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Posted in: New opposition party launched in Japan See in context

Welcome to the old party. Same as the old one.

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Posted in: Japanese lawmaker says no early morning meetings if she becomes PM See in context

Wise words. I always feel groggy as hell in the early mornings, personally I feel more productive after lunch when there is food in my belly.

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Posted in: Russia's track federation suspended by governing body IAAF See in context

Now can we please move FIFA 2018 from Russia to England?

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Posted in: Police arrest older brother of 12-year-old Kyoto student over smoking marijuana See in context

Why marijuana is still illegal just amazes me.

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Posted in: Nikkei pledges to respect Financial Times culture See in context

Well, FT is now going to be a pro-Keidanren publication which will not dare to talk negatively about Japan inc. Nikkei is highly sponsored by these companies and it refuses to publish anything that goes against them, like Nomura, Toshiba, Olympus. Sucks for FT readers for sure and expect the Toshiba scandal affair to 'disappear' from their headlines.

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Posted in: China warns Japan against 'crippling regional peace' See in context

If China didn't constantly send warships and aeroplanes into Japanese waters, with incidents including locking on to Japanese ships prior to firing and sending spy planes over Okinawa and the like, this wouldn't have given an easy victory to the LDP back in 2012 and even then, Abe wouldn't have had the proper narrative to enact tougher security laws due to lack of support from within the party. What can I say China, you reap what you sow. By the way, I think a nation that has the potential to cripple regional peace would be a nation that makes a year-on-year double digit military spending increase, unilaterally builds military installations on disputed land and illegally takes disputed land by force.

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Posted in: Japan says it won't decide on AIIB until corruption addressed See in context

They just turn a blind eye when the yaks do it, but yes, as such, equally guilty. Mind you, they are not political prisoners but people trafficked into Japan (which is notorious for it's human trafficking problems and forced prostitution, etc.).

Could find no sources on Japanese officials bribing the health industry, using executed prisoners for illegal organ harvesting or being directly involved in human trafficking. Only stories in which Japan's rich/wealthy (not public officials) traded Chinese organs on the black market and criminals (again, not public officials) using Host bars as trafficking transit spots. Thus they have no equivalence with the Chinese officials dealings with the organ industry. Japan is 15th on this index compared to China, who is on the higher quartile on the index

I'm not denying Japan has corruption, of course it does with the recent resignations of Cabinet Ministers and the '88 Recruit Scandal, but the reason why it pales in comparison to China is that they can be kicked out of their cabinet job and/or lose the job of PM, unlike the CCP with no method of accountability. There is also the severity of the corruption, with Chinese officials looting precious cultural artefacts and harvesting Falun Gong prisoners compared to Japanese officials taking the occasional bribe from agricultural and other interests.

PS yes, I also hope accountability can be improved in Japan via tougher sentencing laws on law-breaking officials. But little safeguards are better than none.

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Posted in: Japan says it won't decide on AIIB until corruption addressed See in context

No, Japan is no different. In fact, they are far worse

Can you vote out corrupt officials in China's one-party system? Will you face risk of death in Japan when you attempt to expose said corruption or get into a business dispute with a corrupt official, regardless of being a foreigner? Do Japanese officials illegally bribe the health industry into harvesting organs of political prisoners for short term financial gain?

Having lived in China in 2 years, the rampant corruption, croynism that's so systemic within the CCP and lack of a provision in workers rights in the various energy and manufacturing sectors, as well as the corrupt PLA pillaging Ancient Chinese artefacts, Chinese corruption makes Japanese corruption look like mere child's play.

P.S. Xi's so-called 'anti-corruption campaign' is just a cover for a political purge, you can be corrupt, just be loyal to Xi.

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Posted in: U.S. base dispute worsens as Tokyo refuses to bend See in context

Want protection from China but don't want the base on their island. NIMBYism at its finest.

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Posted in: China hits back at U.S., Japan for 'provocative' remarks See in context

Who is more provocative? The militarist (yes, militarist) country who unilaterally takes land with military force, using gunboat diplomacy and intimidation as a means to achieve their ends as well as initiating questionable claims over another nations well established territory as a bare faced attempt in seizing land for resource exploitation; or allied democratic nations trying to counter the provocations? We all know the answer to that one.

