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Can we have the same picture, but with Ebi-chan please? my vote goes for kelly chen, she doesn't even need to change from her previous picture!

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where do i sign up to be honey-trapped?

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“Seeing women nonchalantly wearing something that looks like underwear is really unpleasant,” a 67-year-old Tokyoite tells Asahi.

i think he/she means "makes me jealous"

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Police said it was the biggest ever such seizure of pornographic materials in Japan

i guess they haven't been to akiba lately

i'm guessing they were arrested primarily for the copying, not the actual possession. but man, 1.5 billion yen divided by 11 over 5 years... where do i sign up?

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nice positioning of the batman logo behind bale's head like that!

i'm glad this film will be opening soon and won't have a 3-4 month delay like iron man... what is with that?

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H.I.S Experience Japans tour sounds so good. It is a bit pricy but it seems worth it, and without hotels in Tokyo the price drops to 78,000yen. anyone intending to attend the tour? seems like a chance for seasoned cosplayers and closet cosplayers

he's a shill!

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Cool! Its free. Now i wonder if anything ever happens in Japan worthy of a picture, that ISNT taking place in Tokyo?

wait... there's a japan outside tokyo?

j/k. you missed the hokkaido lavender picture earlier today.

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admission is free... it's outside on the street. wonder how hot the water gets being outside in a glass tank all day... nabe anyone?

wish the lavender picture was a little bit higher-res like this one

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not a newsworthy story. does this mean fares will drop? they dont mention any impact on fares.

do you think any company these days passes savings on to the consumer? they'd rather give you less for the same price (or the same for a higher price) so they keep their profit margin the same.

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Posted in: 12-year-old girl fights off bear in Hokkaido See in context

the family reported a stolen pic-a-nic basket a few hours later

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He can share her with the public as well. I'll go first.

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with only half the fat of a Big Mac!

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who'd have thought that launching 2 new systems would sharply increase console sales?

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becky is respectable eye candy when she doesn't talk. i usually keep her on mute on her shows where she's eating her way through yet another 3rd world asian country

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Japan does produce a large amount of its electricity from nuclear power, which is very CO2-friendly. Even natural gas is more efficient on a CO2-emission basis than coal or petroleum. Unfortunately Japan still produces a lot of energy from petroleum, but hopefully the high prices will help move more towards nuclear or renewable resources.

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so cute.

it could be worse, like uno kanda promoting everything

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If this happened in America the geezer would say "i kept hitting the brake but the car went faster and faster!" At least he took responsibility.

And he's in the perfect position to take out a loan for the damages!

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who moves from LA to tokyo to become an actor?

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right, because it's clear that their only intent to master nuclear technology is for entirely peaceful purposes. there's no way it could be to even out the power balance with israel, which does have nuclear weapons.

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I'm kind of disappointed, I don't really find her that attractive. She looks good in the JT picture but the shots that tokyoton posted look terrible.

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i think that is the "baggy" style all those darn kids are wearing these days. HEY GET OFF MY LAWN!

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my melonpan nooooooooooooooooo

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