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Posted in: Japan says its active investment is a source of U.S.-Japan vitality See in context

Japanese government said it was a win-win situation but US has a big trade deficit over Japan every year.

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Posted in: China changes start date of war with Japan to bolster patriotic education See in context

And that's how they write a history. Classic move by Chinese government.

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Posted in: Teacher grabs 3 students by their collars, causing them to faint See in context

3 boys were bullying a girl. I don't know what they were doing to her, but that's just so embarrassing of them. As everyone says, the teacher overreacted but those bullies surely deserve some kind of punishment equivalent to what they have done. Learn a lesson!

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Posted in: Woman arrested for attacking sleeping husband See in context

Beat him with a metal bat and also stabbed him but it wasn't intended to kill him, just playing with him?! What the heck is wrong?!

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Posted in: Toyota to invest $10 bil in U.S. See in context

This is not an healthy competition in the market at all. And, who knows how long Mr. Trump will actually sit as the president. Might not even last 4 years.

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Posted in: Trump voices new doubts about Russian efforts to sway U.S. vote See in context

How couldn't US prevent it from happening in the first place?! Russia had every reason to conduct it but not sure the truth. If they actually did, that is not something that they can get away from severe punishment.

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Posted in: Body of suicide jumper hurled by train into woman on platform See in context

Omg, I would concern more about her mental than physical. If I were her, I would never forget the moment.

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Posted in: Hair today, hungover tomorrow as young Japanese come of age See in context

Welcome to the life of freedom with responsibility.

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Posted in: Train driver says he can't remember overrunning platform by 220 meters See in context

Only 5 hr sleep everyday probably. Hope this system will change for everyone after this incident.

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Posted in: Fun in the sun See in context

Nice to see this kind of picture among all the other terrible news these days.

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Posted in: Florida airport shooting raises questions about guns in baggage See in context

Guns don't kill people, people kill people. However, guns are somehow unique because they are made specifically to kill something or hurt really bad. Cars can kill people but they are not made for that reason. Got to think about this issue seriously.

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Posted in: Japanese gov't defends Toyota after Trump broadside over Mexican plant See in context

No wonder why Mr. Trump is not the world's favorable elected president. Will be a very great president in US since he cares so much about his country.

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Posted in: American man arrested for smuggling marijuana in candy See in context

It could have been a serious crime if he sold them in Japan. Who knows what he really wanted to do with them.

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Posted in: 3 killed, 2 injured after car falls from multi-story parking facility See in context

What was wrong with the driver?! It's a miracle that at least those young passengers survived. Prayers for those who died and their families.

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Posted in: Takata close to settling U.S. criminal probe See in context

Why the heck agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice?! The agreement shouldn't be done between the company and the victims?!

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Posted in: New Year holiday exodus begins across Japan See in context

Would rather stay home and relax than stay on a plane and hustle overseas during holidays. Love to travel around other times though!

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Posted in: Australian police seize 1 ton of cocaine, arrest 15 men See in context

Good job Police!

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Posted in: Man arrested after shoving woman on platform against incoming train See in context

Here it is as usual, "I don't remember anything." Don't play that card. Just man up and have some balls. It doesn't matter if you intend to kill her or not; what matters is the action you took might have killed a person. Think on it and then say words.

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Posted in: Sagawa employee caught on YouTube throwing, kicking parcels See in context

Sagawa started delivering stuff from Amazon a few years ago and now extremely busy. Tackling and solving this incidence, the system inside the company should be changed somehow; otherwise, same kind of behavior might happen from other workers who are under so much stress. The action he took was really reckless though.

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Posted in: Japan pulls plug on troubled Monju fast breeder reactor See in context

Government should provide each house with solar energy panel according to the size and status of house, instead of operating those nuclear energy plants. Would that be cheaper and more efficient?

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Posted in: Top court rules in favor of U.S. base relocation in Okinawa See in context

An osprey costs 72.1 million to build. Isn't there any other thing to spend $72.1 million on?

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Posted in: Trump puts new spotlight on Long Island gang killings See in context

Donald Trump is certainly going to be the President of United States and still talking like this... The president of United States! But what he's saying make sense, trying to make "illegal" citizens leave the country.

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Posted in: Gov't reconsiders plan to change Japan's iconic hot spring symbol after backlash See in context

Just stay simple. I agree that the old sign is easy enough to understand, even if not that's a rare experience that foreigners can get only by visiting Japan. Leave it be.

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