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shayouzoku comments

Posted in: Elevator to the Gallows See in context

wow she's gorgeous... a quick google reveals she's 35

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Posted in: Who do you think was behind the sinking of a South Korean warship on March 26? See in context

I also voted for America as a joke, because it's outrageously ridiculous that they were included in the poll as a choice. It seems that a secondary benefit of this joke are the JT commenters who are foaming at the mouth that "so many people could be so stupid to think that the US would be behind such a crime". Really? It didn't occur to you that the vast majority of voters are joking?

I do agree that China and Japan would be great additions to the poll choices and would enhance the entertaining conspiracy theories immensely.

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Posted in: Now hear this See in context

I live near the Korean embassy so it's a weekly occurrence for me. I don't care if they do it during the day but they wake me up on Sundays with their incomprehensible blaring. And I live on the 16th floor! Nothing is worse than waking me up early on weekends...

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Posted in: Q-chan meets Godzilla See in context

Matsui was traded to the Angels? I've been gone a while...

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Posted in: Law student Nana Tanimura decides music is a better career See in context

I wonder if her parents paid for both her education and her... enhancements? If she doesn't make it in music, she can always woo judges over to her side with the right outfit!

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Posted in: Windows Whopper See in context

I was in the Akihabara BK on Sunday at 3pm and well after they had sold out the first 30, about half the people in the store were trying their hands at it. Saw more than a few finish it completely. Of course because of the demand, they told us the wait on regular burgers was 40 minutes! (Whopper JRs were available right away.) So much for fast food...

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Posted in: Virtual idols blur line between real and imaginary See in context

Would it be any different if a girl created it? I think it would be male in that case.

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Posted in: Knife-wielding man robs Tokyo sushi restaurant of Y720,000 See in context

If only someone in the restaurant had a knife to defend against the attack...

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Posted in: Mao Inoue and Jonathan Sherr to star in 'My Darling is a Foreigner' See in context

By the way, there are more Japanese men who are married to foreign women than Japanese women married to foreign men, these are true statistics.

Yes, but they are Japanese guys married to wives from other Asian countries. That's hardly as interesting to the Japanese public as an interracial couple.

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Posted in: Britney Hamada breaks into modeling world with double page spread for Flash See in context

I predict she'll sign a contract with Soft on Demand within a year.

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Posted in: Marathon man See in context

Can't imagine that there are too many pictures in U.S. papers, or UK ones for that matter, of folks who finished sixth in an event.

Not true at all, they always mention where the people from that country finished. I think people care less about who finished first, since they know he/she will be from Kenya.

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Posted in: The state of Washington See in context

I think サブウェー123 is a lot catchier and easier for Japanese people to remember. I see it a lot in marketing - Japanese people really hate long katakana product names.

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Posted in: 19-year-old man arrested for making false 119 call in Gunma See in context

I think the real question is, why do you need to send 40 officers to take down one guy with a knife? One or two patrol cars would have been fine!

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Posted in: Leading performers celebrate “anisongs” in Saitama See in context

on the other hand, animes that don't use original music (Bleach, Naruto, etc) have introduced me to a lot of groups I probably wouldn't have discovered before.

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Posted in: Homeless See in context

Longcat is long.

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Posted in: Japanese astronaut tests endurance - of his undies See in context

Those undies will be perfect for the otaku/hikkikomori sub-culture. "When you just can't bother to bathe..."

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Posted in: 'West Side Story' rolls into Tokyo See in context

there's almost no tickets left already for the last weekend :(

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Posted in: Muscle Musical See in context

Anything to make [i]kabuki[/i] more interesting

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Posted in: Most expensive, most livable … with Tokyo, it’s all about who you ask See in context

National Azabu is the only place you can get matzo ball mix. For 700 yen a box.

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Posted in: Penguin See in context

I didn't know capris with black socks were in style this season!

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Posted in: Speeding bullet See in context

trains in india? http://plsvk.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/india-train.jpg

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Posted in: Gackt becomes GACKT to celebrate 10th anniversary See in context


MEGUMI begs to differ

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Posted in: Uniqlo See in context

she's not wearing a t-shirt

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Posted in: Suicide of prominent Ginza club hostess reflects economic downturn See in context

did someone really ask where the facts are for a shunkan post article? you must be new here...

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Posted in: TV dramas for autumn compete for women viewers See in context

To attract their main female audiences, producers are making efforts to feature attractive stars to drive up ratings.

Yeah I'm tired of watching all those dramas with unattractive tarentos!

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Posted in: Dress Camp See in context

I can't decide if those shoes or crocs are uglier... maybe crocs

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Posted in: Glamour girl Jessica Michibata makes the right moves See in context

She looks like a man? If that's the case I can't even imagine what you consider to be feminine.

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Posted in: Leah Dizon and Bun take showbiz insiders by surprise See in context

How did a guy like that get a stunner like BoA? Man, I'll have to start looking greasier.

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Posted in: Net cafes becoming delivery rooms for poor pregnant girls See in context

All the anti-Japan people who like to comment that this article is exposing the downfall of Japan obviously don't watch the news in their own country. And the Shunkan Shincho gives us two examples? And they blame Japan's system, not the girls? Oh, the innocence of these poor girls, stolen from a country that hates them and doesn't care about their babies!

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Posted in: Pachinko academy draws in students See in context

"plus when you think of Pachinko you can't really see somebody ruining their life on it"

I dunno, the people who line up at 10am on a weekday to get in really make me think they're not exactly on the road to happiness

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