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Shi Yuehan comments

Posted in: Fight on Everest sparks police probe See in context

It was a labor dispute over money...even in Shangri-la it's all about the doe ray me.

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Posted in: Doctors say cancer drug costs are too high See in context

Life's not always fair...Kuniko Mukoda

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Posted in: MDs warn teens: Don't take the cinnamon challenge See in context

Kids! What's the matter with kids today?

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Posted in: Man arrested for driving offense commits suicide at Chiba police station See in context

Unbelievable! Taking this" losing face" to the extreme.

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Posted in: Napolitano: Immigration bill would boost security in U.S. See in context

Janet, what part of illegal don't you understand?

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Posted in: 'Lone Ranger' aims to take Tonto beyond sidekick See in context

Should be a fun flick...Thank You Mask Man

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Posted in: Getting the Toyota message out to the world See in context

Informative interview, thanks.

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Posted in: Kentucky a contender for planned Toyota expansion See in context

Wonderful news! Peace and Happiness through Prosperity.

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Posted in: Woman, 77, ordered to repay Y400 mil she got from 79-yr-old man for sex See in context

I don't understand. Wasn't it quid pro quo?

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Posted in: Chinese basketball player branded as 'scum' for moving to Japan See in context

Unfortunately anti-Japanese attitudes are hammered into the Chinese children from a very young age. Although the war has been over for many years, this rabid racism still persists. Give it time. Education,exchange, cooperation,understanding...... it will pass.

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Posted in: Chinese cinemas pull Tarantino's 'Django' on first day See in context

I'm sure the movie was available on the web in China before it was even released in the American theaters. It's a little late in the game to put the genie back in the bottle.

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Posted in: This robot’s got soul! Animatronic Ray Charles sittin’ on a bench in Osaka See in context

A gawd awful display! Not at all complimentary to the "Genius." Please remove it ASAP.

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Posted in: Japan increasingly nervous about North Korean missiles See in context

On the bright side, if North Korea ever hit Japan, the people of North Korea would never experience hunger again.

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Posted in: China's Xi offers to reduce friction over hotspots See in context

I'm sure Xi Jinping's intentions are honorable, but you might want to double check the books.Last time America had to deal with Korea it cost 37,000 young boys their lives, that ain't going to happen again.

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Posted in: Have Japan’s anti-smoking laws gone too far? See in context

One man's poison, is another man's medication.

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Posted in: Panasonic stays in TV business; chairman resigning See in context

Sounds like Panasonic with Mr. Kazuhiro Tsuga at the helm will do just fine......Peace and Happiness through Prosperity

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Posted in: Vienna Philharmonic lifts lid on Nazi history See in context

You're splitting hairs. Vienna Philharmonic =Austria=Nazi

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Posted in: Life after death? Yes, says one doctor See in context

" Please, enjoy your one and only life, there is no second act." Kuniko Mukoda

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Posted in: Survey shows 85.2% of Japanese in favor of death penalty See in context

Japanese and Chinese public have found a common ground for agreement. 99.4% of the Chinese public are in favor of the Death Penalty.

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Posted in: Childhood TV addicts more likely to commit crime: study See in context

Total garbage.

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Posted in: Reward offered to catch Seoul taxis that rip off foreigners See in context

Well, Seoul is a bit confusing. Maybe an honest mistake.

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Posted in: Armstrong turns emotional in 2nd part of interview See in context

It has been said,"Eyes too close to the bladder"...I wonder, maybe the tear ducts are the strongest muscle in the human body.

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Posted in: 17-year-old boy arrested for killing grandparents See in context

Well, he can throw himself on the mercy of the court because he's an orphan.

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Posted in: Gov't says confidence in Dreamliner at stake as probes begin See in context

Going with Boeing...a few growing pains nothing major.

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Posted in: 9 phrases that make Japanese men fall head over heels See in context

Love you Long time....works.

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Posted in: Opposition lawmaker urges Abe to stay with 1993 sex slave apology See in context

"Honest" Abe you ain't.

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Posted in: The king of pizzas? We sample Domino’s pricey new luxury pizza See in context

only a Nutty Nipponese would pay 5800 yen for a pizza. .....An expensive pizza is the definition of an oxymoron in the real world.

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Posted in: U.S. cops, in-flight movies may be model for Panasonic survival See in context

Nice job...Toughbook is like KM was....Tough.

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Posted in: McDonald’s 60-second campaign a bit much for staff See in context

Great Restaurant but 60 second plan is a bit over the top. I think Ray Kroc would agree.

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Posted in: Toyota to suspend construction of new plants for three years See in context

Smart move Toyota....keep your powder dry!

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