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Posted in: Aozora Bank relocates head office to Sophia Univ campus in Tokyo See in context

What a laugh! Teaching Japanese banking courses?

It is wholly backward and soul numbing for all customers.

That's My Number on it anyway.

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Posted in: Abe calls Macron's French presidential election mandate for EU See in context

France will be finished within 5 years. He is in bed with Merkal. Welcoming immigration and stating that terrorism is here to stay and France has to accept it as a part of daily life.

How the hell is Abe going to work with these ideals?

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Posted in: Japanese warship to escort U.S. supply vessel in Pacific: reports See in context

This supply ship is part of the US Merchant Marine fleet.

Not crewed by US sailors but a bunch of civilian mariners.

Normally, these ships are anchored outside the reef off Saipan.

They carry enough supplies and ammunition for 6000 military personnel for 3 months.

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Posted in: 9/11 memorial issues alert after Japanese leaves salt See in context

In Japan you see small piles of salt outside restaurants to lure customers in.

It comes from a certain mistress who would put it outside her parlor so the oxon carrying the local Shoguns would stop to eat the salt. This way she always have a constant flow of high class clientele.

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Posted in: JOC chief, others questioned over Tokyo 2020 payments at France's request See in context

Still 3 years to go and the games could still be held in London where none of this corruption took place. I hope Mori is having some sleepless nights, but doubt that buffoon is capable of caring. Koike on the other hand must be.

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Posted in: Cambodia charges Japanese man, 2 others suspected of sex trafficking See in context

Japanese restaurant vacant in Pnomh Penh! I wonder if it can be had cheap?

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Posted in: Opposition calls on Abe to oppose Trump's refugee ban See in context

Oh Renho, how about calling on Abe about his refugee ban. Was is 26 or 27 that were let into Japan last year? Out of thousands of applicants.

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Posted in: Trump invites Abe to White House on Feb 10 See in context

So like an obedient dog Abe will be yapping around Trumps heels as summoned. I wonder how Aki will get on with his wife?

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Posted in: Man attacks woman, steals her underwear as she walks home See in context

It is called panty sharking. Japan is the worlds leader in this obscure fetish. I mean, who can get off on a dirty pair of pants? Seems like the perverts here do. Vending machines sell them, school girls sell their uniforms openly in Shibuya and guys get caught with hundreds of pairs stolen off washing lines.

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Posted in: China's tourism authority urges boycott of APA hotel group See in context

Absolutely a no brainer hotel chain. Potentially your best source of new business is Chinese. So lets p__s them off and say Nanking did not happen. Can you imagine if Japanese in Hawaii found a similar book in their hotel rooms saying there were no atom bombs dropped? APA has always been an arrogant inflexible hotel group. Check in is 3pm and even though all rooms are ready hours ahead, you just have to wait. Then the ridiculous human then machine check in system to get to your very tiny room.

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Posted in: Man arrested for killing girlfriend in love hotel See in context

Maid Cafe, 18 YO, Love Hotel? Not much grey matter was blessed on this unfortunate teenager. Sadly, there are many many like her.

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Posted in: Japanese toilets receive new standardised symbols to help foreign tourists See in context

What about the symbol you see at airports telling you not to stand and squat on the seats to do your business?

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attacking sleeping husband See in context

At least 5 of my friends have experienced a knife wielding wife in the night. It is more common than you think in Japan. The metal bat is a bit of a odd ball though. Definitely toilet seats down and will never fart under the futon and shout burglars again.

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Posted in: Trump denounces Streep as 'overrated Clinton flunky' See in context

Trump certainly tore a Streep of her.

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Posted in: Toyota is latest Trump target over Mexico production plans See in context

Toyota's shares dropped on this Tronald Dump tweet in the year of the Cock! Total madness as Ford and now Toyota will not be competitive and will cost thousands of jobs just because of this insane man put in power by Putin.

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Posted in: Police investigating dolphin escape in Taiji See in context

Brilliant! I hope it was some brave pain in the arse activists behind enemy lines.

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Posted in: Hawaiian night out See in context

Dreadful carpet design there.

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Posted in: Sea Shepherd finds Japanese whaler 'hiding behind iceberg' See in context

Hilarious. Good for SS! I love the stink bomb idea. The whales will have a great Christmas now.

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Posted in: Jessie J tours Tokyo streets aboard red double decker London bus See in context

The last time I flew BA was 17 years ago and I swore never again. Virgin was spectacular and so sad they do not fly here anymore. I now use KLM or Finnair then hub it over to UK. Might try Emirates next time but never BA.

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Posted in: The APA way - Always Pleasant Amenities See in context

Stressful check in experiences on all 3 times I have stayed in these tiny rooms you could not swing a hamster in.

Go down for that famous curry and those 75% of Japanese patrons are smoking in the restaurant. Oh there is a tiny no smoking space which includes all the smoke from the huge smoking areas. Try booking online and they mostly offer a smoking floor. Keep that under your hat!

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Posted in: Russia sends missiles to Pacific islands claimed by Japan See in context

Abe gives Russians a visa free status and Putin gives Japan a Cuba style crisis in return. The whole place will be awash with spies and sleepers. Satan (pun intended) stand the behind me.

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Posted in: Abe says TPP would be 'meaningless' without U.S. See in context

A bad week for Abe! Mein Trumpf has put the kibosh on TPP.

After all the money he gave to Russia, Putin has said there is no chance of getting the disputed islands back so they remain technically at war.

Then today a very close shave with another huge earthquake near the Dai Ichi Fukushima nuclear power plant and Vice-President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) John Coates is in Japan.

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Posted in: Ex-husband of singer Noriko Sakai arrested again for drug possession See in context

Why does he not just move to Holland? Japanese can work and live there freely without a visa and every drug known to mankind is available in coffee shops and elsewhere. Twat.

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Posted in: Meeting the family See in context

I bet he is thinking ' Hmm should be OK for a quick grope,seems normal in her family'

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Posted in: University of Tokyo to assist new female students with Y30,000 a month for rent See in context

I live in rural Japan and am always amazed how much cash high school girls have on them. Once behind 3 HSG's at a check out in DQ and they all got Y10,000 out of their purses to pay for some gel, lube and something that looked like it was made of rubber. The parents must be every generous indeed.

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Posted in: Japan OKs rescue missions for SDF in South Sudan See in context

Just wait until the first casualties start coming back to Japan. That will be the real reaction of the Japanese people. If they are hungry for real action, send them to Aleppo or Mosul, that will give them some fat to chew.

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Posted in: Tochigi police officer arrested for alleged DUI and hit-and-run See in context

What an example of the worst kind of policeman. Mind you having met a few over the years they are not the sharpest tools in the shed.

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Posted in: Man fatally hit by shinkansen train in Saitama in apparent suicide See in context

**Police have not identified the man yet but said he appeared to be in his 20s to 40s.

I would think he did not appear like very much after that impact.

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Posted in: Separate bedrooms best for a good night's sleep, expert advises See in context

This book will be a best seller. 1.Japanese do not have sex anyway.

Their bosses tell them what time to get up.

Their bosses tell them what time they can sleep, if at all.

15 minutes is enough sleep and they can do this on the train (if a seat is available)

What is a lie in?

Just work.

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Posted in: Man sets woman, himself on fire in Ibaraki restaurant See in context

The poor child in question is more important than anything these two. I would be happy to welcome him or her to my safe and loving family. God help the child.

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