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Posted in: Suga says no link between Olympics and virus surge See in context

Of course dear leader!! It's the alcohol that's to blame!!

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Posted in: Record-setting super shoes are here to stay, say experts See in context

I'm sure he could've......especially with his "special" training techniques

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka’s first wave of charity face masks sell out, but she promises more for everyone See in context

".....Respect the effort, but make sure you don't leave yourself open to lawsuits should the masks not protect....."

No masks that people are commonly wearing, protect.

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Posted in: 'Can't help but cheer': Some in Japan warm to Olympics See in context

I am one of them......said I wouldn't watch.....but I have been and I've been enjoying it.

I haven't been watching the NHK feed though, been ummm....creative with watching on BBC iPlayer.....which means I can see events outside of Judo and ping pong ;)

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Posted in: Man arrested for sexually assaulting woman as she slept in her apartment See in context

Lol, why would ya record it?

Criminals are doubly stupid

It's usually for their gratification later. They think they can get away with it....yes they are stupid.

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Posted in: Man arrested for scattering anti-Olympic flyers from train See in context

ahhh....good old passive aggression. Japan loves a bit of it......lets not ACTUALLY protest the olympics by handing the flyers out to people in the cars or in front of the throw them out the window and onto the tracks, deep in the tunnels of the subway system where no one will ever see them!! LLF

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Posted in: School volleyball coach arrested for assaulting student See in context

Starpunk........what is "goal post moving"?

Played football all through my life and have never heard or seen such a position.......why were you moving goal posts?

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Posted in: School volleyball coach arrested for assaulting student See in context

most JH and HS coaches will be getting arrested soon then......

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Posted in: Gov't alcohol ban blunder shows limits in anti-virus measures See in context

".......Combined with the CDC's announcement that you should still wear facemasks when indoors even if you're fully inoculated just shows that we're making it up as we go along. Just hope that we're not making a repeat of the thalidomide disaster......"

It is an absolute sh**show for sure.....but muddying the waters by using Thalidomide as a comparative is wrong too. It's apples and oranges.....thalidomide was a drug.....a chemical that binds to pathways and receptors in our bodies. Disrupting our chemical pathways......The vaccine is not and does not. Vaccines don't work that way, they never have. There is a risk of course, no medication or therapy can be said to be 100% safe, but it's a calculated one. It's not just the wild west.

mRNA technology as means of therapeutic delivery has been studied for decades, this gave them the perfect opportunity to use it. While covid-19 is a novel coronavirus, coronaviruses themselves are not new and have been extensively studied for decades. Due in part to the fact they were identified as a likely zoonotic jump between animals and humans. This means that all the usual early experiments and tests that a new vaccine will go through has already been done. They were able to amend technology and observations and apply them to this one........they weren't starting from the very bottom of the mountain....more like they were starting at stage 5 (Mt Fuji anyone?!) or even a bit higher.

Reading many threads and having many many many conversations, it strikes me that most people just don't understand how vaccines and their own immune systems actually work. People seem to have a distorted image of what a vaccine is, what it does and how it works.

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Posted in: Gov't alcohol ban blunder shows limits in anti-virus measures See in context

the problem isn't's a combination of inept vaccination protocols and holding the worlds largest sports event in the middle of a pandemic.

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Posted in: Kono says gov't trying to reach young adults to combat vaccine misinformation See in context

Misinformation is not just one sided. Common sense should tell you that any medicine that causes pain, discomfort or high fever etc., is not normal. Just check any side effects of any common approved drugs and you will find a list of warnings with certain conditions being a medical emergency. I have to laugh when I hear people say that their temperature has been 37.9 degrees for a week and believe the "so called vaccine" is doing it's job. Yeah, it certainly is but not in the way you think.

What exactly do you think a vaccine is? How do you think it works? It's not really "medicine". It's nota magic potion that floats around in the body waiting to bind onto a virus and kill it, high five itself and keep going. All a vaccine is, all they have EVER been is a training tool for your immune system. Whether it's the old style inactivated vaccines, the weakened pathogen vaccines or the new mRNA ones, all they have ever done is to train YOUR immune system to recognise a particular pathogen quickly, attack it and destroy it before it harms the body. That's it. No "magic" medicine involved, just your own immune system on a kick ass training regime.

Now to address your other point about people getting fevers etc after taking the you know WHY we get fevers when we have colds and flu? It's not caused directly by the virus action, it's an immune response by YOUR body to try and elevate the temperature of the environment above the tolerable levels for the virus to survive. This is a balancing act for our bodies though, because too hot and it starts to kill us.

Do you know why we get localised pain after an injection? Yup....that's's an immune response by YOUR body in reaction to being breached by foreign bodies.

So actually, getting symptoms after a vaccine isn't some sign that things are not working properly, in fact it shows that the body is producing a very fast, strong immune response to the pathogen. Now here is where biology is very interesting, NOT having the same fever etc is NOT a sign that it isn't's an even bigger sign that your body is on point and chill about killing the

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Posted in: Kono says gov't trying to reach young adults to combat vaccine misinformation See in context

Reading this makes my blood boil. I'm 44, which makes me 10-20 times more risk of death of a 20 year old and I can't get a vaccine. Where I live they are still doing over 65s and they ran out of vaccine.

