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Posted in: Japan says it is puzzled by new China WWII national days See in context

What is puzzling is that the CCP declare national memorial days almost 7 DECADES after it happened, at a time where China is undergoing potential economic calamity, an increasingly belligerent/independent military, hazardous pollution levels and a youth that is gradually getting more resentful towards CCP rule.


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Posted in: Murayama says 1995 sex slavery apology review not in Japan's interest See in context

While a review to determine the verification of Comfort Woman Testimonials is perfectly normal, however under this current J-Gov I doubt this will go through with neutrality/impartiality. Abe will most likely commission an 'independent panel of experts' (euphemism for Uyoku elements within the LDP) to make a biased result that suits his position: 'no sex slaves, just prostitutes!' (as if there's actually a difference).

Japan shouldn't go through the painful process of reopening old wounds, what's said has been said, and it puts the country on par with China and to a smaller extent Korea, in terms of historical whitewashing.

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Posted in: Chinese wartime forced laborers sue Japanese firms See in context

Article V of the Sino Japanese 1972 Joint Communique: ' The Government of the People's Republic of China declares that in the interest of the friendship between the Chinese and the Japanese peoples, it renounces its demand for war reparation from Japan.'

Along with the 1952 Treaty of Taipei with the ROC, China waived reparation claims from Japan and instead opted for ODA, in which by 2005 over $30 Billion was paid to China the funds going to various infrastructure projects. Under a court of law these claims would be rendered null and void. The CCP is exploiting this for political purposes and I doubt companies will pay due to pressure from the J-Gov.

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Posted in: China mulls days to remember defeat of Japan, Nanjing Massacre See in context

Do I think the Chinese should have a Nanjing Massacre/WW2 China Theatre Remembrance Day? Yes.

Do I think the CCP will hijack this day of legitimate grievances to turn it into a politically motivated, nationalist fervour, anti-Japan Day instead of a Day of Remembrance like the days of VE, VJ, 11/11, ANZAC etc.? Yes.

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Posted in: Post-tsunami deaths due to stress, illness outnumber disaster toll in Fukushima See in context

Well said @jerseyboy, putting profit before people surely makes a noxious result. These building companies will abandon the reconstruction projects to facilitate people lives given the massively lucrative Olympic construction deals that always enttail with corruption. Sickening.

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Posted in: China accuses U.S. of meddling after Obama-Dalai Lama meeting See in context

“Tibetan issues fall purely into the domestic affairs of China,” Zhang said. “The US has no right to interfere.”

Hypocritical considering the fact China loves to get off on interfering in domestic affairs of its neighbours, whether it's a new defence policy or a simple editorial in a newspaper.

“China expressed strong indignation and firm opposition” to the “erroneous acts” of the U.S. in interfering in China’s internal issues

An 'Erroneous Act' would be the invasion of an area whose ethnicity is vehemently opposed to your rule, occupying it with brute force and repression while committing acts that amount to cultural genocide, forced demographic transitions and even ethnic cleansing.

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Posted in: Firms resist government pressure to lift base wages See in context

One of the reasons why wages won't go up is the soaring energy prices companies have to pay in order to run the business and prevent bankruptcy. The only way to lower the energy price is if Japan restarts their nuclear reactors, no matter how unpopular the move may be, it's one of, if not the biggest, way to increase wages not to mention bring the trade deficit back into a healthy surplus.

Also bringing legislation into raising the minimum wage and prevent this current Finance Ministry to not be ran by the notoriously pro-employer Keidanren will probably increase the wage as well.

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Posted in: Shimane stages annual rally over disputed islands with S Korea See in context


last I read there were no on- going negotiations with Russia over the northern islands..

To sum up, they have just started the resumption of (decades old) negotiations. I heavily doubt all the 4 islands will be returned to Japan. An accurate split would be Habomai, Shikotan, Kunashiri and 20% of Etorofu going to Japan

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Posted in: Shimane stages annual rally over disputed islands with S Korea See in context

ICJ thing: Japan refuses to do so with other island disputes claiming they are non-issues, and so you can't be the kettle if SK does the same and claim any ounce of credibility with your arguments.

Whenever an international dispute occurs, the plaintiff/claimant brings the case forward to the ICJ, and it's up to the defendant/administrator whether to proceed. That is why South Korea refuses (along with the inconvenient truth behind the Syngman Rhee line) and Japan stating they wouldn't seek an ICJ ruling on the Senkakus. China is welcome to file an ICJ suit if they want to. Hell, it might beneficial for them considering the theory that if China wins Japan is under agreement to comply with ruling, no matter how beneficial it is for China. As for the Kurils, Japan and Russia are already in bilateral negotiations, so no need for an ICJ suit. (Note, Japan is under agreement to go to court with a plaintiff/claimant, so it cannot refuse like South Korea.)

Sorry, but given the fact it's administered and lived on by South Koreans you cannot actually say it is 'an integral part of our country' and keep a straight face.

I have to agree with you on that one smith, integral is indeed a wrong word choice.

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Posted in: Kerry says U.S. backs Japan's military buildup See in context

China have only themselves to blame for Japan's re-armament, using the outdated 'Japanese militarism' excuse as a cover up to have double digit military spending. For it is China, not Japan, that's becoming the pariah of Asia with it's multiple and usually resource-driven and illegitimate, territorial disputes...

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Posted in: Japan to buy stealth fighters, drones and submarines See in context

Let the arms race begin.

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Posted in: S Korea slams Japan's video claim on disputed isles See in context

Ah, let the video go, SK. Some crappy YouTube video doesn't change the fact that Dokdo is, and forever will be, South Korean territory.

Chinese ships violently sending ships into the Senkakus/Diaoyus in order to intimidate the J-gov into acknowledging the so-called 'dispute', using emotion and erroneous maps to bolster their weak claim, only starting to claim the islets when there's vast oil/gas reserves discovered? There is a clearly a dispute, Japan should negotiate!

South Korea illegally taking the Liancourt Rocks by military force, unilaterally sending soldiers and sailors and refusing to negotiate with Japan in the ICJ (in which they would have a good chance winning the case)? Using the 'comfort women' card and refuted maps and docs that makes a weak excuse for a military excuse? There's no dispute! Japan should just let go of the obvious injustice committed!

A textbook example of the double standard right there. Well done smith, well done.

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