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I come from India. Have heard a lot of good things about Japan before coming to here. We even studied at our schools some among them. Like people are very hard working, they never let their country down. During strikes unlike in India employees still work, but the do their strike smartly. Like if its a shoe factory, they make only one shoe of a pair :) (dont know how correct it is, but that's what we hear at India).

Now I have been living in Japan for the past one year, and it never dissapointed me, in fact now I respect this country more. People are so well behaved, the respect others, treat us well, do help us whenever we ask for some, stay in queues, hard workers, dont honk, pedestrians are respected, maybe I can say a 100 more. The country is neat, scenic, so on.

But there are few things I felt not so good about, like people are very addicted to their smart phones, I feel like they like to live in a virtual word more than a real one. Sometimes felt that social life is not good here, at offices I find people having food alone, which we usually don't find too much in our country ,we usually roam around as a group of friends :). Then most important work life balance is terrible, I find many of my colleagues living office late at night, coming early to office. Have wondered whether they have time for anything other than work and smartphones.

Overall I have huge respect for this country.

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Posted in: Does the experience of living in Japan make you a better person? See in context

Japan taught me that you can survive being polite too. The way Japanese people keep away religion from morality is a perfect model for all countries.

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