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Posted in: Mixed fortunes of celebrities who leapt on NFT craze See in context

Marketing is almost always more important than how good a product actually is. Like Apple. They do make good devices, but are they really worth the premium price tag compared to their competitors?

Politicians are another great example. They are almost never as good as they claim to be during their campaigns.

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Posted in: World swimming bans transgender athletes from women's events See in context

It will be interesting when we have this same debate come up in the future, after genetic modifications for physical traits start to happen... I wonder if there is already a similar issue occurring with Paralympics and prosthetics....?

Division by gender has generally worked, because there was a fairly clear performance differentiation in most cases. Competitive sports are by their nature fairly unfair though... Height, limb length, age, muscle types, propensity for body fat, intelligence, and many other factors make some people more suited to certain sports than others.

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Posted in: Number of babies born in Japan falls to record low 811,604 in 2021 See in context

If the government was serious about reducing population decline they would create more national holidays and work hour limits. People aren't going to date as much when they are working all the time.

I personally see natural population decline as a good thing, but I like Japan and wouldn't want to see the youth population shrink too much.

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Posted in: Sunken Hokkaido tourist boat salvaged, arrives at port See in context

It seems like it would be much more difficult to use straps to raise a sunken boat. Why not inflatable air bladders? I've seen them used for other salvage operation.

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Posted in: Man who mistakenly received entire town’s COVID-19 relief money vanishes See in context

Looks like he owes the government quite a tax bill. ~16 million yen

National income tax on more than 40 million yen is 45% of taxable income minus 4,796,000 yen.

Plus more local taxes...

I'm guessing he's not planning to pay those taxes, so he's likely to be listed as a criminal for tax evasion. Considering the 99% conviction rate I always hear about there, he is probably going to have a difficult future...

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Posted in: 4-year-old girl dies after being hit by car driven by father See in context

This kind of thing is why I considered safety sensors, like automatic braking as high priority features when I bought my last car. Having your car be able to automatically stop before it hits someone is far more important than how fast it can go or how much storage space it has.

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Posted in: Coca-Cola Japan to release anniversary Super Nintendo World bottle design featuring Mario See in context

It's amazing how old the Nintendo company is. Started in 1889. Seems like a good partner for Coca Cola that started in 1882...

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Posted in: 4-year-old boy hit and killed by car driven by 80-year-old woman See in context

Maybe she was texting when it happened?

I'm glad my grandmother stopped driving when she did. Her attention drifted as much as her car, which was all over the road....

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Posted in: China Eastern plane with 132 aboard crashes in southern province See in context

It is good that it was transmitting information up until the end. I hope they had active black boxes that were able to capture enough clues to explain the cause. Those planes are designed not to nose dive like that one did.

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Posted in: Man arrested after attacking 2 men with knife on Osaka street See in context

I've got to agree on it being good he only had a knife. The user has to get close to use it and you can defend yourself with just an umbrella. Bullet can hit you from a fair distance with pretty much no easy way to shield yourself. Glad Japan isn't as twisted as the US....

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Posted in: Black hair, white shoelaces: Japan's school rules under fire See in context

I wonder if it's the rules for students that helped produce the culture that exists there for most adults now. It's not without flaws, but it is admired by many other cultures around the world.

I hope that crime doesn't go up as rules for teens decrease...

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Posted in: Japanese Youth Conference petitions government to end compulsory after-school club activities See in context

I would not be surprised to see teen drug use, pregnancy, and crime go up if most kids stop going to the afterschool activities. Keeping teens busy, is a good way to keep them out of trouble.

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Posted in: Japan may allow 10,000 people per day to enter country from April See in context

Most people in the US have pretty much forgotten about COVID. It's still around, but no one is worrying anymore. It's like how cold and flu viruses are out there, but most people know they won't have a significant reaction. At least the vaccinated ones.

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Posted in: 22-year-old woman arrested after leaving newborn baby in toilet bowl for 9 hours See in context

Considering the timing and the baby being in the toilet, I wonder if she decided to get drunk or take some sort of drug while she was in labor and then basically passed out after....

It is good the infant wasn't face down in the water....

I have to guess she didn't have anyone she felt she could trust or she was too ashamed to involve anyone else....

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Posted in: Man arrested over alleged sexual assault of woman at hotel in Mie See in context

Considering the pressure to keep the 99% conviction rate, it seems likely he's going to be in jail for a while, regardless of whether they had voluntary sex or not.

Either person should definitely be able to refuse at any point, but when two people of the opposite sexual orientation agree to drinking and spending the night together in a hotel room, most people would agree that pre-emptive consent was being given, due to sex generally being expected under those conditions.

Affirmative consent laws are ideally great, but it isn't very realistic to expect intoxicated people to remember to ask, if they actually did ask, or what they answered.

