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The irony is, by refusing to let their people defend it protect its allies, Japan will sit idly by while see so many die around them. Japan pacificts also seem to be the most selfish.

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it's not an exaggeration, but a fact for several nations like Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines and Vietnam. China is a threat and are the source of threats in East and Southeast Asia.

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Technically, Japan only have 3 disputes, the Senkaku Islands, claimed by Japan, China and Taiwan, Takeshima/Dokdo, claim by Japan and South Korea, and the Northern Territories, claimed by Russia. in the South China Seas alone, China have at least 5 disputes in the area, in addition, China have 5 more disputes outside the South China Sea.

In reality, China is a huge bully that is just trying to get everything it can get it's hands on. Disgusting.

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Japan really need to smack China in the face and tell them what's what.

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