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Shinichi Hamada comments

Posted in: Tokyo reports 12,935 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 71,488 See in context

Still reporting "cases"?

Time to move on from this.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 37 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 295 See in context

Meaningless information...

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 21 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 121 See in context


When, in the past, have health officials asked people with no symptoms to test for a virus?

When have we asked people to take a vaccine to protect against something with a lethality rate so low?

Why are all of these governments going along with this when there is far more damage done to citizens' emotional and financial well-being than any damage a virus could do?

The reaction to this "pandemic" is unprecedented.

People need to really ask themselves "why?"

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 7 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 79 See in context

How is this even newsworthy?

Isn't there anything else more interesting to report on?

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Posted in: 83 million unused 'Abenomasks' remain in storage in Japan See in context

Please throw them in the garbage where they belong.

People who walk around with a mask on are actors in a plandemic theater, displaying a fear mechanism that only contributes to the globalists' plan to control all of us.

You think I'm wrong?

Look at this notion of "vaccine passports", for example. What's next? How about Digital IDs where these one world government criminals monitor and control every aspect of your lives.

Wake up, people.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 40 coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 429 See in context

Cases are meaningless.

I think I'll sit by the side of the road and count each car passing by as an "auto fatality case."

That would be as stupid as what they are doing with these COVID "cases."

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Posted in: 84 COVID-19 patients died at home in Japan over 6 months: gov't See in context

If the corrupt government didn't prohibit the use of Ivermectin (developed by a Japanese scientist) and it was readily available, these people could have recovered with few, if any deaths.

How corrupt and sad it is when the government covers for the profit-hungry pharmaceutical companies at the expense of its own citizens!

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Posted in: Do you think the Tokyo Olympics will turn out to be a superspreader event for the coronavirus? See in context

Even if some virus gets spread around, nobody will likely even know.

Look out! It's the boogeyman!

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,149 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,194 See in context

Deadly case are the most important.

Exactly. Most of these cases are nothing to be concerned about.

If the Japanese government would just let the doctors treat with HCQ and Ivermectin, there would be no worry about anything.

But leave it to the technocrats like Youtube to censor videos about Dr. Ohmura who was a key developer of Ivermectin back in the early 80s.

How diabolical it is that effective medical treatments are being aggressively SUPRESSED from the public to make people think they must take an experimental shot in order to get back to normal.

It's criminal.

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 1,149 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,194 See in context


So what if "Tokyo reports 1,149 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 3,194"?

The vast majority of these people won't even experience ANYTHING, let alone get sick and need hospitalization.

By the way, does anyone know how many times these PCR tests are being cycled?

If it's more than 25 (and likely is), the results are meaningless.

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Posted in: JOC to watch for hateful online posts during Tokyo Olympics See in context

Will each athlete get a personal guide to hold their hand to and from the venues to make sure they don't stub their toes?

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Posted in: Cathay working with Airbus on single-pilot system for long-haul See in context

So what happens when the pilot has a seizure or heart attack?

What if the pilot has a negative reaction to a vaccine?

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 337 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,418 See in context

Citing these "cases" is akin to someone sitting by the side of the road, pointing at cars and crying "that's a traffic fatality case!"

No, they are just cars driving down the road, the overwhelming majority of which will never be involved in a fatal car wreck.

In actuality, chances of a car passing by getting in a fatal wreck sometime in that driver's lifetime is much greater than someone dying from this so-called "shin corona virus."

When are people going to realize how they've been duped??

When are people going to wake up to this??

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Posted in: Tokyo reports 467 new coronavirus cases; nationwide tally 1,944 See in context

This is terrible. Positivity rate very high still.

How is this "terrible?"

Positive tests are, in many cases, false positives due to over cycling of the PCR tests.

Settle down, everything is going to be fine.

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Posted in: Tokyo to vaccinate 18,000 Olympics workers, volunteers See in context

I've asked over and over.

Can someone share with me one reason to get a "vaccine" for something that has a 99.7% survival rate for the ages of the the athletes whom they will be assisting?

Seriously - the threat of death is virtually "0" yet people are going to take these shots.

If working for no pay wasn't bad enough, now thousands of Japanese people are going to receive these potential DNA-altering shots?

I find this hard to fathom.

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Posted in: G7 pledge to share vaccines, make a fairer global economy See in context

To make the global economy "fairer."

Did they decide to be more "gentle" and "kind" as well?

How silly.

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Posted in: Suga aims to finish vaccinating Japan's population by November See in context

Aim all you want, Suga san, but you have no right to mandate anyone get this experimental shot!

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Posted in: Main Tokyo vaccination center to offer shots to younger people See in context

Because the young still transmit the disease and exponentially raise the risk of creating another horrible variant. Everyone needs to be vaccinated for this to go away for good.

These vaccines do not prevent infection nor do they prevent transmission. The manfuacturers are even telling us that! They only lessen symptoms.

