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Posted in: 3 million Americans carry a handgun daily: study See in context

"The survey found that 80 percent of surveyed handgun owners who carried their handgun had a concealed-carry permit."

These concealed-carry permits require a rigorous background check and training requirements. More rigorous than some police departments. This states that these men are as fit to own a gun as your gun toting officers of any country. 

If you believe that guns are not needed, please let's get rid of all guns that every Government has. Why do police officers need guns. 

You want to gripe about mass killings. Let's talk about the Native American Indian, Raping of Nanjing, Pearl Harbor, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mao, Hitler. THESE WERE MASS MURDERS, not Las Vegas. These mass murders were carried out by ordinary people at the behest of their respective leaders. These ordinary men who killed justified their actions by belief of skewed virtues.

Saying that guns should only be carried by a select few that are deemed mentally fit and morally aligned to do so is stating that all the rest are mentally incapable of this privilege. 

I reiterate, PLEASE start with the disarmament of your own government if you stated the irrelevance of firearms in this moral and loving world we live in. 

The key to peace is in respect given to others before ourselves demand it from others.

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Posted in: Fukushima fishermen OK plan to divert groundwater into sea See in context

@Kurisupisu Yes I agree with you, it will be here for a long time. The article states

Cesium-134, a radioactive element that has a half life of around two years.

But it is Cesium-137, with a half life of 30 years that will be the problem. It is not a good thing what happened. But it must be dealt with. The intention of the banana reference is to explain radiation is not harmful in certain levels. The same as mercury or other hazardous substances.

We could definitely make nuclear safer by recycling spent fuel and prioritizing safety standards over profit.

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Posted in: 23-month-old boy drowns in irrigation canal See in context

When I sleep at night, I lock my kids in padded room with me. No furniture or blankets they can get smothered in or bang up against. When I use the bathroom I put the kids in that room. I don't let then watch tv or talk to strangers. We sanitize everything in site. Only for a good life.

This woman must feel absolutely terrible. It is tragic what happened. RIP young one. I pray the mother (and her husband) can forgive herself.

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Posted in: Fukushima fishermen OK plan to divert groundwater into sea See in context

Please be real. Don't eat bananas. Each banana contains 19 Becquerels of potassium which is radioactive. They are taking about 1 Bq per liter. How much of that is actually going into a fish. Then how much will reach your plate. Please stay with coal which puts mercury into the water. China doesn't even regulate the emissions of gasses stringently as they should. Eat that fish. Let's go with solar. The amount of toxic waste created from the production of photovoltaic cells is terrible. Given the amount of energy that had been created without any kind of environmental concerns compared to the amount of toxic gasses from cars, coal plants, disposal of household waste.

Unless you can find a better solution. Protest things that kill you more. Please write your political representative and make them find a more viable solution.

And don't eat bananas, or fish, drive, take the bus, or fart (as it has methane gas that breaks down the ozone.)

Please be aware that I don't advocate nuclear power or the disposal of radioactive waste. But given the current situation it must go somewhere. And given the current technology, nuclear opposed to fossil fuels is a better alternative when you compare the emmisions per kilowatt, respectively.

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Posted in: Nuclear reactor switched on in Kyushu despite protests See in context

Two things to consider.

Recycling the spent fuel from the reactors. France gets 80% of their energy from nuclear and recycled most of the spent fuel.

Toxic waste created from the production of photovoltaic cells. (Solar panels)

Nuclear energy is a viable option if handled correctly. Safety first and profit last.

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Posted in: 20 years and going strong: Seasoned burglar arrested in Kawasaki after stealing Y15.7 million See in context

It is possible that police have actually been collecting fingerprints in burglary cases. If the culprit has never been caught them they would not have his fingerprints on file. Now that they have him they can easily go back and look at past cases.

Good job collecting evidence.

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Posted in: Boy in critical condition after falling from 4th floor of school building See in context

The pressure put on kids by parents to achieve highest grades can be overwhelming. Couple that with a personal issue (Bullying, the death of a close friend, or other troubles at home) can lead to depression. Of course I'm speculating. No one can know the problems this kid was having. Not being able to properly identify the issues and deal with it properly is the fault of the adults around him. Readers thinking the boy was insane is so closed minded.

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Posted in: How to split from your boyfriend without turning him into a stalker See in context

Really. Men please just be men. I don't know if it's issues from childhood. There are a certain amount of men that will be at a womans "beck and call". A woman will eat this up. It will feed her ego and make her feel good for a time. But over time if the men can't set boundaries within the relationship she will not be able to respect the man. She will eventually get tired of this and leave. Women don't want a player but also they don't want a chump. I don't know what most of the personalities of these 20,000 stalkers were. Obviously there weren't that many murders so there couldn't have been that many extreme cases. Mostly it was probably these young guys that were trying to figure out what a relationship is then got blindsided by a sudden breakup in a relationship that he thought was going well. Then he tried to work it out. It's a shame that he can end up with a criminal record because she overreacted to his gestures to try and work it out. Boys in Japan don't know how to compose themselves in relationships because they aren't taught. It's a learning process. Dating is dating. Don't get too serious till she becomes serious. Never stop taking to other females. Is dating your not married. The biggest bogus part I think of these replies is that some of these people say Japanese guys treat women sub hunan. I know many Japanese men that are good husbands and fathers and just good guys. How do you like it when people stereotype gaijin. Don't be dorks.

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Posted in: Pensioner pretends to be deceived by telephone fraud, helps catch criminals See in context

Similar scams work in other countries. It's not only Japan. Good going Obaasan

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Posted in: Woman causes disturbance at airport; body of daughter found in home See in context

Whether she killed her by knife or negligence. She still killed her. Is it her fault is to question. Her husband had to know something about her mental state. Her neighbors had to know she had a daughter. It would be easy for her to tell neighbors and authorities that the daughter went to live with the husband. It is still people's fault for not following up on the issue. We can all point blame and say laws need to be changed. Isn't it our responsibility to make sure laws get changed or put in place. In a society that sees people with depression or other minor problems as weak minded something needs to change. It is a society as a whole that needs to change it. Rest in Peace young woman. As for the mother, I hope she can get some help so the authorities can find out what happened and put better measures into place to prevent this from happening again.

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Posted in: Hokkaido onsen bars Maori woman over her face tattoos See in context

DogSep. 13, 2013 - 03:52PM JST

The constitution protects Japanese from being discriminated against on sex, age and appearance in using a public service. The Japanese constitution defines a public service as being open to all members of the Japanese public.

Wrong. The Japanese Constitution says nothing about appearance unless your are referring to discrimination of the Ainu people which refers to appearance.

I bet you would have said that to Rosa Parks.

This is clearly not a racial issue as you are making it out to be. This is simply refusal of services. If my shop says "no shoes, no shirt, no service" it is my right. They sell a service. Public services is a term usually used to mean services provided by government to its citizens. This is a private company. Try to carry yourself into a trendy club in LA or New York. You can never sue over something like this. Try it.

People please stop trying to turn Japan into what you want. Let the Japanese people decide what they want.

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Posted in: No. 2 man in biggest yakuza gang jailed for extortion See in context

@ Chin4Sailor I definitely cant anything about your knowledge of history or organized crime. Your amazing intellect dazzles me. The gangs that sell drugs, like the booze runners in the prohibition, is organized crime. The organized crime that exists in America is real and flourishing. The drug cartels are making great profits. The bribes are flowing, and everyone is making money. Convicting these people is not easy. I wish we could just convict people on rumors. You would be convicted of invading an allied state.  PS Why aren't you protecting amer borders from illegal drugs and immigrants.

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