

Yep, the truth can be very trashy, and wow....the way these mammals are slaughtered could very well be described as trashy.

As someone above pointed out, it's the brutal inhumane way these acts are carried out in japan as well as many other asian nations that are the problem. I am wondering why these people are so very anti showing this doco to the japanese public. Whatever you think of the way this movie is directed or the manner in which it is presented....it is the truth, dolphins do die in an horrific and cruel way.

You can protest and scream and shout as much as you want, but the truth is the truth, and this, like many other inhumane acts against animals and wildlife around the world...is wrong!

Bring it on!

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Posted in: New film has Japan vets confessing to Nanjing rape, massacre See in context

Japan will NEVER allow this documentry to be shown inside Japan, same as they wont allow the film "the cove", to be shown exposing the dirty little secrets of japans annual slaughter of whales.

The government protects it's public from the truth by employing well paid human BS machines using tax payers money to keep them clueless.

Congratulations and respect to Tamaki Matsuoka, she is now a hero to those who never had the chance to stand up for themselves, and a heroine for doing the unspeakable, speaking out against japanese government policy.

I only hope she has a thick skin and locks her doors at night. How sad!

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Posted in: New film has Japan vets confessing to Nanjing rape, massacre See in context

Thoughout history, the Japanese governments have continually hidden truths,lied outright and rewritten text books .

They are known thoughout the world as a the leader of untruth and propaganda. They still do it today.

How sad for those victims to have never had a formal recognition, nor an apology, and have to watch the ancestors of those brutal men, paying respect every year at the gravesites of those war criminals.

How sad,

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Posted in: Japan comes out big winner at U.N. conservation meeting See in context

How very sad!!!

But certainly not a suprising outcome. Im sure the uninformed Japanese public will be very proud of their government/fisheries agencies victories here, ensuring they will continue to be able to eat tuna, use elephant ivory to decorate their business documents and ensure certain shark species will continue to be brutally killed, all whist still killing whales in a whale sanctuary and every where else, and the mass slaughter of dolphins, no one wants to eat anymore.

How proud they will be!

Enjoy it all...while it lasts, then sharpen your pens and gather your government censored media around you to announce to your voting public that the VERY BAD western nations, have taken all the tuna meant for the japaese, and have repeatedly refused to impliment quota reductions and trade bans to ensure the tunas survival...and now the tuna is commercially exctinct.

I will await that press release!

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Posted in: What do you think of the ongoing dispute between Google and China? See in context

Google bailed out of China because China was intent on controlling it's business in China.

That is not what google is about.

But China has a WHOLE lot to hide from it's people, imagine the horror if Chinese public were to become aware of the truth surrounding China's government? It would put them to shame...that is if any one of them had a conscience!

There are not many companies in the world that would choose the high moral ground above profits, and if they continue to do so, will earn my respect

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Posted in: Japan happy as export ban on Atlantic bluefin tuna rejected See in context

Instead of whinging about the Japanese all the time people need to face the reality and look at the actual source of the problem - if they are seriously hoping for solutions to be found.

Um, how can japan NOT be the main source of the problem?

They eat most of the tuna caught anywhere in the world. They send fisheries agents all over the world, contracting to buy and pay high prices for any tuna caught. They tried and succeeded to take 1,500 hundred tonne of tuna over and above their limit for "research" purposes, while the tuna numbers were spiralling, in they lost a court case, and their quota dropped as punishment.

They have resisted every attempt to implement harsher quotas, and prefer to stay with the unworkable ICCAT, who allows them the freedom to continue unopposed.

The problem with the tuna numbers today, is a direct result of japans opposition to any conservation efforts. I would be very happy for you to explain to everyone WHY YOU think Japan is not the problem???????? Will be very interested in your answer!.

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Posted in: Japan happy as export ban on Atlantic bluefin tuna rejected See in context

Japans got the right policy in the marine resources area. Sustainable use. I support it.

Along with other countries, if we have improvement in implementation, the policy could become very much a reality globally.


You are joking right?

Would you like me to spend 2-3 hours pulling Japans history of "marine management" out of my files?

While a similar vein runs through the fishing policies of other nations, including the EU, japan outranks any other for mismanagement, lies and deceptions and cover ups and most of all consumption.

The problem could be solved by japan taking the lead and doing what needs to done now, an export ban...to protect the commercial viability of tuna for the future. This decision, led by japan, will have a devastating, long term impact on not only japan but us as well.

You are japanese, i would bet my life on it.

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Posted in: Japan happy as export ban on Atlantic bluefin tuna rejected See in context


The reason I single out japan, is they consume 80% of the worlds BFT, they drive the market by paying exorbitant prices.

I might agree with your comments on America, but not sure what it has to do with Blue fin tuna.

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Posted in: Japan leading charge against bluefin ban See in context

A universal ban wouldn't work because it is not a real solution. You have to look at the whol situation, which includes people as well.

A universal export ban was the only solution.

All else has failed and will continue to do so.

The whole situation which includes people?

Ask the cod fisherman /fishing industries, and the folks that used to enjoy cod. Tuna will go the same way the cod did.