If hypocrisy levels were measured in the same way as a popularity of an album, then China would keep obtaining Certified Diamond.

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Posted in: Japan, Australia consider submarine deal that could rattle China See in context

You really have to love how Japan has a constitution that legally does not allow these things to exist, but that they can profit from.

Article 9 or anywhere in the constitution for that matter doesn't prohibit Japan exporting weapons to a Third party, the Ban on Arms Exports isn't one made in the constitution, as evidenced by Sato and Fukuda adding new rules regarding Arms Exports 20 and 29 years later respectively. Also the DPJ began the slippery slope of exemptions from the blanket ban in 2011, this isn't something new.

Japan won't benefit from the blow-back much, though, while Australia will get some good tech.

How will Japan get blow-back from this? The only party that has blow-back related to them is China, since they wanted to intimidate the DPJ-led Japan into re-negotiating the Senkaku lease, only to realise they found themselves with a right wing premier like Abe being elected who won't deal with Chinas threats, leading to steps such as an Arms Export Deal, in this instance.

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Beijing hit back Thursday at Tokyo’s claims of “dangerous” flying near disputed islands, accusing Japanese fighter jets of coming recklessly close to a Chinese aircraft last year.

Honestly, I am getting nauseous of this tit-for-tat, stake raising BS that China started back in Autumn 2012. Just accept the fact that Japan, backed by the USA, won't be intimidated by gunboat diplomacy and won't make any concessions to territory in that method. Instead of sending said gunboats and behaving like a 6 year old, file a suit in the ICJ where Japan would be compelled to respond and forced to accept a ruling in Chinas favour.

Oh wait, you can't do that, because then the other neighbours (India, Philippines, Vietnam, to name a few) would then attempt to take their respective territorial disputes to the international courts to challenge Chinas claim, in which China could potentially lose the vast majority of their claims and the CCP lose face. The CCP have put China between a rock and a hard place, and don't expect them to get out of it any-time soon.

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Posted in: Japan starts review of wartime sex slave apology See in context

While a review to verify if the comfort women were actually telling the truth backed up by historical documents is seemingly normal, I am concerned on the fact that this 'secret team' (AKA historians on the uyoku dantai payroll) would let their predetermined political positions get in the way of the reviewing process, nitpick a few good points at the expense of the torrential downpour of the bad ones and then come out saying 'Haha! They were lying all along!' with a report not peer-reviewed internationally or backed up by hard evidence. Hoping for the sake of Japan and regional stability that it doesn't come to that.

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Posted in: China cracks down on instant messaging services See in context

As a person living inside China, I can guarantee first hand you need to use web proxies or a VPN in order to access seemingly normal sites such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, The Guardian to name but a few. What Westerners take for granted is forbidden in China as knowledge is power and the CCP seeks to keep a dull, sheep like population only receiving a twisted side of a story. But to the CCP, heed this warning: when you oppress people long and brutal enough, expect them to rise up.

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Posted in: China warns Japan to stay out of dispute in South China Sea See in context

We require the Japanese side to consistently take realistic actions to protect the regions peace and stability.

The hypocrisy is strong in this one.

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Posted in: China, S Korea lash out at Japan foreign relations report See in context

Laughable that China and SK condemn the revision when they do the EXACT same things themselves, China's notoriously CCP-fuelled 'Patriotic Education' system being an example.

Yet again like a broken record, the ravens are calling the crows black.

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Posted in: Obama brings Abe, Park together for talks See in context

This is purely PR, a forced meeting by Obama and nothing concrete came out of it. If you watch the video, Abe greeted Park in Korean but Park did not respond or even look the other way when Abe spoke. There was ZERO interaction, all in front of the camera. The day before, Park already met Xi the day before and they agreed to set up another memorial for Koreans who resisted Japanese occupation in WWII. Abe and Co. didn't make any constructive progress on the South Korean front.

