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Posted in: Morimoto says Japan may send SDF to disputed islands See in context

Morimoto says Japan may send SDF to disputed islands



Really decisive!



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Posted in: Japan rejoices at 'Miracle in Glasgow' win over Spain See in context

What's all the negative stuff on here for?

Let them have their win!

They deserve encouragement.

Japanese soccer has come a long way!

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Posted in: North Koreans walk off after South Korea flag displayed at women's soccer match See in context

The Olympic spirit is best expressed in the Olympic Creed:

"The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not to win but to take part, just as the most important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle. The essential thing is not to have conquered but to have fought well."

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Posted in: If there is an accident, the U.S.-Japan alliance will become extremely difficult to handle. See in context

Who said that Japan needs protecting against China?

What is this "Al Capone."

"Don't worry, son. We'll protect you!"

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Posted in: What do you think of the London Olympic logo? See in context

Is that what it is???

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Posted in: Protests as 12 Osprey aircraft arrive at Iwakuni See in context


As a bonus point, may be the J youths will get some backbones and help defend their own country instead of relying on the hated gaijins.

Japanese people don't hate gaijins.

I don't think they hate anyone.

Hate isn't really a common Japanese emotion.

If they hated gaijins, they would not have put up with the noise, crime and inconvenience of being forced to host the US military.

They resent them, sure.

And they resent the spineless Japanese politicians who cannot say NO to the American diplomats who insist that Okinawa be crowded out with American bases.

Paul Arenson writes:

As to those who claim that the U.S. is here to defend Japan, the opposite is true. Japan is a target because the U.S. keeps its weapons of mass destruction here, and there have been several reports garnered from US Freedom of Info requests that show the U.S. keeps, or at least kept, atomic weapons here. Of course, Agent Orange. All destined for use on the Vietnamese, but also U.S. service people were also reportedly affected. Possibly Japanese as well.

We are sick of being lied to.

Lied to by the Tokyo government.

And lied to by American diplomats.

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Posted in: U.S. national security adviser to visit China, Japan See in context

Corrupt dictators have no place shoulder to shoulder with the inheritors of the American revolution.

Seems to me that if the UN is as you say that the "Inheritors of the American Revolution" fit in beautifully there.

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Posted in: Cooking with Japanese miso paste See in context

Mix it with mayonnaise and use it for a celery or cucumber stick dip.

Good with beer!

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Posted in: Noda says Japan will have to OK Osprey deployment See in context


If the Osprey had a good safety record, people would probably not complain,

LOL. How patronizing. Do you think we were born yesterday?

I can't speak for Bertie, but I do.

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Posted in: Romney campaign says Obama should 'learn to be an American' See in context

Gosh with all the crap on this "discussion" it's not surprising that people like Bush and Obama get elected.

Americans, your country is collapsing.

It's going bankrupt.

Don't you care?

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Posted in: Despite protests, Boy Scouts of America reaffirm ban on gays See in context

Just a query, but if the lesbian scout mother kept her sexual identity private, as 99% of people do, how would they every know? I think people shoot themself in the foot by constantly having to trumpet their sexuality.


Totally agree.

I don't go around with a T-shirt that says "Hetero-Pride!"

Sex has no place in the scouts, gay or hetero.

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Posted in: Afro-Japanese fusion music puzzles traditionalists See in context

You can hear the music from the picture, can you Lowly-san?

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Posted in: Clinton says 'comfort women' should be referred to as 'enforced sex slaves' See in context

I wonder which scenario you would prefer if you had been one of these unfortunate women:

"What did you do in the war, Grannie?"

A) "I was an enforced sex slave." "What does that mean?" "I had sex with 20 soldiers a day."

B) "I was a comfort woman." "What does that mean?" "I made the soldiers feel comfortable."

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Posted in: Romney campaign says Obama should 'learn to be an American' See in context

I think both Romney and Obama need to learn to be human.


Couldn't happen!

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Posted in: Smoking in movies may turn teens to cigarettes: study See in context

Are guys who put out reports like this people with a lot of time on their hands?

It certainly looks like it.

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Posted in: Noda says Japan will have to OK Osprey deployment See in context

Fadamor, you are using REALLY LITTLE words so that warispeace can understand. I wonder if you know the word "Patronizing," because that's what you are doing. And your comment on warispeace's statement is non-sequitur. (Don't got nuffink to do wiv it.)

