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Sherman comments

Posted in: Back home, at last: Lawry’s The Prime Rib returns to Akasaka See in context

I hope it is all no smoking now.

Last few times the smokers were 1 meter away from our table. Yuk.

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Posted in: Scandal-hit Nissan suspends production for Japanese market See in context

Goodbye present from Carlos!

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Posted in: Parents of NHK reporter who died of overwork call for labor reform See in context

I would call for more compensation if I were them.

Reforms will never happen.

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Posted in: Seven & i begins donation of unexpired food items to needy families See in context

Seven and i at their Ito Yokada supermarkets employ many single mothers on the bare minimum wage part time contracts.

No hand outs or staff discounts for these unfortunate ladies though.

Charity should begin at home.

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Posted in: Dentsu chief admits illegal labor practice in trial over employee's suicide See in context

Back in 2003 Dentsu was our ad agency for a luxury UK brand.

It was not uncommon for the Dentsu reps to turn up for morning meetings having not slept.

They could not concentrate and the presentations were awful.

We stopped using them when on another occasion one of them turned and had severe flu.

2 of us caught it and so bad it was, we ended up in hospital on intravenous drips.

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Posted in: New app for tourists in Japan goes live See in context

What is it called? Yokozo Japan!

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Posted in: Police report over 30,000 children abused in 1st half of 2017 See in context

This is deplorable. My home town had a population of 30,000!

The longer you stay here and scratch the surface, the darker it gets.

18 years for me. Japan is far from being the kind, gentle and polite place it portrays to the outside world.

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Posted in: Policeman indicted for killing wife to be charged with murder of his two children as well See in context

Another policeman caught after a despicable act.

He will hang for this after conviction and hopefully suffer many many long years on death row until without notice, cell door will open and he will meet his fate.

RIP mother and kids.

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Posted in: Record number of child abuse cases in 2016 increasing strain on welfare workers See in context

So lets face it, some Japanese can be very cruel people behind the veil, or mask they hide.

The more you scratch the surface here, the more disdain you will discover.

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Posted in: Abe sends ritual offering to Yasukuni Shrine for war dead See in context

Seems like they never let the dead rest in Japan!

War dead or anyone else.

I cannot remember how many memorials I have attended for my father in law.

The 3 year do is after one year, 5 year after 2 years - I never understood it thank when he was alive.

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Posted in: Japan's summer holiday exodus gets into full swing See in context

I really hate this time of year.

All travel, hotels are double price. Long tail backs on highways.

Why everyone has to go away at the same time?

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Posted in: Noda expresses intention to run in next LDP leadership race See in context

looks like a proper bird! Oozing power and confidence.

If I was allowed, I would vote for her.

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Posted in: Teens arrested for using credit card info of friend’s mother to stay at luxury hotels See in context

Assume = Ass out of U and Me.

I think they used Booking.Com or similar and the card number given online to confirm the booking. On check out they were stuffed.

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Posted in: Japan, U.S. consider Osprey night-flight training in Hokkaido See in context

A few more crashes on the horizon if they let Japanese fly them.

Apart from language issues, ask any western pilot what it is like to fly with Japanese, a nightmare.

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Posted in: Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers begin accepting ideas for mascots See in context

Charlotte the monkey?

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Posted in: Japanese fighters, U.S. bombers conduct drill off Korean Peninsula See in context

North Korea will destroy North Korea!

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Posted in: Abe apologizes over Inada's resignation; Kishida to run defense ministry See in context

Another nail in the coffin Abe san.

It must be over soon. Low approval ratings, scandals, resignations.

Who next I wonder?Abe?

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Posted in: Inada resigns; Defense Ministry probe denies her role in data coverup See in context

I always knew the South Sudan jaunt would end in tears.

A nation that has no experience of modern warfare for over 70 years is wholly unprepared for the nasty hostile environment which exists there.

These guys have been shooting blanks in Hokkaido forests for training.

When they were in Iraq on a humanitarian mission the Dutch and Brits were protecting them.

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Posted in: Dentist stabbed by masked man outside clinic in Tokyo See in context

I am sick to the teeth of reading stories like this.

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Posted in: British foreign secretary in Japan for security, trade talks See in context

Boris when feel how hot it is in Japan at this time of year.

It gets hotter in August when the 2020 Olympics will be help.

I hope he agrees that hosting the games at this time of year is going to be hell for the athletes and visitors alike. Should have chosen October like in 1964.

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Posted in: Woman turned away 3 times by police after confessing to killing her husband See in context

You can literally get away with murder or anything else in Japan.

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Posted in: U.S. likely to bar Japanese investigators from interviewing warship crew, official says See in context

It happened outside territorial water, so why should Japan stick their nose in?

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Posted in: Mori says Tokyo faces transport crisis following Tsukiji decision See in context

Mori= Arch Buffoon.

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Posted in: Pirate gang See in context

Johnny looks half dead in the photo so an apt title.

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Posted in: Volkswagen Japan exec arrested for alleged stimulant drug use See in context

This is very common among Germans working in Japan I heard.

Another egg on the face of VW.

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Posted in: Man attempts suicide at detention center in Saitama See in context

The police can keep you for 23 days for any offense without charge.. You just have to focus on the 23 days and keep your mouth shut. Easy really, if you are strong enough. Most Japanese are not so break and try to top themselves.

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Posted in: Japan joins military exercises with U.S., UK and France off Guam See in context

Conspicuous that the Australians are not at the party! Trump does not like the Aussies at the moment.

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Posted in: 2-month-old girl dies after being left in car for over 5 hours; mother arrested See in context

Pachinko parlour again is my guess.

I can just imagine how this (woman) looks. Dyed hair, heels, short skirt....poor baby.

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Posted in: Moon tells Abe history must not hamper co-operation See in context

I wager Abe will pop into Yasukuni today on the back of this message.

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Posted in: Dozens join hunger strike at Japanese immigration center See in context

Kimrox: You beauty! You would make a great immigration officer. If you dig deeper you will discover how wrong your thinking is.

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