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Posted in: Noda to become Japan's next prime minister See in context

I wonder who'll be next?

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Posted in: Boy jumps to death after telling teacher, police he was bullied See in context

Never kill yourself, it's a bigger sin to kill yourself than to kill other people. (according to the Old Testament)

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Posted in: Should dog owners be prosecuted if their animal attacks someone? See in context

The dog should be prosecuted.

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Posted in: 2 men arrested for stealing from Fukushima exclusion zone See in context

they earn 2 points as scavengers In Fallout (now seriously weren't they scared of radiation I mean what you steal is not worth it if you die)

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Posted in: Global protests held against Japan's dolphin hunt See in context

considering how smart and playful dolphins are eating them is kinda inhumane hope their meat gets stuck in their throat (whoever dares to hunt them)

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Posted in: When a company is at the center of a crisis (TEPCO or BP, for example), should that company's top executive resign to take responsibility? See in context

In Japan's case I think seppuku would be the best choice.

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Posted in: Which form of renewable energy do you think is the best alternative to nuclear energy? See in context

Probably the one that hasn't been discovered yet.

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Posted in: Should Naoto Kan step down as Japan's prime minister? See in context

Only the Japanese can decide because they elected him, it's their responsibility.

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Posted in: Do you think the Fukushima nuclear disaster is worse than Chernobyl? See in context

It's certainly less devastating than Chernobyl (even though not all reactors blew up). In Japan the tsunami killed more people than the earthquake and radiation.

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Posted in: Do you think cell phones can cause cancer? See in context

Yes but not always...cellphones are the cancer of society,and the human race is the cancer of Earth.

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Posted in: British police arrest 19-year-old over cyberattacks on Sony, CIA website See in context

poor kid

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Posted in: Nobel Peace winners in Hiroshima argue for nuclear weapons ban See in context

Banning nuclear weapons will endanger fallout games.

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Posted in: Seibu Railways to introduce 'maid trains' See in context

lots of otaku dreams came true

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Posted in: Anti-China protest See in context

I see China in her eyes.-Modern Talking

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Posted in: U.S. drone strikes kill 14 militants in Pakistan See in context

kids playing video games (that literally kill people )

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Posted in: Queen Elizabeth joins Facebook See in context

damn!! and here I was hoping to become friends with royalty

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