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Posted in: Obama bows to Boehner; jobs speech will be Sept 8 See in context

Obama's behavior in this particular case was abominable.

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Posted in: 120 Gusto restaurants closed over dysentery outbreak See in context

My apologies to the elite denizens of Martha's VinEyard!

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Posted in: Japan’s crisis of ambivalence See in context

Nice anecdotal stuff. A good gig if you can get it.

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Posted in: Japanese underpants burn calories in your crotch See in context

I object to the word "crotch" in this otherwise stellar article no doubt bound for a Pulitzer Prize!

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Posted in: With new tablets, Sony takes aim at iPad in Japan See in context

Will not succeed. Apple is the global standard, for better or for worse.

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Posted in: Obama congratulates Noda, looks forward to working with him See in context

According to reports hot off the press, Obama will present a brand new Nintendo 3DS to Noda in honor of this annual occasion ....

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Posted in: Beyonce pregnancy sets Twitter record See in context

I thought it was Medusa for a moment hair (I mean, there)!

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Posted in: JAL pilot arrested for taking up-skirt photos at train station See in context

Oh behave, baby!

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Posted in: Man arrested for arson threat in Shibuya club See in context

He wanted to destroy the the club to save it.

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Posted in: 120 Gusto restaurants closed over dysentery outbreak See in context

Nothing wrong with Gusto. Then again I am not gourmands as many of the commenters appear to be. I heartily recommend a vacance in Martha's Vinyard or the Hamptons (not the motel) .... These kinds of outbreaks happen occasionally in the US and Europe as well. If folks are that worried they can always go catch something in some third-world nation. To much whining and posturing in this string.

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Posted in: Japan, China to keep buying U.S. debt despite downgrade See in context

The USA really stinks right now due in most part to the Obama Regime.

Still better than the rest of the world ten to one thousand over depending on country of comparison.

Sure, China's economy is growing, for example, but would you actually want to live there (permanently)?

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