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Posted in: Turkey to re-inforce military presence in northern Cyprus See in context

Erdogan is an idiot.

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Posted in: Russian annexation of Ukraine territory expected within days See in context

Hitler would be right at home in Putin's Russia.

The most ironic of truths. I suspect the only way out of this is for Russians to top Putin........

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Posted in: Harris condemns Chinese actions in speech at U.S. Navy base See in context

Absolutely correct stance by the US in regards to China. (Even though VP Harris is and remains unfit for the position.)

The next step -- besides arming every Taiwanese citizen with an MPAD + AShM + NLAW -- is to recognize Taiwan, diplomatically. Xi has turned China backwards to Maoism just as Putin has turned Russia backwards to Stalinism.

I assume you are American...and your dig at Harris indicates you to be a Trumpet.....I don't think you really understand what "Stalinism" or "Maoism" is. China is messed up in comparison to the power of the government and the rights it's population enjoy....but Maoist it is not.

Likewise for Putin's Russia. It has a large propaganda machine churning out nonsense for the Russian people to digest and their rights compared to those of us in the west are perhaps different, but comparing them to those of the Soviet people during Stalin's time is amazingly laughable.

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Posted in: Man arrested for assaulting wife after she asked for divorce See in context

My wife has also shouted about a divorce when in a heated empty threat....I have heard it also used by friends wives...

It has nothing to do with domestic violence.

DV should never be tolerated whether the perpetrator is a man or a woman.

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Posted in: Male rapper arrested for threatening woman on social media See in context

I love the way so many men here are downplaying this and making fun of the girl who was afraid. I'm guessing none of you have ever been stalked or threatened before.

Oh wait, I forgot - you're all MEN, which means you wouldn't be worried when another man threatens you, since you are capable of self-defense. I guess that means you can't imagine ever actually being afraid, the way women are afraid, of men.

Male lack of empathy towards women, yeah, par for the course around here. It really is telling when men dismiss womens' fears like this. are correct. As men we never have to be afraid of being attacked. Another man threatening us is nothing and we often just laugh in his face because we are tough and are capable of self-defence. Men are never afraid and we just go through life with an amazing feeling of lightness and positivity.

What a ridiculous statement....but typical of your comments on here. If you say that men are capable of self defence, that infers that you think women are not.....that's not very feminist of you. This also infers that you feel men most rescue women from other men (since you seem to feel that women are incapable of rescuing themselves)......I didn't realise women's rights activists were now campaigning for a return to the 19th C...not very progressive.

It really is telling when women, who constantly go on about how men don't need to rescue or protect women, when push comes to shove bleat about how men need to do more to rescue and protect women.

Sigh....get off your moral high horse and help fix the problem. YOU are a part of society too, so YOU also propagate the problem.

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Posted in: Male rapper arrested for threatening woman on social media See in context

"Something will happen to you the moment you forget about it, but I hope you’re ready for it since you only have yourself to blame."

Wow!! DEEP... If this is an example of his writing ability, I'm sure he will be very successful......LLF

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Posted in: Japan to run new domestic travel subsidy program until late December See in context

I don’t need any state subsidy to influence my behavior to go anywhere.

Oooh....aren't you hard...

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Posted in: Japan to run new domestic travel subsidy program until late December See in context

None of this is based on any sciencs whatsoever. Infuriating.

The science is in the vaccine.....there is absolutely and unequivocally ZERO chance of stopping infections...this is now (and has been for a long time) a disease that we can live with, with no need for silly pre-vaccine measures. If you don't wanna use it, that's cool....but let everyone else return to normal.

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Posted in: The pros and cons of living on Tokyo’s outskirts See in context

Aannnddd…Mitaka is hardly the “boonies”….it’s 17mins on the Chuo line to Shinjuku!! LLF!

look at me Ma, I live in the country!

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Posted in: The pros and cons of living on Tokyo’s outskirts See in context

And driving up rents and house prices for those of us who have never wanted to live in Tokyo and always lived in the “boonies” (how condescending are you?!). Please stay in Tokyo.

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Posted in: Russia to hold joint war games with China in Far East, Sea of Japan See in context

@Awa no Gaijin.....The US's "Rods of Thor" would demolish both countries and no nuclear weapons needed.

@ $230 million per rod used, can Thor afford to wield those weapons?

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Posted in: Zoo director begs people to stop screwing with air conditioner, setting it to lowest temperature See in context

I’m surprised they actually turned the AC down.

usually there’s always some woman, or in Japan only, a man……that claims “I’m cold, I’m cold” despite the temperature being at 30+ degrees.

or does this only happen in my office?

Every single office........put the AC 28 degrees...still sweating.....switch it down to 25 ( i like it at 22) and people grabbing their sweaters shouting "SAMUI!!" I had the school nurse come round turning the AC off 1 day where it "dipped" below 28 degrees outside, saying it was bad for our health to be "so cold" got told in no uncertain terms to leave the AC on near me...

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Posted in: Zoo director begs people to stop screwing with air conditioner, setting it to lowest temperature See in context

28 degrees IS bloody hot!! Too hot to sit in comfortably........but not for reptiles. No way people should be playing with the thermostat at a zoo.

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Posted in: Abe's accused killer says in letter, tweets his life destroyed by mother's religion See in context

doesn't excuse him killing Abe...for whom I have no love for anyway, the man was an ass...but religions and cults that demand large donations from their followers make me sick. Vultures preying on the vulnerable and weak minded. Religion should be crushed for the good of society.

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Posted in: Man arrested for committing lewd acts with 14-year-old girl claims he thought she was older See in context

It’s plausible he thought she was older but it doesn’t sound like he forced the girl. I nearly got arrested for kissing my gf in a park. Someone called the police and told them I was a pedophile. We’re both 33 but they thought she was a minor because she’s tiny less than 5ft tall. It was so embarrassing. At least they apologized to us for the misunderstanding.

haha....jesus, that must have been mega embarrassing!!

