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@wasabizuki You have a point but it is seriously flawed and misleading. Not teaching children of the disasters and consequences of WWII but downplaying such an event of war crimes and emphasizing the glories of Japanese imperial era don't teach "adolescent's mind-frame" of peace but promotes completely the opposite. Children might misinterpret the whole aspect of relationship between Imperial Japan and WWII as they can be misled to believe they are treated unjustly as a consequence of war, such war crimes and aggression are common in wars, and are in need to restore its allegedly glorious Imperial Japan.

Since the 19th century, as Japan modernizes itself through the influences of the western civilization, Japanese government put a vast effort in fabricating its cultural history to be the most advanced and sophisticated civilization of Asia in an effort to establish themselves as the elite nation of the world along with other western nations. They vastly forged fake ancient artifacts and historical writings, destroyed and modified treasures and documents of past history, and presented them to the world to see. These had been carried out by professionals so precisely and systematically as well as expertise that it became impossible to determine many aspects about the origins of Japanese culture. Although number of evidences suggest that Japan was never sophisticated or advanced enough to try and invade Asian mainlands through Korea and China but, in fact, was largely influence by both cultures, Japanese historians insist otherwise and erroneous textbooks are published for schools to adopt.

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