And besides, what is the chance someone is going to die from this? Really. Next to Z-E-R-O!

If you think this is going to "go away for good", you obviously don't understand biology. It is impossible to completely eliminate this and create a 100% risk-free world.

Get on with your life!

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Posted in: Naomi Osaka pulls out of French Open, citing mental health issues See in context

She would have been much better off not getting involved in all the BLM/social justice garbage.

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Posted in: Are you in favor of vaccination passports for international travel? See in context

Also, do you have anything to tell yo your own parents who vaccinated the hell out of you when you were a baby in order for you not to die meaninglessly?

Did you consider that perhaps the vaccines you were given as a child went through the typical 5+ years of safety testing on animals and humans, unlike these human experiments which were developed in a matter of months?

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Posted in: Protected passengers See in context

This is "Picture of the Day"?

When is Japan Today going to get off the fear-mongering train?

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Posted in: Tokyo's Yoyogi Park to be used as COVID vaccination site See in context

Crossing my fingers that most thinking Japanese will opt out of this experiment.

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Posted in: Former emperor, empress get COVID vaccinations See in context

The Imperial Household Agency said in May it will not make public the vaccination status of the royal family members as it concerns personal information.

If there are considerations of issuing vaccine passports to the general public, then that means there is no concern about personal information.

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Posted in: Mass vaccinations in Tokyo, Osaka get into full swing; Kobe opens large center See in context

How can anyone down vote my post regarding the tracking of adverse reactions people are experiencing after getting these vaccines?

I assume that you want Japanese taking a vaccine without informed consent. Is that it?

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Posted in: COVID vaccines to be available to all under 65 in Japan at same time See in context

No offense to all the folks on this site who think COVID "vaccines" are a great idea, but why?

They've not undergone lengthy safety tests in humans or animals.

The mortality rate is extremely low.

People in other countries are experiencing adverse reactions in large numbers.

The disregard for these adverse reactions by officials is unpardonable. Did you know that the vaccines developed and administered for the Swine Flu were abruptly stopped when less than 100 people had died? And here we are with nearly 5,000 dead in the U.S. (probably much higher actually), yet we are just charging forward??

Are Japanese people aware of this?

I doubt it.

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Posted in: Mass vaccinations in Tokyo, Osaka get into full swing; Kobe opens large center See in context

Does the Japanese government have a database like the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the one that shows the number of vaccinated people who have had negative reactions?

For those willing to listen, the VAERS system, which is run by the CDC, shows that nearly 5,000 people in America have died since receiving their COVID vaccine, nearly half of these deaths coming within 3 days of the shot.

I would think that Japanese would like to know about this. You know, a little "informed consent."

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Posted in: Foreign business chambers urge Japan to speed up vaccine rollout See in context

If I am fully vaccinated and have a negative PCR test before flying to Japan

Because you might catch in the place, or something silly like that.

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Posted in: Foreign business chambers urge Japan to speed up vaccine rollout See in context

Where is your head?

I will tell you where my head is. It is in that place that looks at all the evidence and makes a rational decision.

A "pandemic" for which the survival rates is over 99% is not an "emergency" no matter how you look at it.

This is manipulation of the masses for control.

Why are people unable to see this?

Let me ask you a question. When have you heard ONE SINGLE OFFICIAL at the WHO, NIH, CDC or any other major government body EVER ask the question "Do people who have been infected and recovered from COVID-19 really need to be vaccinated?" This is a very important question that is not being asked. The same question was never asked about recovered people wearing masks, because it is and has always been about controlling people through fear. Fear is a very powerful tool.

Why are these questions not being asked? Because the decision has been made at some higher level that the goal is to vaccinate EVERYBODY, regardless of whether they need it or not.

If you took little Johnny to the doctor and the doctor said "I know Johnny had the Chicken Pox already, but we're still going to innoculate him against Chicken Pox" you'd think the doctor had lost his/her mind, right?

So, why are people so blindly following? Why aren't more doctors speaking out? Because of "cancel culture" which demands people follow the narrative or get ostracized, lose their jobs, or lose friends.

The politicization of this is criminal. It is staring you in the face. Open your eyes, please.

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Posted in: Foreign business chambers urge Japan to speed up vaccine rollout See in context

In an emergency, ordinary rules don't apply. 

"Emergency"?? What emergency?

How does this even come close to an "emergency"? A survival rate of 99.97+%?

Who, in their right mind, considers that an emergency?!

Have people lost their minds so they are so easily manipulated by the fear mongering media?

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Posted in: Osaka hospitals buckle under COVID-19 onslaught See in context

The paper you shared, on page 25, states Ivermectin has NOT been proven effective

Ask the thousands of doctors who have used it to save patients. Their experiences and testimonies are what really count.

But I'm sure you would rather people NOT know about Ivermectin so they can continue to walk around in fear. Good on ya!

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