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Posted in: Japanese publishers to sue U.S. firm over manga piracy See in context

I personally favor creators using sites like Patreon to publish their work. Fans subscribe and support their favorite creators with whatever amount they feel the work is worth to them. I've seen some authors make a pretty decent income, with no publishing company in the middle. Some game developers that use it, actually have whole teams working on their project. It's normally a subscription model, so their fans pay month after month while waiting for updates, etc. It can actually cost significantly more to get your content that way, but it feels good to know you're directly supporting the creation of something you like. Plus donors often get to make suggestions that affect the outcome of the product. You might even end up included in their product as a character. There is no way to get that kind of interaction with an artist that is working through a publishing company.

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Posted in: Japan distance race relays peace message to world See in context

Cool to hear some news about the real event. I only know a bit about it from watching an anime based on a group of guys training for it.

"Run with the Wind" (風が強く吹いている)

Apparently, it started as a book and also had a manga and live film version.

(The anime is still on Crunchyroll if anyone wants to see it. )

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Posted in: CES gadget show shortened to 3 days; some big tech stay away See in context

It would be pretty awesome to see an event like CES in a VR setting.

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Posted in: Tokyo police admit to losing 38 citizens’ personal data…that was stored on floppy disks See in context

I haven't even had an optical drive in my computer or laptop in years. I took the CD player out of my car, as it was just wasting space I could use for other things.

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Posted in: Junior high school boy dies after being stabbed by another student See in context

It's funny to see people mentioning a modern TV show for adults as relating to this issue....

There are decades worth of anime and live action video that have junior high students trying to kill each other. In a way, it has always impressed me that Japan is so opposite to the popular media that originates from there.

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Posted in: Anime tie-up with Japanese onsen town causes public outcry See in context

I was really surprised to see someone calling out anime for it's depictions of young women. I felt like that kind of thinking must be rare in Japan. It will be interesting to see how Japanese culture changes in the coming decades.

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Posted in: Suspect in Tokyo train attack says he adores Batman villain Joker See in context

I often hear stories about how mental illness is neglected in Japan... Sadly, this guy is a real life example of the Joker movie and a guy who wasn't able to get the treatment he needed...

Good thing he only had access to knives.... Even a backpack or a sturdy shoe can put up a pretty good defense against that.

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Posted in: Farmer referred to prosecutors for killing protected crane See in context

We've had similar occurrences in the US. Bald Eagles are protected, but considered a nuisance by some people these days.

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Posted in: Mural of murdered Japanese doctor in Afghan capital erased See in context

It's good that the help he provided will be remembered by many people who live in Afghanistan. The Taliban is too unstable to stay in power forever. Eventually, some other group or leader will rise to power. Hopefully the country won't be totally devastated by then and is able to move forward on a more peaceful path. It is going to be memories of interactions with people like Dr. Nakamura that help bring about peace and respect for outsiders.

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Posted in: OnlyFans reverses sexually explicit content ban See in context

It's weird that people knowing you posted erotic material can "ruin" your reputation. I don't see anything harmful with displays of nudity or sexuality. It would be nice if our culture would modernize a bit. With this deep fake stuff coming out now, anyone could have pornographic material with "their face" show up on the internet.

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Posted in: Europe to boost battery production as electric shift accelerates See in context

People often talk about the pollution created while extracting materials needed for batteries as being worse than oil extraction. That is correct in the short term in some instances, but not necessarily the long term. Most mining vehicles are still going to require diesel, but that is changing. They already have electric haulers in use. It will take a while, but that transition will happen eventually. The second factor, is that batteries are totally recyclable. No lithium is lost over the lifetime of a battery. It's internal structure just changes if it forms dendrites or has corrosion, etc... The lithium can be extracted and used over and over again effectively forever. Oil products are one time use. You have to keep going back for more and the output of burning fuel becomes a part of our environment.

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Posted in: Officials in Tokyo alarmed at lack of sense of crisis as virus cases hit record highs See in context

It is important to remember that delta variant of Covid-19 is much more infectious than the prior strains. Even without the Olympic event visitors, the infection rate should be expected to have had a significant increase.

I'm surprised that Japan didn't push for vaccinations.

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Posted in: Hong Kong police arrest 5 trade union members for sedition See in context

The hood seems like a good option for anyone who is arrested. Publicizing the names and faces of people before they are convicted sometimes results in additional victims of that person coming out, but it's much more common that someone is arrested and later cleared or judged innocent in court, but punished by everyone who thinks they are now a criminal.

Of course, it should only be an option as I suspect that most who are arrested for political reasons won't want to be anonymous.....

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Posted in: Olympic opening ceremony director fired for Holocaust joke in 1998 See in context

How nice that they chose to publicize a 23 year old joke that the world would be best forgetting. Lot of people say stupid things when they are young. Holding them responsible for it when they are older and wiser is foolish.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 727 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 2,329 See in context

It is disappointing how slow Japan has been with the vaccination rollout. Vaccination is the key to herd immunity and opening up travel again. I don't think anyone should be allowed to travel anywhere in the world without proof of vaccination against common known illnesses like COVID, measles, etc.... Yes, vaccinated people can still catch the COVID-19, but the odds are low enough that it would be a major damper on the spread.

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