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Posted in: U.S. radio stations pull 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' in wake of #MeToo See in context

So it's ok to ban songs which might be INTERPRETED as predatory toward women, but these same BS Movements won't lift a finger against mainstream hip-hop/rap/r&b artists who plain as day use the term bitch/bitches, talk about women down on their knees, and other OBVIOUS discriminatory, sexist, misogynist and predatory terms/meanings. Got it, thanks ME TOO!

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Posted in: Pistachio Christmas Tree Frappuccino drinks See in context

Yes, and I suppose you monitor all the food you eat with a carefully planned food chart, weighing everything down to the gram, perfectly balanced ratio of protein/carbohydrates/fat and will live to be 130 years old.

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Posted in: Woman killed after her car crashes into truck during police chase See in context

Better her than an innocent bystander.

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Posted in: Apple finds quality problems in some iPhone X and MacBook models See in context

Apple does hide things. You often have to fight tooth and nail when you notice problems on a device and they'll make you run around in circles to get them fixed to satisfaction.

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Posted in: Japan's corporate image hit by falsification scandals: poll See in context

Boo Hoo. The real apology is for getting caught - that's it.

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Posted in: Italian deli meats PDO and PGI
 take aim at Japanese market See in context

Yea, Italian deli meats. Come to Japan, so they can triple the cost of the same product in Italy.

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Posted in: A highly contagious African swine fever virus has been detected in pork filled dumplings brought by a traveler from Shanghai at Tokyo's Haneda airport on Oct 14. See in context

News flash stupid travelers of the world. Leave your fresh/frozen foods at home. Nobody needs to travel with dumplings.

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Posted in: Man pleads not guilty to murder of beautician in 2016 See in context

Seems plausable. I'm sure he's innocent.

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Posted in: Train buffs join forces online to save Japan's fading railway assets See in context

Bailing out failing railways? Really?

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Posted in: Capsule returns to Earth with experiment samples from space station See in context

Monumental waste of money.

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Posted in: Sole grand champion Kisenosato opens Kyushu tourney with loss See in context

Way to go!!!

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Posted in: Do you think stores should stop providing customers with plastic shopping bags for free to reduce plastic waste? See in context

Enough with this stupidity. Unless you are also going to end giving out other plastic items, you aren't saving the world in any way, shape or form by axing one item. Been to PH recently, and you're given a paper straw for a milkshake (for example), and 1/3 the way thru it, the straw turns to mush. Nobody is recycling either there, paper nor plastic.

As for Japan, they already lead the world in retail waste. McDonalds probably goes thru a small forest each year with the amount of paper bags they give out.

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Posted in: What do you think are the root causes of the data falsification scandals that have plagued corporate Japan in recent years? See in context

Doesn't require 10,000 words to answer. The answer is obvious: Japanese fear of failure and loss of face.

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Posted in: Australia seeks to ban schools from expelling gay students See in context

The problem with this is then you'll have privileged gay students claiming the reason for their expulsion was because of their sexuality, not because of the actually offense(s).

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Posted in: More med schools discriminated against female applicants: minister See in context

Why would the schools admit to anything? That would require people to be honest.

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Posted in: Highway tailgating cases handled by police double in Jan-June See in context

Japanese aren't really good at driving anyway, so not surprised by all the passive-aggressive road rage.

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Posted in: TEPCO apologizes for still-radioactive water at Fukushima plant See in context

No problem, TEPCO. Simply dump the rest of the water/waste into the ocean and be done with it. We've all moved on anyway with the 2020 Olympics on the way. Yippee!!!

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Posted in: Going up! Japan to test mini 'space elevator' See in context

Maybe start with fully cleaning up and re-housing ALL people affected from nuclear meltdown in Fukushima area before wasting time/money on this new pet project.

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Posted in: Wife of Japanese journalist held in Syria makes tearful plea for his release See in context

You can't plea with animals, sorry.

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Posted in: Rise in juvenile fraud offenders causes huge financial loss in Japan See in context

There's a simple solution. Start charging the "kids" with crimes. If under 14's can't be charged with anything, I'll be sure to train my kids to be Bitcoin hackers while in elementary school. No consequences for anything.

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Posted in: Justice minister, family to get police protection for life after Aum executions See in context

Stop allowing these criminal group and their "peaceful" splinter groups from being allowed to form, operate and thrive.

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Posted in: Japan's road system needs to be redesigned to make it safer for cyclists See in context

You want people on bicycles to folow rules when you have idiots of scooters, motorcycles, and the like weaving in and out between cars, ridng the middle line, going around cars on the left and right lanes to be first in line. Yea, ok.

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Posted in: A dash of AI: Miku Hirano and a new generation of entrepreneurs See in context

AI AI AI AI AI AI - the last frontier and hopes of Japan.

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Posted in: JABF announces independent body to investigate boxing chief Yamane See in context

Independent with subservient ties to the accused. Useless.

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Posted in: Over 80% of Japan's transport operators found to have breached labor rules See in context

Over 80% of ALL companies in Japan are guilty of the same practices.

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Posted in: Asian countries denounce real threat of global trade war See in context

Aside from China, most countries in Asia have little weight to start a trade war.

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Posted in: Japan, N Korea show no signs of holding Abe-Kim summit soon See in context

Japan can't even sit down with S Korea and squash their disputes. As if a meeting with N Korea would end any differently.

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Posted in: BOJ's architect of 'shock and awe' plots retreat from stimulus See in context

Well, thanks for trying. Now can we atleast get zero atm fees for customers using their banks atms regardless of day or time?

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Posted in: 'Charmed' reboot cast, producers defend TV show's changes See in context

Witches are a story for its time - in 2018, really?

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