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I thought this was going to be about Mountain Dew.

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First, you don't eat sushi with chopsticks at jiro. you use only your hands (I've been once before).

I'm looking at the picture and wondering what's in the paper packet resting on the chopstick rest.

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Looks like the Chinese guy is a tall lefty. Those guys usually have an advantage in foil. Ota impressed me because he's a short righty and he still medalled in the Olympics, so his technique must really be sharp.

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They want to lose weight but never do, unless they break up with their boyfriend

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Females need something cute, easy-to-understand, pink, with Disney characters both on the body of the phone, in all its menus and submenus, and in the email address. And a big hole to dangle fluffy things on, and small enough size to put in their bags. Nothing too complex, because, of course, they are females. Just like old people need a plastic brick with 12 very large buttons. This is common sense.

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Does anyone even skateboard anymore? Skateboards parks as socially acceptable forms of urban revitalization is a dated Western idea. And how is that "safer"? Is there going to be an ambulance on duty?

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Maehara looks happy because he knows he's going to be PM sooner or later.

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