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Posted in: Ex-baby sitter gets 20 years in prison for sexually abusing 20 boys See in context

Guys like him make me very suspicious of any male in a similar position....which is wrong of course.....he should be hung up by his balls

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Posted in: Man arrested for making 148 calls to 110 emergency number See in context

LMAO....moshi moshi!! Haha!

As a kid we used to phone takeaways to the guy across the street and laugh and guffaw as delivery guy after delivery guy would troop up to the door with bags of food he didn't want. All before Caller ID of course.....good times

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Posted in: Japan to increase entry cap on arrivals to 50,000 from Sept 7 See in context

Japan is still battling its seventh wave of coronavirus infections,

Really?!? "Battling"?

Still with this nonsense. There is no "battle"....Japan is NOT under siege from hordes of covid ravaged people dying on the streets....people are quietly getting sick for a few days with flu-like symptoms, staying home from work till they are better and going back to work....there is no hardship. Stop with the inflated rhetoric

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Posted in: Japanese monkey-hunting team shoots woman with tranquilizer dart See in context

It didn't even say if they captured the monkey or not LMAO!!

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Posted in: Japanese monkey-hunting team shoots woman with tranquilizer dart See in context

The dart, which lodged itself in the woman’s left arm, came from one of the human hunters’ rifles.

REALLY?!?! Wow! That is totally unexpected information. This writer should be up for the Pulitzer with this story

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Posted in: 16-year-old boy drowns in river in Oita Prefecture See in context

Every parent should teach their children to swim. This is a bunch of islands, full of rivers with frequent flooding.

not sure if you can read or not.....but it says that the boy was swimming in the I assume his parents, who live on these islands, taught him to swim and that he was in fact swimming at the time of the incident, where he was swept away while swimming in the river....swimming

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Posted in: Japan gets 120,400 foreign visitors in June, but only 252 tourists See in context

WHAAAAT?!?! No one wants to go on these ridiculous tours?! Shocking I tell ya, SHOCKING!!

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Posted in: Rare in U.S. for an active shooter to be stopped by bystander See in context

he got lucky this time the Police appearing on scene could mistake him for the bad-guy-with-a-gun and shoot him instead. If the Good-guy is also a black guy...good luck with that.....

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Posted in: Japan walks tightrope between no COVID restrictions, hospital strain See in context

The fastest way to stop the spread is to get those with even the mildest of symptoms …. Out of circulation…. Ramp up testing…. 31 months and counting and it’s like we just got our 1st case and don’t know what to do. It’s pretty simple…. Get vaccinated and/ or boosted asap! Some protection against a severe case is better than zero ! Follow the 3 C’s…/ mask up with your safety or those around you is compromised…..

What do you think "ramping up testing" will do?? Case numbers are irrelevant!! 98% of cases are nothing more than a flu!! Ramping up testing will just ramp up hysteria as the media continually push a 25th millionth waaaaaavvvvvvveeee!! Settle down FFS!! Vaccines are effective at reducing illness for the vast majority of people.

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Posted in: Japan walks tightrope between no COVID restrictions, hospital strain See in context

There IS no strain on the hospital system.

There are plenty empty beds IF the gov forces private hospitals to accept covid patients....plenty hospital beds.

There are plenty beds if the stop the policy of mandatory hospitalisation of people over 50 testing positive whether they need it or not.

In Tokyo there are 129 people in severe care beds........out of how many millions??!! THIS is not a problem!!!

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Posted in: Tokyo falls to 9th most expensive city for expats due to weak yen See in context

I think a salary of at least 500 000 yen per month should do if you live in Tokyo.

Less than that will be just a painful experience.

I think you'll find most people earn under 500k a month and still manage to live pretty comfortably in Tokyo.

The biggest expense is rent. If you want something bigger than a cupboard then it will cost. That's why I don't, have never and have never wanted to live in Tokyo.

I'm perfectly happy on the beaches of Kanagawa. Close to use Tokyo if I want, but far enough away that things are reasonably priced.

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Posted in: Japanese junior high school girl removed from class for three days for grooming her eyebrows See in context

what a lot of absolute garbage! Imagine being so nazi about a person's eyebrows. These stupid rules infuriate me. And teachers will all be buzzing with the gossip of such a transgression.....garbage

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Posted in: Sunak widens lead in race to become British PM after party vote See in context

they are all twats....I wouldn't trust any of those snakes to run a raffle, never mind a union of countries.

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Posted in: Fatty 'katsuo' fish may foreshadow climate change, threat to Japan's sushi See in context

I don't see how 2 degrees Celsius rise would have that much affect on Katsuo populations? All fish in the oceans have to deal with severe temperature changes from season to season.

2 degrees rise to us doesn't seem that much, but for the oceans it creates big problems. Mostly to do with plankton, which is the minute organisms that form the very base of the food pyramid. Rising surface temps creates algae blooms, which strips the oceans of oxygen creating large "dead zones" and blocks out the sunlight which phyto-plankton need for photosynthesis to feed. If there is no plankton, then there are no small fish and crustaceans that feed on them, which means there are no larger fish and marine mammals that feed on them and so on up the food chain. It's not just about the fish adjusting to the ambient water temperature. Another thing that human driven climate change is affecting is the pH levels of the oceans. More CO2 in the atmosphere, means more absorption of CO2 into the oceans (which absorb more CO2 than any of the rainforests), which dissolves in water to make carbonic acid, which then raises the pH level of the ocean. This acidification makes areas of the ocean uninhabitable for tiny microscopic plants and animals that also make up the base of the food chain.

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