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Posted in: Xi tells Obama to be fair on China's maritime disputes See in context

Translation: 'Mr. Obama, please be fair, let us take islands through military force without warning let alone consent while you don't help your allies, and send warships and gunships into foreign waters and airspace! I think that's fair enough, do you?'

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Posted in: China says no room for compromise with Japan on history, territory See in context

Give the bully an inch and he will try to take everything. That's what we learned from dealing with the Nazi's/IJA and we should apply what we had learnt from the causes of WW2 and apply it to the China of today, a totalitarian irredentist dictatorship.

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Posted in: Israel PM demands Palestinians recognize Jewish state See in context

Because evicting them from their homes and building settlements will surely get them to recognise Israel. Idiot.

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Posted in: Japan pledges $200 million in aid for Palestinians See in context

Recognise Palestine as an independent legitimate state. However, this money will probably by taxed by Israelis and be given to the infamous Israeli settlers, unfortunately.

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Posted in: Japan mission leaves for talks with N Korea See in context

Let's hope constructive dialogue is achieved during the talks.

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Posted in: Japan expresses concern over Russia's Ukraine move See in context

Should japan support Obama and the West explicitly during this whole crisis, Russia could possibly use that as leverage during negotiations regarding the Northern Territories, should they emerge as the victors in this affair. Abe is being deliberate in using weak language and not making threats of a G8 boycott due to the leverage Russia might gain.On the international level this will further isolate Russia from the West and even their trusted ally China. Both countries are mutually suspicious of each other already given Chinese mass immigration to the Russian Far East.

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Posted in: Abenomics struggles to deliver public works boom See in context

Real reform is breaking through the vested interests that hamper growth with their huge monopolies. Deregulation, not public works projects, is the pathway to economic recovery. This is 2014, not 1954.

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Posted in: Chinese media hurls racist slur at departing U.S. envoy See in context

But the official agency wrote that once Locke arrived, so did the Beijing smog.

But the yellow skin of bananas will eventually rot, not only revealing the white core inside but also turning into a putrid black core, the commentary went on.

God the Chinese state media is incredibly, infamously ridiculous at times, is it a wonder to them why we don't take them seriously, let alone be treated as a normal peace loving nation?

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Posted in: S Korean president warns Japan over war sex slavery apology review See in context


In case if you didn't know, the (recent) anti-Korea protests were a long-delayed reaction to the countless, state-backed, violent and downright stupid anti-Japan protests, you've only got yourself to blame. Give Park another 3-4 years in corruption scandals to see her approval rating bumble to 20% like her predecessors Roh and Lee before her. Lee visited Takeshima in a desperate attempt to become popular, small good that it did.

2 can play at your game.

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Posted in: S Korean president warns Japan over war sex slavery apology review See in context

@Mitch Cohen

Do you actually have any facts regarding Park's approval ratings, or is this just a convenient way to discredit SK's actions? Would LOVE to see some approval ratings and how they relate to Park's statements.

Read to your hearts content.

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Posted in: S Korean president warns Japan over war sex slavery apology review See in context

Like a broken record. SK Presidents always adopt anit-Japan policies, speeches, statements etc. whenever there's a defence/corruption scandal ongoing or there approval rating is in the toilet. What a coincidence.

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Posted in: Anti-Japan rally in Seoul See in context


Well said, not to mention they overturned 83 class B/C War Criminal verdicts from the Intl Military Tribunal for the Far East, claiming that they were 'victims of Japanese Imperialism'

Last time I checked, victims don't commit atrocities or deliberately failed to prevent them/order them.

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Posted in: Japan says it is puzzled by new China WWII national days See in context


but not as much growing resent as they are to Abe's rule.

Domestic issues come before foreign affairs to Chinese people, how do I know this? First hand experience. I live and study in Beijing and when talking about politics to chinese 18-25 they aren't actively anti-Japanese, it falls low on their list compared to income inequality and pollution levels, which the CCP are trying to change.

They key difference between the CCP and LDP is that the LDP was democratically elected while the CCP is an insecure, authoritarian regime that will use heavy repression and force should the eventual protests come. With the military becoming independent like 1930's Japan and an impending economic bubble, expect a new Warlord Era

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