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Posted in: Manga helping rejuvenate rice sales in Japan See in context

Great, I can see otaku stocking a collection on unused rice bags full of K-On! girls now as not to reduce the value of an unopened bag. Replace CCGs with bags of rice.

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Posted in: McDonald's staff trained to throw tracking balls at armed robbers See in context

Wonder how long it would be until bored McDonald's workers themselves get before getting bored and just start throwing the paint balls at each other, or an annoying customer. I see that as a far more likely scenario.

Frankly, a trap door that drops a would be robber in to tank full of sharks with fricken laser beams on their heads would be far more effective.

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Posted in: 26 amazing things about Japanese budget hotels See in context

I've stayed at a lot of budget hotels in the ¥3000-¥7500 a night "budget hotels" over the past five that did not offer half of that. Putting that aside, I do like the business hotels simply for the fact that they are seldom more than a block from the train station and as a train buff, it's usually the first place I hit in the morning.

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Posted in: Cassette to iPod converter See in context

I like this idea. I wonder if you can use it in reverse as well, in case one wants to go retro...I seem to have my share of cassette players that feel unwanted.

What? You mean like, connecting a headphone to RCA cable, from the headphone out to line-in port from an ipod to a cassette deck, and simply hitting record on the tape deck once the iPod starts to play the music?

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Posted in: Brazilian student auctions virginity online to Japanese man for $780,000 See in context

She is not doing this for poor people as she claims. Sisely had a serious argument with her after she said more recently that she wants the money to travel. Here in Brazil she is seen as a tacky prostitute.

She had been on an interview on a local radio station, stating only 10% of it was going to be donating while the rest will pay for her education and "other" things.

Of course the Huffington Post reports:

Although Migliorini, a physical education student, has claimed to media that she planned to donate as much as 90 percent of the auction price to charities that will build homes in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, even auction organizer Justin Sisely, who devised the plan for a proposed documentary, was skeptical.

"I was surprised she said that because in all my dealings with her, she made it clear that it was a business decision for her," Australian filmmaker Justin Sisely told The Huffington Post recently. "Now, given how big this story is in Brazil, she's trapped. If she doesn't give any money to charity, she's going to look bad."

So you decide. AFAIAC, she's a prostitute regardless. Sell your body for sex, it's irrelevant where the proceeds go. Doesn't matter if it is to pay for school ,donate to charity, feed-clothe your kids, or so you can sit back and drink mai-thais on the beach; you get paid for boarding a snake, you're a prostitute

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Posted in: Japan's indifference to 'Gangnam Style' riles S Korea See in context

Denouncing the “conspiracy theories” of YouTube chart manipulation, KWRI president Han Koo-Hyun said the “outrageous” Japanese argument was “tantamount to doubting a world record in an Olympics marathon.”

You mean like Lance Armstrong? I'm just saying...

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Posted in: Chinese mob ravages Japanese restaurant during protest; later finds out it is Chinese-owned See in context

Reminds me of the riots in S.Central LA a few years back with the black community trying to "Stick it to the man" by burning down and rioting their own communities.

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Posted in: Foreign visitors to Comiket 82: What they like and don't like about Japan See in context

I suppose because this was conducted at Comikon that those all interviewed would be of the "Pokeman" generation. Also of interest to note that most everyone seems to be fascinated with Japan simply for anime, or the food.

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Posted in: JAL to install brand new seats on its international 777-300ER fleet See in context

To above posters: Lord forbid, JAL would dare upgrade their amenities to be more competitive and attract new customers while ensuring the retain existing customers who would otherwise jump ship to United, ANA or any other carrier flying trans-pacific routes. For shame. Trying to stay competitive and keep sliding further in to oblivion.

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Posted in: Kyoto police deny witnessing death of high school girl in traffic accident See in context

PS, sorry if my English is not so good. It's not my native language.

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Posted in: Kyoto police deny witnessing death of high school girl in traffic accident See in context

Lot of speculation and conjecture on the forum from three paragraphs. Reading the article, I can't say one way or another what was going on other than police were monitoring a traffic violation, those police lost sight o the vehicle in question for an unspecified period of time. Said vehicle was in an accident. I see nothing to indicate anyone lying, or that the scooter was attempting to elude the police. Hell, the lead in this story contradicts itself. Give me some quotes, facts, and some attributions. Just because TBS is said to have reported means nothing without some form of accountability.

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Posted in: Porn star Sora Aoi draws crowds of crazed Chinese men like few others can See in context

Chinese government won't let them free their mind, so instead they can free their pants.

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Posted in: SDF deploys units to Okinawa to prepare for N Korean rocket launch See in context

I think it was 30km on the LSL and 150 on the USP.

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Posted in: Uniqlo opens mega-store in Ginza, with 100 foreign staff See in context

I love UNIQLO, sadly, I don't get to go out there all too often, but one thing I have noticed that anyone applying for management position have to speak with senior leadership in Japan, so I expect that many of the foreigners working in Japan are working there as part of management training before returning to home countries to take up management rolls.

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Posted in: Bullet train service disrupted by train enthusiast taking photos See in context

@ tmarie:

I use to like your comments most of time, and would like to hope you are just having a bad day, or you were on delayed train, but your comments toward Wilki is baffling and very condescending.Yes, people are judgmental, it is one of humanity's worse traits, and good politeness and decorum dictate we do not do that.

Maybe internet has taken good sense of courtesy out of people's minds and put bad things in people's mouths. But to dismiss one person's hobby like that is just ignorant. and I agree with Wilki the same can be said for any sports fan, car enthusiast or TV show fan. Wilki's comments do not seemed to be aimed at the delay but in response to an attack you made on persecution of someone else's hobby.

Then you close you attack his career field. Without train drivers you would spend much time walking. Good ot see Japanese politeness is not lost on you.

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Posted in: 35-year-old man arrested for paying 15-year-old girl for sex See in context

Man, good thing the girl wasn't ten and the perp 30. Though we wouldn't be having this discussion if the girl was 20 and the perp 40.

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Posted in: Man attacks emergency rescue team workers, steals ambulance See in context

This article sure seems incomplete.

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Posted in: Kodak edges toward bankruptcy See in context

FujiFilm is doing quiet well. While a lot of their digicams had been less than top end cameras, the recent release of the X-generation camera starting with the X100 has proven to be just the kick start they needed. The X10 has sold just as well as the X100. The new X-S1 looks to be a possible hit, and the expected X Pro-1 and upcoming X-series dSLR are expected to do as well. I think Fuji was watching Kodak die, and realized that they did not want to follow suit. there has been even talk of them buying Olympus.

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