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sheik_yerbouti comments

Posted in: Japanese actor Kenichi Hagiwara dies at 68 See in context

The article says he was arrested on suspicion of cannabis possession.So did he or didn't he possess cannabis?If he did possess it what punishment did he receive?Also,the article says attempted blackmail over performance fees.I think that the writer probably means extortion.Has anyone got any details about this?

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Posted in: Racist history of blackface began in the 1830s See in context

There have been a couple of comments about The Black and White Minstrel Show which was aired in Britain in the 60s :a show beloved by the mums and dads and hated by their children.I loathed the show but I CAN declare with total honesty that not only did I not realise that the performers were depicting black people but also that I had never heard of minstrel shows.I just thought that the cast were wearing some strange kind of clown costumes.I was totally aghast when,at the age of 21, I found out the truth.

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Posted in: Sydney puts on dazzling 2019 fireworks, but gets the year wrong See in context

I love that they just laughed about it.In Japan,there would have been demotions,firings,pay reductions,blanket apologies and maybe even a suicide or two but the Aussies just laughed it off.Good on yer mates.

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Posted in: Plane passenger almost gets busted for unusually-shaped chocolate in carry-on luggage See in context

I met a music student whose violin bow case attracted the airport security officer's attention.When asked about the contents he said it contained a bow and the airport guy started screaming,"Where are the arrows?"

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Posted in: Japan deports stranded North Korean boat crew See in context

I don't think "deport" is a good word choice here.The eight men who have gone back to NK weren't convicted of a crime and had requested to be sent back."Repatriate"is much more appropriate.The captain,if and when he is found guilty,will be deported.

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Posted in: Over 110,000 volunteers needed for Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Paralympics See in context

I really have thought about volunteering but,having spent over half my life here and know how things work,I'm almost certain I would be asked to volunteer as an English teacher to the Japanese volunteers.No thanks!

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Posted in: Along with the effort to increase the number of public toilets, to raise people's awareness that those who do not look like a typical man or woman can use a toilet as a matter of course is also import See in context

I've never had a problem with cleaning ladies doing their job while I'm in the place but I'm not happy when women come into a men only toilet to use the cubicles because they can't be bothered to stand in line at a women's toilet.This does happen at places that are crowded at busy times.Golden week,New year etc.If a man did the same he'd be arrested immediately.

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Posted in: Man attacks woman, steals her underwear as she walks home See in context

Any ladies reading this would be well advised to do what my daughter did when some pervert creep molested her.Scream your head off and the bastard will run away.

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Posted in: Japanese woman testifies man attacked her at Niagara Falls See in context

Well done Miss Nakahara.You are an inspiration to sexual assault victims everywhere.

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Posted in: What are some of the weirdest sandwich or pastry items you have seen in convenience stores and bakeries in Japan? See in context

John Montgomery,I'm with you all the way.Those doughnuts filled with cold curry paste are disgusting.

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Posted in: What do you think of the various foreigners who appear on Japanese TV? Do any of them make you cringe? Are there any whom you think do a good job? See in context

Peter Barakan is by far the best of the non Japanese broadcasters.He is both eloquent and erudite and no way is he into self aggrandizement .It's a pity that the only time he appears on TV is in the early hours of the morning when very few people are watching.In my opinion the reason for this is that he's not a 'henna gaijin' and doesn't fit the loud,excitable and eccentric foreigner stereotype.

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Posted in: Man arrested for placing condom full of semen in high school girl’s bag See in context

Dear Japantoday editor,would you please let us know how this plays out?I'm damn near speechless with disgust.I want to know what happens to this creep.Charging him with property damage is a joke.He needs to be charged as a sex offender and do some serious time.

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Posted in: Police officer arrested for filming up 17-year-old girl's skirt See in context

Well done to the lad who made the civil arrest but I wouldn't advise a foreigner to try it,,you could end up in very hot water.

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Posted in: Almost half of Japanese people hide when doorbell rings: survey See in context

We've got a video intercom so there's no problem but in the old low tech days I used to get rid of unwanted callers by speaking English or French or prefending to be deaf and coming up with some improvised sign language.

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Posted in: Plans for daycare center scrapped after residents complain of possible noise See in context

This really Ps me off.The local authorities should announce that they are going to convert the facility to a halfway house for people coming out of prison or the nut house.Let's see how the locals feel about that.

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Posted in: Japan’s first-ever taxi service aimed at foreign visitors begins in Kyoto See in context

Hey Debio,the same thing happened to me several times and what I did was show them my daughter's passport and say in Japanese,"What are you talking about?Do I look like a gaijin?".Their expressions were priceless.

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Posted in: J-pop idol fans run amuck, drop their pants at Tokyo concert See in context

The solution to the problem is quite simple.If it happens again,have the staff grab the miscreants,call the cops and have them charged with indecent exposure.That'll send a message to any of these plonkers who are thinking of flashing the performers.

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Posted in: Which English words or expressions annoy you the most when you hear them repeatedly used by other people in conversation? See in context

Back in the day,.At the end of the day,amazing and awesome.

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Posted in: Woman arrested after drugging dates with chocolate, robbing them See in context

Theres something very fishy here.If she was arrested for the first crime on June 26th why wasnt she in jail on July 16th when she committed the second crime.

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Posted in: Oita zoo under fire for naming baby monkey Charlotte See in context

Im British and dont feel in the slightest bit offended.If anything,I`m flattered that the British Royal family is so well thought of.

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Posted in: Princess Mako leaves for one year of study in England See in context

Theres no way shell get a British boyfriend while shes there.Shell almost certainly have a Japanese minder with her to make sure there`s no hanky panky.

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Posted in: 66-year-old man arrested over death of 92-year-old mother See in context

Yes,Im with Ignatius and Khuli.What you had there was an old person taking care of another old person and the guy just snapped.Ive just come back to Japan after taking care of my 93 year old mum for a month in order to give my siblings a break.We get some help from the local welfare authorities and mum isnt incontinent but it can be hard at times.Im pretty sure it wasnt the first time she had had an accident.The guy just couldnt take it any more.

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Posted in: 'Shige the train thief' arrested for stealing woman's purse on train See in context

Does anybody know how much time this fool has already served?

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Posted in: Australia welcomes Corby parole, urges privacy See in context

I admit that I'm not well up on these matters but isn't taking marijuana to Indonesia like taking coals to Newcastle ( sand to Saudi Arabia,snow to the arctic etc) I thought it would be both freely and cheaply available and certainly impossible to sell anything bought in Oz at a profit.The lass has to be com pletely innocent or,if guilty,extremely thick.

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Posted in: M5.5 quake shakes Kanto See in context

I've not felt a thing.What time did it happen?

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Posted in: Man crashes truck into house, slashes 4 See in context

Brain tumour?

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Posted in: Walkman for swimmers See in context

I'd definitely like one but Sasukene's right.Will the authorities running the pools allow them.I can't see them being approved at any of the pools I go to.

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Posted in: What is the world's sexiest accent? See in context

When spoken by women,the accents of the southern states.''Mah,oh mah.What a surprahs.Ah bet yoo'd like a slahce of cherry pah.

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Posted in: Suntory drinks commemorate 50th anniversary of Rolling Stones See in context

Naughty naught McT.Would you care to elucidate for the younger readers and/or those not from the UK?

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