They will start taking bookings from August 7th. And yes we have called tons of clinics in the meantime but they all say the same thing.

I had to go to one in Yokohama to get mines after my city invited us then closed reservations the next day. I was worried they would turn me away in Yokohama because I don't live there, but they didn't bat an eyelid, in you coke, fill in the allergy questionnaire, go over there, tell a doctor your feeling fine, sit down, jab, wait 15 mins and leave.......I think the whole process took about 20-25 mins.

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Posted in: Kono says gov't trying to reach young adults to combat vaccine misinformation See in context

first you have to get adequate doses to those who have ALREADY RECEIVED THEIR INVITATION TO GET VACCINATED!!! What an absolute tool. Imagine handing out invites but not having enough to go around?!

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Posted in: Olympic broadcasters curb sexual images of female athletes See in context

As a man, do I like looking at really physically fit women in skimpy uniforms? YES. Do I think it's an issue if they wear shorts? NO. They should be able to wear whatever functional clothing is comfortable for them, but the choice should be theirs. It really is NOT an issue if women don't want to compete in their skimpies......I don't want men to do so either! I have awkward memories of swimming class and wearing speedos......Good on the girls for forcing this, the ruling bodies need to get their head out of their ass. The key question should be, is it functional? Is it comfortable for the athletes to wear?....that should really be it.

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Posted in: ¥20 tril of Japan FY2020 virus stimulus packages yet to be used See in context

another 100k please stimulus that actually worked.....we went out and bought stuff for the you taxes, keeping people in jobs.....that's what happens when you give from the bottom up instead of the old top down trickle nonsense

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Posted in: ¥20 tril of Japan FY2020 virus stimulus packages yet to be used See in context

Delays in clerical work are believed to lie behind the amount yet to be used.

Well I for one, am totally SHOCKED that J-Gov initiatives are being mired in bureaucracy and other clerical mishaps.....

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Posted in: Most major cities in Japan revise vaccine plans amid supply crunch See in context

Got my invite last week, trying to actually arrange an appointment is local city has stopped all reservations on the official site, no available dates as yet for the rest of July and August........

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Posted in: In-utero A-bomb survivor eager to tell family's story in English See in context

Why didn’t Japan surrender before this happened? Why did Japan wait so long after the second atomic bombing to surrender?

They tried.....the terms they finally signed were actually almost identical to the ones suggested a week or so prior, but knocked back by the US.......the US scientists needed to see the effects of the new weapon, as did the Russians....for totally opposite reasons.

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Posted in: Japan to issue vaccine passports free of charge See in context

that's cos hardly anyone has had the bloody'll cost them next to nothing.....LLF

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Posted in: How will the state of emergency affect Tokyo Olympics? See in context

While the Japanese govt has had its many COVID-19 failures, the bottom line is the overall selfish attitude of the public at large. If they personally don’t have the virus … no problem. But people just don’t care. The country needs a true and enforceable 6 week lockdown. So much time has been wasted. Other than truly essential trips, stay home . Close the bars… restaurants…. Public transportation anything. Schools need to cancel all events. The only mask that is safe in a closed room is a military grade gas mask. Ramp up testing … not just for precious Tokyo. Tokyo is a city not a country . Then mass inoculations around the entire country . No! I’m not a fear monger. Just speaking reality.

You are fear mongering....a 6 week lockdown?! All that will happen will be that in 6 weeks cases will go up and there will be calls for lockdown has happened in almost every single country that has enacted lockdowns.....they simply yo-yo in and out, creating havoc and wrecking the economy. Lives of course are more important than money, but these enforced lockdowns simply don't have the quashing effect that people hope they will. Get the vaccine out, protect those at risk and allow those of us at lower risk to get on with our has been almost 2 long do you want to yo-yo with this??

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Posted in: How will the state of emergency affect Tokyo Olympics? See in context

"The six-week emergency is Japan's fourth since the pandemic began and will last until Aug. 22. The main target of the new state of emergency is alcohol served at bars and restaurants as authorities want people to stay home and watch the games on TV and not gather in public."

"The new state of emergency requests that restaurants, bars, karaoke parlors and other entertainment outlets either close or not serve alcohol. It asks liquor stores to suspend business with restaurants and bars that defy the request, but liquor stores say that would hurt their business ties.

Schools will stay open during this emergency, while theme parks, museums, theaters and most stores and restaurants are requested to close at 8 p.m."

"Experts have warned that the delta variant, which is thought to be more contagious, is spreading fast in offices and classrooms and without tough measures the numbers could skyrocket by August."

So WTF is targetting alcohol going to do if we are still at f***ing school and work?! You absolute idiots!!

Stay home, watch on TV so that the IOC can get their TV advertising money but you plebs can't enjoy a beer.......this is an absolute joke. I for one will not be watching the Olympics, I WILL be going to bars and restaurants, I will be drinking alcohol and I will be gathering in parks and beaches with my friends. The IOC, the Tokyo gov and the J gov can bite me with all these BS rules.

