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Posted in: As sports embraces activism, what should Tokyo Olympics permit? See in context

Twice as many members down voting the statement Black Lives Matter is all I need to know about the sad state of some people’s souls.

anyway I think it’s important to allow protest and even counter protest statements by athletes just so long as they are peaceful.

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Posted in: Osaka using U.S. Open as platform for activism See in context

How is it that so many anti-black comments never EVER get deleted by mods.

no one is protesting robbers and criminals in the act being shot by police. But a nurse sleeping in her bed? Come on. You’re not a traitor to the Right if you admit that that’s just wrong

Osaka isn’t our toy or our employee. She is free to express herself and her views in anyway she sees fit. If her sponsors feel Black lives are worthless then she’ll lose them and I’m sure some of you will be thrilled.

BLM too.

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Posted in: Osaka withdraws from W&S Open semifinals in call for racial justice See in context

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

John F. Kennedy

I don’t think “please try your best to value my life as much as everyone else’s” should count as a revolution but here we are.

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Posted in: Osaka withdraws from W&S Open semifinals in call for racial justice See in context

Spitfire, it's called a "gesture". "her personal glory" hahaha how dare THOSE people try to excel!

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Posted in: NHK removes video on U.S. protests after online outrage about depiction of African Americans See in context


i get the feeling that people haven’t seen the video and are Just falling into old/reflexive camps in these comments.

I get there are people who don’t like my particular shade of human and that’s just what it is... best of luck.

for the rest of you, I invite you click the link watch this abomination for yourselves and then comment. Truly unbelievable.

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Posted in: 'Roma,' 'The Favourite,' 'Black Panther' get most Oscar nominations See in context

Really want to see Vice. Is it out in Japan yet?

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Posted in: 'Roma,' 'The Favourite,' 'Black Panther' get most Oscar nominations See in context

Ok. I’ll accept the edit to my previous post. But I do think that far to many people automatically dislike anything that has anything positive to say or show about people of African decent. Black Panther was not overalls racial in anyway unless having people of color existing is “racial” the story was explicitly against racially defined “in and out” groups. And showed good and evil have no color.

If if you don’t like super hero films being nominated or celebrated that’s one thing. But to critique BP as some kind of anti-white movie is completely inaccurate. A KING telling someone to be silent inside his own kingdom isn’t racial. Haha it’s called power.

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Posted in: 'Roma,' 'The Favourite,' 'Black Panther' get most Oscar nominations See in context

BP was a great film. go rewatch Birth of Nation if you don't like it.

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Posted in: EU council chief tells Trump: Respect the allies you have See in context


If you honestly believe that Russia can invade the Baltics and not be beaten back by NATO, you're delusional. Russia is not some steamroller. It has nukes. That is the ONLY thing it has that can stand up to modern European military forces, and like a comment above stated, England and France have more nukes combined than even China.

Go look up Russian military spending figures...

nevermind, I'll do it for you. it was USD 69 BN in 2016 vs. USD 97 BN for just France and Germany.


NATO without US support CAN beat Russia in conventional warfare if they were to attack the EU but the point of NATO is to insure that war DOESN'T happen. Trump is trying to fleece our allies by harping on 1) trade deficiets and 2) military spending so that they buy more US made weapons. it's not "fairness" he wants...it's "begger they neighbor"

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Posted in: EU council chief tells Trump: Respect the allies you have See in context


GoTrumpers who railed against 'globalists': will you cheer on this shift in power?

I think we all know they will...

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Posted in: EU council chief tells Trump: Respect the allies you have See in context

Let Europe take care of itself, let's see how long they last. Putin would have the biggest party of the century.

Riiight, because "World Wars are good and easy win" right?

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Posted in: Trump, Kim sign agreement; N Korean leader to get White House invitation See in context

Cochise - I gave him a "C"! Said it was too early to say it's a failure or a success. Go back and read my first comment on this thread. I don't like him. at. all. but I prefer jawjawjaw to warwarwar so i don't know why i'm "extremely biased"? I'd say that you're expectation that I should bow my head to the magnificence of your cult leader based on...what? a meeting he managed to get through without vomited vitirol? is extreme. If this works out well, I will be the first say "He did a good job." And I mean that sincerely. Until then, i judge him on all the horrible things he's done so far at home and abroad.

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Posted in: Trump, Kim sign agreement; N Korean leader to get White House invitation See in context

The fact that people on here care more about hurting the feelings of television news hosts than whats good for the people of the region is sickening. Truly. If you're opinion of good policy is all about whether or not Don Lemon is happy or not...you have no opinion on policy. geez, it's depressing. and small.