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Posted in: 'Stop and frisk' policy polarizes New York See in context


I completely agree with you about Obama.

About the police, you have a point, but I do not think that all those who have problems bring it upon themselves.

I wonder what you think about the TSA?

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Posted in: Rolling Stones celebrate 50th anniversary of 1st concert See in context

Jagger is amazing!

Even at 68!

If you've ever seen him live, you'll know.

Check out Superheavy on YouTube.

Incredible music, with Joss Stone, Damien Marley and others.

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Posted in: Remote Hokkaido town selling land for Y120 per sq meter See in context

Those people complaining about the cold !!!... Have you never heard of insulation? How do you suppose millions of people around the world manage to survive, in colder places than your centrally heated Tokyo appartment?

This is not Tokyo.

Wrapping up warm doesn't cut it!

If you haven't lived in Hokkaido, you don't know the extent of the cold, snow and ice.

Of course there is insulation.

There is also double glazing and double front doors (Open the outside door, enter the hallway. Shake the snow off your coat and take off your boots. Then open the door and enter the house).

They have another word for cold.

Samui (cold) - (0 degrees) Shibareru (really, really cold) (minus 10, 20 degrees)

Attatakai (attake-) is plus one or two degrees.

Yuni has a nice onsen and a good bakery. And it's a nice place to visit. Hokkaido fish, vegetables and beer are excellent.

Yubari in Hokkaido declared bankruptcy a few years ago. And with Hokkaido's reliance on gasoline for heating and all transportation, I don't think it's going to be a hundred years before other areas in Hokkaido go under.

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Posted in: Customs officials say pens need weapons import license See in context

I have had a look at the Smith & Wesson site for pens. The non-writing end had a very sharp metal end (not a soft end like a bullet). Held dagger-like, it would be a very effective dagger-like weapon.

This is the way media operates. They "accidentally" omit a vital piece of information.

If this is true, it makes complete sense to require a special license to import them.

It also makes nonsense of the article and most of the comments.

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Posted in: Remote Hokkaido town selling land for Y120 per sq meter See in context

Not a good investment.

Gasoline prices are not going to go down.

With six months of winter, temperatures down to minus 20 and everything relying on gasoline; heating, transportation, delivery of food products, this is not a good idea.

Unless you like looking at snow and ice, shivering in a freezing cold house with nothing to eat, unable to go anywhere.

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Posted in: Sylvester Stallone's son found dead at Hollywood home See in context

Seems to be a drug overdose.

What a waste!

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Posted in: Romney demands Obama apology over Bain attacks See in context

Out of 300,000,000 people, is this the choice?

Obama or Romney?


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Posted in: San Francisco sours on Apple computers See in context

single tiny company's need

basroil, there's nothing tiny about Apple these days!

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Posted in: San Francisco sours on Apple computers See in context

Ship the junk to china when worn out.

Surely you mean, "Ship the junk BACK to China," don't you?

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Posted in: N Korea says it needs nuclear weapons to deter U.S. See in context

This is what happens.

The US has nuclear weapons, loves to flash its weaponry around, and generally creates an unsafe atmosphere.

Then other countries like North Korea feel that they have to protect themselves against the U.S.A. So they feel the need to beef up their weaponry too.

We had all this with the USSR/U.S.A. "cold war."

You don't solve international problems with force of arms.

You solve problems by understanding.

And to get that, real TWO WAY (i.e. listening as well as speaking) communication is needed.

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Posted in: Gemba expresses concerns over Osprey to Clinton See in context

Of course there are safety concerns about the Osprey. There are safety concerns about US bases in Okinawa too!

What gives the US the right to continue to occupy Okinawan territory?

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Posted in: 10 things foreign guys do that make Japanese girls fall head over heels See in context

9 - he kisses her what?

No Maria, he doesn't kiss her "what" he kisses her "over."

It's a slang term.

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Posted in: Gemba expresses concerns over Osprey to Clinton See in context

Is Japan a US colony?

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Posted in: Does Okinawa need to host any U.S. military bases? See in context

I agree completely with LoveNot.

We do not need US bases in Japan or any other country.

Peace is not something to fight for or protect.

Peace is the natural condition.

War and aggression is the unnatural one.

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