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sheilasspadger comments

Posted in: What do you think of the work overalls that Prime Minister Naoto Kan, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano, State Minister for Consumer Affairs and Food Safety Renho and other cabinet ministers wear wh See in context

totally hot. would look better with a red bandana and one of those wallet chains coming out of the pocket though.

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Posted in: 48 killed, 150 injured as allies launch airstrikes in Libya See in context

human shields. what will they think of next.

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Posted in: Based on your experience, what is the best way to approach ending a friendship (not a relationship)? See in context

tell them you are going to kill their family

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Posted in: Ko Shibasaki celebrates Hollywood debut as Keanu Reeves’ lover in '47 Ronin' See in context

try sengakuji. and if you want to see some of keanu's stinkiest roleplay try...actually they're all pretty similar

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Posted in: Asia Girls Explosion See in context

he really does look quite good in that

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Posted in: Kumi Koda talks love on last date of mini-tour See in context

the singer went on to belt out “Pop Diva”. the dejavu. I am, as always, hoping it could be the one.”

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Posted in: Deppendable See in context

pity about the movie. an absolute dud with one of his worst performances

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Posted in: Avril's here See in context

it looks like an alien has just been beamed aboard a spaceship full of the weirdest bunch of specimens it has ever encountered

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Posted in: Job-hunting See in context


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Posted in: Bridal princesses See in context

this is absolutely fantastic. and i really mean that for all japanese bridalists everywhere

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