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Posted in: Trump, Kim sign agreement; N Korean leader to get White House invitation See in context

The document basically says nothing, but that's a huge improvement over threatening to kill each others people a year ago. both sides of the political spectrum need to calm themselves down. It is NOT some master stroke of diplomacy to take photos together and sign a document saying "I agree to do what I said I'd do before". But it's not a failure to meet together and get nothing much in return either.

Trump scores a solid C on this one so far. It's all about the follow through at this point. Personally, I don't like the guy, (I might go so far to say I loath him as a human being) but I'm not going to go all GOP vs Obama on him with the "it's a travesty because he's involved in it!" I give it a solid C on the day.

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Posted in: New 'Star Wars' films on way from 'Game of Thrones' creators, Disney says See in context

Is this where we all pretend that D&D actually "created" GoT? Unless George RR Martin will be writing this new series I think they're about to be exposed.

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Posted in: Trump to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital See in context

He WANTS violence to break out. Nothing rallies the base like scary brown people with guns. He intends to sacrifice lives for the sake of changing the new cycle from Russia and tax cuts for the rich.

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Posted in: Cartoonist charged over possession of child pornography See in context

Wow. The shameful parade continues. Rurouni Kenshin was once of my favorites too. But no chance I’ll ever buy another book. Lock him up UNDER the jail.

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Posted in: Man falls to his death from bridge after proposing to girlfriend See in context

You can see a more detailed story along with tragically hilarious J-TV graphics here: http://www.asiaone.com/asia/man-falls-bridge-and-dies-right-after-proposing-girlfriend

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Posted in: Japan says no barriers to auto imports after U.S. fires trade salvo See in context

I could have sworn there was a multi-national trade agreement that address the agricultural and other trade barriers. I wasn’t even just between the US and Japan but a whole bunch of nations boarding the Pacific. “Trans-Pacific”, if you like. They all got together for YEARS to iron things out so that they all shared the same standards…almost like a “Partnership”.

Trump should just sign THAT and all his problems will be solved.

Well…maybe not ALL his problems. Comrade.

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Posted in: Kristen Stewart says coming out is worthwhile if she can help others See in context

Kristen Stewart - taking the "happy" out of "gay" since 2017.

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Posted in: Actress Emma Watson says revealing photo does not undermine feminism See in context

I get what she's TRYING to say, but it's hard to take anyone seriously on any subject if they're half naked on a bearskin rug.

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Posted in: Fukushima 'voluntary' evacuees to lose housing support See in context

The government has fouled up most if not all of the response but the out-pour for this charlatan is inappropriate. Down vote me if you like, but then LOOK UP Koriyama City. Just because it's in the same prefecture does not mean its the same condition. There are no abandoned homes in Koriyama City. There is no radiation problem in Koriyama City (at least not more than Tokyo).

Of all the thousands of people who are really suffering, this lady is NOT one of them.

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Posted in: Fukushima 'voluntary' evacuees to lose housing support See in context

She lived in Koriyama...it's a bustling healthy town where thousand live and work with rising land prices. I've actually visited several times since 3.11. The last time I went, the radiation monitors showed lower levels then in Shinjuku.

The woman deserves jack. I'd understand if it was closer, but a Koriyama resident who won't go back because of radiation fears is insane. But if she's that worried...it's been SIX YEARS! Make a new life elsewhere and get on with your life. How long does she expect a hand out?

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Posted in: Japan's economy barely grows in April-June: revised data See in context

The government has "spent" 80 trillion yen in electronically created money to buy JGBs. most of that money is then deposited right back at the central bank having never actually reached the real economy. Its purpose is the drive down yields, not direct stimulus of economic activity. The academic reason for the negative interest rate policy was to create a disincentive for the financial institutions to deposit with the BoJ and instead lend it out or invest it...that hasn't worked as planned....

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Posted in: Another disappointing day for Pokemon Go fans in Japan See in context

Gaijinland - are you pretending that you're actually playing the game? I've downloaded it from the US store too. and it's just a Google Map.

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Posted in: Family says military changed Dallas suspect; robot use defended See in context

I'm with Fizz on this. The guy was obviously guilty and likely would have faced the death penalty, but the decision to forgo the due process of the legal system and kill him is a very slipperly slope. Who cares how long they would have had to wait him out. This isn't a 3rd world country where you shoot people in the street because your afraid of...oh wait, thats exactly what America has become.

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Posted in: Smartwatches are getting smarter, though not quickly enough See in context

gogogo: I agree. Products that work are the worst!

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Posted in: Abe to put off tax hike to help Japan's economic recovery See in context

sighclops - and Australia also has vast natural resources. Why not compares Japan to Saudi Arabia while we're playing fantasy economist?

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Posted in: First Look: 'Captain America: Civil War' debuts at CinemaCon See in context

Sorry Black Panther and Spidey... TeamCap all the way!

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