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shimonetadaisuki comments

Posted in: Govt to review candidate sites for Fukushima waste disposal See in context

Why store it within the 20km contamination zone when you can ship it out, spread it around and share the contamination with every one?

On a more serious note; sending it to the sun, as nice as it sounds, is not practical, there is way too much waste and the costs would be astronomical.

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Posted in: High-tech toilet maker eyes global throne See in context

American taboo to talk about toilets? Hiromichi Tabata from Toto is full of BS. Americans can go to Home Depot anytime they want, without having to sit down and drink tea with a salesperson, and buy a toilet for around a hundred bucks, and install it themselves. Most people are not willing to pay three thousand dollars for a "high-tech" toilet.

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Posted in: Student arrested under anti-stalker legislation after sending over 1,000 emails See in context

Arrested, but not before giving him full details of the victims location, and full name.

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Posted in: Club boss caught on camera beating elderly taxi driver See in context

Easy to find video on Youtube.


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Posted in: Gov't draws flak for underreporting radiation readings in Fukushima See in context

Flack? Where? The sheeple have spoken!

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Posted in: McDonald's staff trained to throw tracking balls at armed robbers See in context

Way to go McD & J-po, give the thieves a reason to stab employees.

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Posted in: NHK WORLD TV now available for Android smartphones in Japan See in context

They finally found a way to get free-loading foreigners to register their names with NHK through android.

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Posted in: Man charged with drunk driving after 2 die in car crash See in context

Charged with drunk driving, for killing two people. Hmmm

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Posted in: Hornets sting 11 students in Niigata See in context

Stay in school, I think they got the point.

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Posted in: Women could save Japan's economy: IMF's Lagarde See in context

Getting more women to "save Japan" by working, is a subltle attempt to introduce new "austerity measures" in Japan.

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Posted in: Japan forum to discuss nuclear-free energy future See in context


I can agree with you on one thing, when it comes to climate change, the future for humans is bleak. Coal may take us their faster, but Nuclear power will take us there all the same.

But if you are gonna get on your computer and publicly comment that "people" evacuees, and victims of the Fukushima disaster, whomever these people may be who are against nuclear power, cannot see past today, and are too busy following anti-nuclear propaganda, then you should be ashamed of yourself. Go to the disaster area yourself, look these people in the eye, and repeat to them your insensitive speculative comment.

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Posted in: 2 people attacked by bear in Niigata See in context

Basroil, you are so funny. It reminds me of when I was a child, I used to believe that if I was riding in a plane that was going to crash, I could jump off right before impact and survive.

These bears are many times stronger than a human, even if punching a bear was a proven method, by the time it grabs you, it will shake you so hard, you wont be able to punch it in the nose.

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Posted in: Japan forum to discuss nuclear-free energy future See in context

I agree with Disillusioned, this meeting is total BS. This supposed target date of 2040, how coincidental that it happens to be an even number, but no one in Japan will scratch their head, because this fabricated target date has already appeased public discontent, and being naive, people will actually think that the government is working so hard to solve the problem, when it is clear they are incompetent. You couldnt make this garbage up...

By the time 2040 comes, the public will have lost all their animosity, and the nuclear power industry will have had plenty of time to refortify their power and control. If there was a time to stop nuclear power here in Japan, it has come and it has gone, the nuclear lobby won, and the public lost.

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Posted in: Rare gold saury worth weight in actual gold See in context

Thank you Tepco for providing us with such beautiful golden fish.

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Posted in: Swimming the hard way in Japan - in samurai armour See in context

Ironic how much the Japanese revere the Samurai, yet if the Samurai were around today, they would be labeled terrorists.

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Posted in: Random patdowns begin at 30 int'l airports in Japan See in context

It is well known that racial profiling is a side-effect of random patdowns.

I agree with Serrano's comment. When you step back and look at some number scenarios, the whole process becomes an obsurd exercise, if patdowns are not implimented on everyone.

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Posted in: NHK wins international Emmy for quake/tsunami coverage See in context

In other words, NHK wins international emmy for turning the camera on.

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Posted in: Osaka to be informed of sex offenders' criminal records See in context

Besides the need to impliment this for the entire nation.

It is naive to think that child molesters could be rehabilitated in any amount of jail time served.

But we should commend those that are taking the lead in this fight to protect our children, especially in a "developed" country which is still lagging behind in the protection of children.

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Posted in: New nuclear regulatory agency launched See in context

Que the benny hill music.

Seriously, After Japan almost destroying the whole western seaboard of the USA, dumping tons of toxic waste into the oceans and discovering all the corruption behind the accident, and not holding anyone accountable, how the hell does the international community even accept Japan to take this great responsibility on their own. They threaten the safety of the entire world.

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Posted in: Man who cooked, served his own genitals sent to prosecutors See in context

71 guests, and he is Japanese, It was more like a condiment.

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Posted in: Head of Fukushima investigation commission defends report See in context

This is Japanese culture, corrupt criminals at top level protecting eachother at the expense of the rest of the population, sounds about right.

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Posted in: Noda aims to reduce Japan's reliance on nuclear power See in context

He only said "Japan should aim reduce reliance," there is no plan to stop or reduce reliance, its just a sham to quiet all those who oppose nuclear energy, by acting like he is doing something about it.

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Posted in: Attempt to capture escaped Humboldt penguin unsuccessful See in context

This penguin needs a name... and some potassium iodide pills.

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Posted in: 6-yr-old girl dies after car plows into schoolchildren in Osaka See in context

Self-driving-computerized-network-navigated cars with external saftey sensors, when that day comes, these incidents will be a thing of the past. Until then, we all have a chance of becoming the accidental victim or the accidental culprit.

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Posted in: Thousands rally in Tokyo ahead of last reactor going offline See in context

randomenigma, tell that to all the evacuees from Fukushima, and while your at it, tell that to all those people who work in Japanese export.

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Posted in: Power companies warn of summer shortages of up to 20% See in context

Nuclear power is not safe, and nuclear power is not clean, I think it is quite obvious by now. Those who disagree must be waiting for the slap in the face.

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