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If you're caught in a riptide, there are two ways to escape it: 1. swim parallel to the shore away from the riptide channel and you should be able to find a spot where you can swim back to shore; riptide channels are usually pretty narrow. 2. float on your back and ride the current out until it is spent, then move away from the riptide channel and swim back to shore. The problem with this is that riptides can sometimes reach quite far out.

Learn to swim. Teach your kids.

we each have our natural level of buoyancy. And then, there are those who don't float at all

putting your life on the line to save another is a brave act

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(and yes, he's a local)LOL

must be a midget with a grin in that case

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Geesh. Some of these child-porn posters are children themselves...ugh.

It's called "child grooming" practiced by the real perverts who are usually close family members .

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Posted in: 14 men, aged 16-45, busted over national child pornography ring See in context

LogP2P with another program called LogIRC is now used by hundreds of law enforcement in countries throughout the world, to track down people exchanging so called illegal content.

Remember that 72 year old english teacher in Fukuoka ? I wonder what fingered his peer 2 peer file exchange ? If you can speak Japanese talk to your local man on the beat and inform the J/cops to work with the rest of the world.

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if had no common sense but my wife and the remains of my family were still alive in the car, I would steal food . Heck ! I have run out of Gas , Let's eat.

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