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Posted in: Lightning strike twice with 2nd straight Stanley Cup title See in context


a non-north American here, so pardon my ignorance. In Canada, where do think there should be expansion teams?

I hear this a lot about hockey in the US, but from the outside looking in, hockey looks very popular in the US.....the stadiums always seem packed and the teams are all over, even in non-snow areas (as you point out). In what context is hockey not popular in the US?

Not trolling....just asking :)

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Posted in: Euro 2020 final: England can finally end 55 years of misery See in context

People going on about the booing of national's a football match, I dunno how many you have been to but that's pretty small potatoes to some of the songs that get sung in europe. If anything the booing would gee the other team up, disrespect? Nah.....opposition banter.

Respect for other fans would be in the jovial atmosphere, no fighting, no riots, no throwing of items at players or fans alike........light hearted banter back and forth is welcome. This is also dubious whether Ingurlund's fans can do this, laser pointers in the eyes of the goalkeeper anyone?!

England have been favoured with the easier side of the draw, and have been largely uninspiring in their play. 2 goals from their first 3 games, an own goal and a major bottling event by VAR gave them victory in the semis......not exactly the form of champions. BUT they do have a very good attacking team, IF their manager would allow them to express themselves. Imagine a Guardiola in charge of this team?! I shudder to think about that TBF. This is a final, so as much as it pains me, congratulations have to be given to them for grinding their way there.....Greece done it, albeit from a less fancied position......but I think the Italians have too much for them. The Italians can play fast flowing attacking football with exciting goals AND they can the play turgid, anti-football grindout......if the 2 teams opt for the latter I think the Italians are too long in the tooth to be beaten at their own game, boring as that may be. If they both go for the 1st......I still think Italy will have too much but in a final anything can happen and it's not beyond the realms of possibility that England might nick it.

I sincerely hope the Italians win.......I couldn't handle the smug factor of the smuggest nation on earth rising to stratospheric heights.


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Posted in: EU prepares to send petrol cars to the scrap heap See in context

I read a report recently that EV cars have to travel 50,000 miles before they match the carbon footprint of traditional petrol/diesel cars.

I think the future is in the EV sector, but are they actually as green as we think? Is it just a case of the 1st world cleansing their consciences of guilt? It certainly seems that way.

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Posted in: Fans to be banned from Olympic events in Tokyo, 3 neighboring prefectures See in context

“Taking into consideration the impact of the delta strain, and in order to prevent the resurgence of infections from spreading across the country, we need to step up virus prevention measures,” Suga said.

But cram onto trains and keep going to work like good drones you fun, work, work!

Japan's answer to every more

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Posted in: French soccer player Griezmann loses video game sponsor in Japan racism row See in context

It is common knowledge in France that Griezmann is a complete idiot. He's not a bad guy though. It's just that his football IQ is inversely proportional to his actual IQ.

Pretty much sums up 99% of footballers

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Posted in: England beats Denmark 2-1 to reach Euro 2020 final See in context

anti-football....the easy side of the own goal and a fake pen.....congrats on sweeping all before you. Other than the 4 against a poor team (Ukraine) has England actually looked good? I don't think so.

Thing is, any fan would take it though to reach a final. I really think that Italy are a better side and will take football home to Rome, but if VAR are going to bottle big decisions because it's England IN England then anything can happen.

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Posted in: Nissan CEO tells Tokyo court Ghosn had too much power See in context

Uchida said an atmosphere of fear prevailed at the company, with staff believing that challenging Ghosn carried serious risks.

"We were only trying to play melodies that sounded good to our boss," he said. "I've been working to try to change that since becoming CEO."

Did he SERIOUSLY just say that?! :O

Japanese corporate culture never "challenges" the sempai-knows-best construct. All this sempai-kohai culture does is play melodies that sound good to the boss.

OH MY DAYS!! hahahahahahahahaha!!

1 thing we can be sure of, Uchida had a starring role in ousting Ghosn in such a way

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Posted in: Japan to send another 1.1 mil AstraZeneca doses to Taiwan See in context

how about you just send them to the citizens of this country first?!

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Posted in: JR East to inspect baggage at Tokyo stations during Olympics See in context

I have never been stopped by Police and asked to look in my bags. I have known other gaij that have though......certainly more are non-white gaij.

Keystone cops. I once got beaten up by a bunch of Navy guys coming out of a Yokohama nightclub, they gave me a few slaps, prevented my friends from helping me (a guy pulled a knife) and then casually sauntered away off down the road, past the 2 cops dashing to my aid on their trusty bicycles. When they asked me what they looked like, I pointed at the still visible group at the end of the road and said "it was them!" and the cop replied, "ok, so you are saying they were black?"...........that's all he wanted to know, not that the actual guys were still in catching distance. I guess that the Japanese arm of the law isn't as long as those in Gaikoku.

When on the phone to the cops that afternoon (I wanted to make sure a report had actually been filed so that my company couldn't shaft me for taking a day off to calm my frayed nerves), the cop said to my wife, "tell your husband to stay home more. Also stay away from nightclubs...we always have black on black and black on white trouble......never yellow trouble" his ACTUAL words!!

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