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Posted in: Japan leading charge against bluefin ban See in context

This is by no means the first time people have stood up and asked that something be done about the severe and rapid decline of the BFT.

Japan is the major consumer and drives the market worldwide, your government and fisheries agents, have also EVERY year lobbied to have there quota (the highest) raised, despite the rapid decline of the species, and have continuously rallied to quash any attempts to overhaul the joke you call ICCAT, or allow regulation by another group empowered to strictly enforce conservation.

But the decision is now in, japan has won and can, and will continue to consume the majority of BFT caught worldwide, under the never watchful eye of it's counterpart ICCAT.

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Posted in: Japan happy as export ban on Atlantic bluefin tuna rejected See in context


While i am very happy you are so nationalistic and supportive of your country, I also understand the japanese way, is to never, under any circumstances, criticize your governments decisions.

But that hardly puts you in a position to argue these subjects objectively.

An export trade ban, would have allowed BFT catches within each nations own EEZ, thus automatically implementing an enforced quota (they can only take what they can find), forcing nations to conserve BFT and give the BFT a fighting chance to recover.

But that's over now.

The japanese had better start finding recipes to make Jellyfish and road kill tasty, because when that is all that's left in the oceans, the rest of the nations are going to be ANGRY.

And for a tiny Island nation, with a massive population of 125 million, and almost NO natural resources, who needs the rest of the world for its very survival.....they are playing a VERY dangerous game.

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Posted in: Japan happy as export ban on Atlantic bluefin tuna rejected See in context

Well there is the decision!

Japan and other fishing iduustries have won the vote to have the Tuna kept under the protection of Iccat.

Japan has won the right to continue to buy up 80% of the worlds tuna, and fisherman all over the world have retained their right to continue to sweep the oceans clean of BFT to pocket Japans massively high prices paid. Those that think ICCAt can, and will be overhauled to ensure the commmercial viability of tuna in the future are just kidding themselves, they have NEVER enforced quotas, have NEVER listened to their own scientists in lowering quotas, and take direction on quotas from the major BFT fishing nations.

This is a perfect example of sacrificing long term sustainability for short term profit. In the long run, this is going to cause more problems economically and environmentally than doing what needs to be done now.

Well I congratulate them on their win, and while i have not eaten BFT for many years as I didnt want to be a part of the problem, im off the buy some and will from now on enjoy it while I can.

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Posted in: Japan leading charge against bluefin ban See in context

The interested parties included not only Japan, China and many African nations, but also a whole heap of white folks, including Canada, Australia, France, Spain and Italy. Do you really think that Japan bribed, bullied and coerced the rest of the world against this vote?


Japan pays enormous prices to purchase any BFT, anywhere in the world.

Japan persistantly and forcefully drives the BFT market worldwide by offering exorbitant amount of money for BFT. They have their own quota, and want everyone elses to, the other nations are course very happy to recieve the big bucks.

Sadly, the pursue of profits today for a short time, is much more desireable than a smaller gain over the next 50 years.

The only to save the BFT and the sensitive marine balance and our not quite so healthy ecosytem is to kill the market, which is japan.

Japan will then have to make do with whaever BFT they can catch in their own waters, and the rest of the nations will do the same, without the major high prices from japan.

But thats not gunna happen!

This is a perfect example of sacrificing long term sustainability for short term profit. In the long run, this is going to cause more problems economically and environmentally than doing what needs to be done now.

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Posted in: Japan leading charge against bluefin ban See in context

David tokoyo,

Now, for the fishing industries in those other places, of course they are happy to take good Japanese prices versus lower prices from elsewhere. It works very well for them that Japanese people are willing to pay good prices. Japanese people are doing them a favour.

What is important though, is for the governments of those fishing industries to ensure that they don't go exceeding their quotas in pursuit of illicit profits (greed).

While you are apparantly happy to shift the blame for the BFT crisis onto other nations for supplying japan as shown in your statements here, you can not seriously believe that the fisherman willing to sell there tuna to japan for the big bucks, are the cause.

It's akin to drug dealing.

An addict will pay any price to get a fix, thus creating and forcefully driving the market for drugs,creating a supplier frenzy to find and supply the addicts.

Take out the addicts, and the demand for the drug instantly dissappears.

In 1999 japan, under a tuna quota system, Japan granted itself an "EXTRA" over and above catch of nearly 1,500 tons for "experimental purposes". This was despite the fact japan already was awarded the highest tuna quota, and chose to reap these extra rewards in Australian waters for which they had an agreement to do so...but only for there legal quota. Aus and NZ, took the case to the The United Nations International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea which resulted in an injunction against Japan barring japan from raising its legal 6,000 tonne quota by using the ole "scientific research" line, which has worked successfully for japan with the whaling issues.

Japan was also barred from fishing for tuna in australian waters under the judgement. Japan has continuously lobbied for a higher quota every year, despite the falling numbers of tuna.

Except for the damage caused to the marine environment by the loss of the tuna population, I would be happy to let japan have its way with the tuna....see the total commercial extinction in a few years, and have japan totally without their favorite fish.

