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but It’s the Okinawan government who is hiding the truth, yesterday a person from the government who asked ask to be tested today, told us that there is at least 10people who got infected with the virus in Chatan area but its not even in the news!

and then they are Encouraging people from mainland to come visit okinawa , I was told by someone who works with tourism company that there is at least 4000people coming from mainland who would be staying in Chatan area! How is this doing your outmost best to fight the virus!?

greedy politicians!

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First of all, today's China which Mao Zedong founded in 1949 did NOT exsit when WW2 ended in 1945. I will tell you what Japan have been doning for each Asian nations.

After the Treaty of San Francisco in 1951, Japan also hold 2 nation treaties (Japan and each countries) with each countries, and have paid compensation along with the treaty.

Japan paid US$200 million for Burma (former nation of Myanmar) with the treaty on November 5 1951. To Phillipines, Japan paid US$550 million along with the compensation agreement on May 9 1956. To Indonesia, Japan paid US$223 million along with the compensation agreement on January 20 1958. To Vietnam, Japan paid US$3.9 million along with the compensation agreement on May 13 1959. At the Treaty on relations between Japan and S.Korea in 1965, Japan paid $500 million, and also provided $300 million loans.

As for China, the nation which existed in the Chinese continent before WW2 was Chiang Kai-shek's ROC (Republic of China:Taiwan nowadays), but he lost the domestic battle with Mao Zedong and moved to Taiwan island. Mao Zedong founded PRC (People’s Republic of China) in 1949, and advanced the reforms of China and Chinese people with his communism beliefs. China had been in chaos with their Cultural Revolution and the "Down to the Countryside Movement". It was an era of the "Cold War" between the west (USA, West Europe and Japan) and communism (Soviet, China and East Europe).

In 1972, Japan hold the Joint Communique with China, and Japan started to issue apology statements for China.

There were no request or demand regarding compensation, cos, International legally, PRC (China) didn't exist when Japan was defeated in 1945. However Japan started to pay lots of money to China as the form of ODA (Official development assistance). The amount paid to China is over US$6,000 billion for last 20 years.

But you know, unfortunately, Chinese government haven't told this financing help from Japan to their citizens. And mainland Chinese can't access to Wikipedia and other western resources by their Internet censorship.

That is why Chinese say Japan didn't apologized at all and didn't pay anything.

Probably they (Chinese) won't change their attitude to accuse Japan. Their hope is Japan get down on it's hands and knees in front of China. In their Sinocentrism, Japan has to be nothing for them.

At last, as for the Nanking Massacre, Japan admits there were an operation to attack Nanking. However, Chinese always say Japan army killed 300,000 people. But the population of the Nanking city at that moment was only 200,000. This is historical record. How could Japanese army kill more than its population? It is just propadanda of Chinese government. And the history book, Japan is free country, there are lots of history books for school. (How many text book publisher in China? Only their government?) The text book Chinese accuse is just one of those various choices for Japanease. And Japanese also think what the book did is not fair. So most schools are selecting other history books. Japan is a country of freedom.

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Japan has and made all up legally as a member of the world.

List of war apology statements issued by Japan

And as for other incidents, those you say, you need to prove them with certain proofs. But China and South Korea haven't shown exact proofs. Verbal evidences can be fabricated and won't be a proof. No proofs, no apology.

China and South Korea have received tons of money, financial and technological supports from Japan already. Also Japan have signed the peace treaties and compensated to South East Asian countries in the 50's. Burma signed in 1955, Philippines did in 1956, Indonesia in 1958, and Vietnam in 1959. They are good friends of Japan today, except Chinese and Koreans who continue anti-Japanese attitude. International judgment has been closed. All the crimes of criminals were judged and the crimes disappeared today.

Don't you know PM Murayama got down on his knees and bowed in front of the graves of local Chinese when he traveled to the S.E.A. countries in the 90's?

You learn history and politics more, and have a sense of shame about keeping hatred toward Japan even in this 21st century.

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war is also a Solution!! China is not yet ready for war with Japan!! I think Japan should start sending boats to china territory too lets see how they will feel about it****

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War is also a solution, just saying... And i don't think china is ready to go to war with Japan

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