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Posted in: Over 70% fully vaccinated in Japan; among top 3 in G7 See in context

France 74,35 % of the population full vaccinated.

Canada 73,82%

Italy 71,01

I am not sure for UK

So japan is maximum top 4, not top 3

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Over 60 percent of the population is expected to be fully vaccinated by the end of September, bringing Japan on a par with major European countries such as Britain and France, according to the government.

70.4% of French people are fully vaccinated, and this is today. not 60 in 2 weeks

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Posted in: Anger in France after 'civil war' warning over Macron's 'concessions' to Islamism See in context

Hello everybody,

I'm giving you a list of these concessions.

Some schools are afraid to talk about sensitive subjects in class. Especially since a teacher was beheaded in the street for having organized a debate on the caricature. 

There are also people who refuse to shake hands with women, for example, in public companies. Private schools teach a rigorous version of Islam outside the rules. To close this kind of school the government has made new laws. But most of the time the police are obliged to find details (for example sharp security rules) to close these Islamist schools.

Also, there would be in France between less than 200 districts where the laws are more held by the drug traffics than the police. It's built in such a way that it's easy for them to make a "privacy". Drug trafficking is no longer controlled by large-scale criminals, but by a multitude of groups that fight each other.

This last year about 5 attacks take place in France. And less than 100 attacks have been foiled by the government since 2013.

I believe that what shocks is a liberated speech with a totally different vision of France. It's very cliché, but the most listened music often denounces the government and the "white" French of racism. And often this same music has very violent lyrics. Of course we can't generalize all this music style.

Now it's the same thing on social networks.

Many people have an islamic speech on social networks, it is very visible. Even if we don't have real numbers.

There was also the problem of associations and mosques often funded by a foreign country. 

Political associations, also, do a lot of harm to the living together under the guise of anti-racism. Many people don't want to be in a divided society like in America.

There is also the case of this young girl who had to leave her school, because it was too dangerous for her. Because she had criticized Islam. After several schools, she had to resign herself to school at home.

The government has been very violent against the yellow jackets, and many people do not understand why there is not the same violence against delinquency. And it happens that the delinquency is often Muslim, or else will be converted in prisons. The most reliable figure we have is 26% of Muslims in prison, but such statistics are almost forbidden, in any case very difficult to get.

This is only a few examples and the list is still very long, nevertheless I want to say that the rise of violence in recent years has right winged the country. Now, almost all serious candidates for the next elections are obliged to be more severe in this respect. Macron has passed a lot of laws and closed down a lot of associations in the last year. 

Between now and the end of the presidential election, there will be a lot of debate, now we are almost in a "who is tougher" situation.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 445 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,537 See in context

Melbourne tested 30,000 in a day Tokyo less that so muuuum not a reality. 1 person gets the virus in Aust/ NZ it's big news 445 in Tokyo not so much. Nice handeling.

And in france 20 00 a day is a good new.

Of course dynamic is the most important thing.

1 person in tokyo was big news last year.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 266 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 961 See in context

The curve of new coronavirus cases goes down each day, despite the curve of infected and hospitalised people getting up each day. I wonder how is that possible

It is simple. you say lie, or dont want to see the true.

a little bit more than a month ago more than 1000 people were hospitalised. Today 658.

Since this few days number of death decrease too.

If the lockdown was useless. we shouded to see a thousand death a day, and hospital so crowded that doctor need to work in parking.

More you wait to accept the true, more it gonne be difficult. coronavirus decrease every where around the world.

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Posted in: Gov't to review next week early lifting of state of emergency See in context

I don't understand why everyone want so much lock down to continue. You people want millions of people life, job, couple. Only to save 1 or 2 thousand very old people ?

More than 1 millions people die in japan every year.

Yes the japanese population is more aware about how to fight the virus than in europe or us. We did not see the same picture.

You think stat of death and serious sick is hided ? so why it does not have any impact on the global death stat.

why we can not see hospital completly crowded with tent on hospital parking full of covid people in serious condition.

It is just politic, just a need to be against government. Something we can find everywhere.

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