But i would love to be present, when Tuna starts becoming unavailable, and the Japanese governemt/fisheries agents, through the media explain the loss to the japanese people.

It will begin...like ALL the whaling, fishing, and conservation media broadcasts in japan.

Those bad western nations, have consistantly overfished the tuna in the ocean and now, despite our repeated pleas to conserve and lower quotas and impliment export bans, the tuna has become extinct.

The west have no respect for our culture, western people are racist! Oh , i can hear it now...we hear there bleating, victim mentality enough now.

To solve the problem of over fishing EVERYWHERE to sell to Japan, we need to stall the demand. It's that simple, and needs to start with japan,NOW, and have the support of every other nation on the planet to succeed.

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Posted in: 'The Cove' puts Japanese fishermen everywhere on the defense See in context

One of the big issues here is the heavily controlled media in japan, the majority of the public are not aware their tax paying dollars are being used to subsidize whaling and the slaughter of dolphins.

But to uncover the veil of secrecy, brings the danger of being arrested.

Recently a high school teacher obtained one of the few copies of the movie in japanese and gained permission to show the film to students. Before the showing, he recieved threats by phone, but screened the movie anyway.

His students were horrified, mainly unaware of the situation and it certainly incited some lively debate. The very next day, he was required to answer calls for his job termination by an official coming from Taiji...a Mr. Maeda.

He luckily kept his job, but the incident shows the lenghts the government and fisheries agencies will go to to keep the slaughter a secret.

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Posted in: Shark conservation proposal defeated at U.N. meeting See in context

taj tokoyo,

Using "OUR" and "THEY" is generally a sign of an emotional reaction, rather than a logical or academic response. Emotional reactions do little to forward true exchange of ideas and information.

That is exactly what I am talking about, petty little nit picking. But nice to see you ramain true to form.

No "academic" response to Japans response to the ban on importing BFT?

And i'm guessing you are both ok with shark finning, whale and dolphin slaughters and the wildlife used in chinese medices?

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Posted in: Researchers back from Antarctic no-kill whale trip See in context

David tokoyo, you are a tool.

Your answers are straight off the bogus ICR website which is not even administrated by scientists nor experts, but uses taxpayer paid no bodies to spread the government propaganda.

Icr is a non scientific smokescreen for japans supermarket science.

Whether or not you agree with the tactics of anti-whalers, you have to agree japans outrageous arrogence towards the rest of the worlds consevation efforts is appalling.

Blue fin tuna will become commercially extinct with-in the next 5 years?

There is a call to stop the importation of BFT for a few years to enable them to be successfully commercially viable one day.

japan whom consumes 80% of the worlds tuna consumption, has launched an forceful attack against those who are trying to conseve tuna for EVERYONE.

They forcefully say they will never agree to an importation ban.

The idea is to allow countries to catch BFT under a quota system, only within there own eez.

Why should japan have a problem with that?

Others nations agree, only russia and china and a few small impoverished nations are following japans stance.

Japan claims to love Tuna, yet will not join efforts to allow its numbers become economically viable again in the future.

Is this japans way punishing other nations for halting there take over the world during the war, by destroying it for everyone?

less than 1% eat whale anymore...so there is much more to the taxpayer funded 2,000 mile ride to whale sanctuary to kill whales that no one even wants...or for that matter not many even know about.

Japan's media never tells the truth, or the other side of the story.

!0,000 whales and not one peer reviewed

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Posted in: Shark conservation proposal defeated at U.N. meeting See in context

Argue the intricate points of the article all you like.

But before you put your points forward, you might like to google the history of nations like japan,russia and particulary china, with regards to any kind of marine management or land management for that matter.

Historically, they have opposed any international moves to protect OUR marine heritage, and have gone to great lenghts to encourage illegal catches,and thwart sustainable fishing regulations. The bodies they seek to "regulate" their fishing, instead of harsh bans, have a LONG history of being unable to properly regulate and wide open to manipulaion by these nations, so of course it is in their best interests to continue this allegance.

They firmly believe their "culture" should enable them to continue this cruel and unsustainable fishing practice, and others like it in regards to wildlife.

Headhunting was also a cherished "culture", does that make it right for this to continue today?

We need ONE incorruptable governing body to stand up, impose working import bans without loopholes and severly ENFORCE those regulations for non compliance, now .

And those nations as well as our grandchildren will be able to enjoy the presence of these species in the future, and fishermen will also be able to fish once again.

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Posted in: Bluefin tuna tops CITES conference agenda in Doha See in context

Again japan defies International conservation and sustainable management proposals. Japan wants it's cake...and want to eat it NOW, and dosent like sharing!

The majority of the nations will abide by the proposals at a considerable financial loss , in the hope of allowing the tuna time to reach commercially sustainable levels once again and ensuring their fishing industries will be viable into the future.

Japan will do as it did with the moritorium on whaling, use a loophole to not only keep fishing for tuna, but will indeed increase it's fleet to make up for the looss of international trade...and catch the entire 80% themselves thus escalating the commercial extinction of bft for EVERYONE!

not a smart move for a country that has almost No natural resources and relies heavily on those OTHER abiding nations for their very survival.

Bring on the sanctions!

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