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Shinjuku No Yaju comments

Posted in: Camera-equipped drone found on roof of Abe's office See in context

They covered it in blue tarp so it couldn't fly away. qeez

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Posted in: Japan nuclear watchdog hits out at reactor injunction See in context

When the power companies give up on nuclear plants is when they will jack rates up so they can be profitable in the new fossil fuel reality. So don't complain when prices for everything for anything that requires electricity anywhere in its production cycle (i.e. everything) does up double. Power companies have been eating losses for 4 years now out of a mix of patriotism and optimism about restarts. That will end. Not saying we should be switching the nukes on willy-nilly, just saying that expensive inputs = expensive prices.

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Posted in: Nikkei retreats after topping 20,000 See in context

It is not a bubble. (As in prices and valuations are not supported by underlying strength/growth). But by all means, don't invest...keeps my buyin price down

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Posted in: Nikkei retreats after topping 20,000 See in context

Sensato, that chart could be titled "Welcome to the wonderful world of deflation, stagnant corporate management and political disengagement". Hopefully the winds of change blow in more good fortune.

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Posted in: Ex-school principal held over child porn with Filipino girls See in context

"According to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and prefectural police, Takashima held a teaching position at a Japanese school in the Philippines for a three-year period that started in 1998. After that, he traveled to the country approximately three times per year for a total of 65 visits."

Yeah, so this guy did some of these crimes WHILE being an educator in the Philippines. Like an English teacher coming to Japan to work at an international school...and pedo'ing locals like a dog in heat the whole time while here. He deserves zero sympathy.

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Posted in: Ex-school principal held over child porn with Filipino girls See in context

It's weird to be that so many are defending this perverts pension. It's about setting a precedent for current employees. "Even if you don't get caught today, or tomorrow...you WILL get caught and WILL suffer losses for defiant acts". I doesn't seem like too hard a thing to understand. I would like to believe that if some pedophile came to Japan to have sex with minors, his employers would punish at least as harshly.

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Posted in: Attention U.S. taxpayers: Are you ready for FATCA? See in context

Social Security is a bribe? That's like paying yourself to bribe yourself. and defense spending is higher than welfare spending, so as much as you hate the poor and their annoying instance on "not dying"...we (US taxpayers) still spend more on killing the poor than feeding.

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Posted in: Attention U.S. taxpayers: Are you ready for FATCA? See in context

This isn't a new policy on taxation, US citizens have always been required to file (as the article states). it's just making it harder to NOT comply with that obligation. This year you can make about 90,000 USD (10.8m JPY) and not have to pay US taxes so it's not like its a fleece. And since US citizens can vote regardless of where in the world they are its not "Taxation without representation" lol. The only ones who should be up in arms about this are people who were illegally not filing their taxes before.

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Posted in: Abe's visit to U.S. generating a lot of interest, controversy See in context

jerseyboy - do you honestly think that if Japan had made statements "whitewashing" its war record against Russia or China during the Cold War that America would have rushed to the defense of those countries? The rise of the TeaParty just makes my comments MORE relevant. What is more "anti-American" than communist China in the minds of the right? They will fight TPP every step of the way because Obama wants it, but they won't fall inline behind Red China for the sake of a few decades old warcrimes, No how. no way.

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Posted in: Abe's visit to U.S. generating a lot of interest, controversy See in context

I think Obama will probably apologise to Abe.

How drool... though he should do it. It would be a surefire way to get TPP passed in this Congress.

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Posted in: Abe's visit to U.S. generating a lot of interest, controversy See in context

jerseyboy - with all due respect. you're wrong. American's, by and large, are indifferent at best to the goings on of a a war we fought 70 years ago and isn't even our last war in Asia. or the 2nd to last. Add to that that most Americans on both sides of the isle see China as their rising rival there is almost nothing Abe could say that would make Americans side with China vs. Japan. The image that most Americans under 40 have of Japan is lovably weird, super smart, earnest and ninja-y. I get what you're saying, but if you think rank and file Americans are that quick to change ingrained mindsets and worldviews...you haven't been paying attention.

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Posted in: Abe's visit to U.S. generating a lot of interest, controversy See in context

I think jerseyboy is talking about US WWII vetrans. which i think is not really true. Most have already come to terms with the evils of war and if they have not hardened their hearts to forgiveness already nothing Abe says is going to suddenly make them unforgive. In other words, it's not political for the people who actually FOUGHT, only to people who try to leverage war for talking points.

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Posted in: Michelle Obama, Akie Abe announce plans to support girls' education See in context

Kekahuna - your mother has expensive tastes

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Posted in: Major firms heed Abe's call to raise wages See in context

Latest inflation guidance from BoJ was for inflation to be flat and maybe even negative for the next few months due to oil. the 2% goal, is just that...a GOAL. It isn't going to be reached for a while. This raise increase a good thing. a VERY good thing.

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Posted in: Major firms heed Abe's call to raise wages See in context

The Toyoto raise in total pay (including bonuses) is 3.2%...nothing to jeer at. but go right ahead. don't let facts interrupt your cheering against the Japanese economy.

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Posted in: First ladies See in context

fds: lol wow. don't stop there. share some more of your fan-fiction.

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Posted in: 58.4% of high school seniors say they don't like studying English See in context

Replace "English" with "Spanish" and this could be an American news article. Most students don't LIKE studying anything, even if they would really like to be good at it.

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Posted in: Chinese envoy urges Japan to stick to past apology See in context

From those statements you would think CHINA was the one who beat Japan in WWII. And it's a bit odd to say that the previous statements and apologies were "correct", when in the past the PRC never seemed to think they were enough...it's almost as if nothing would be good enough. almost.

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Posted in: A golden MacBook, HBO on your iPhone & of course, the Watch See in context

I might use my bonus to pick up the cheap model watch if it doesn't look too dorky on my wrist but anything more high-end than that seems like a waste. I can justify a USD 350 watch (I've bought watches around that price before), but kind of bummed that the all steel ones run into the 1,000's....oh well. I guess getting married and starting a family has tamed my inner lack of common sense.

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Posted in: Do you think there is a role for monarchies in this day and age? See in context

I assume the question means absolute monarchy. In which case I say "yes", but only if the kingdom is either too small or too structurally peaceful to threaten its neighbors. Every time a new king or queen is crowned you'd be rolling the dice that it wasn't a despotic would-be conqueror taking the throne.

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Posted in: U.S. ambassador to S Korea slashed while giving lecture See in context

Ok, it's the US troops (and not the lunatic Kim family) that's the problem...

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Posted in: Netanyahu assails Iran nuclear talks in speech to Congress; Obama disagrees See in context

bass4funk, As I recall, America came out of WWII more powerful than ever

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Posted in: Foreign complaints as Nikkei scoops Japan's inside line See in context

Anyone who thinks this is about a jealous competitor is looking at it wrong. I work in the industry and insider trading is RAMPANT here. Stock prices swing wildly for two days before a big announcement is made all the time. Around the office we just shake our heads but if you are trying to become a global center for finance (As Tokyo wants to be), you can NOT have this kind of thing.

The Nikkei's blatant disregard for proper stewardship of information is front and center. I'm sure Bloomberg/WSJ/FT reporters GET this kind of information. The difference is that they don't PRINT it.

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Posted in: 17-year-old gives birth in toilet; dumps infant by river See in context

So where is the "father", no where to be found of course.

I suspect the "father" might have been the father.

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Posted in: 58-year-old man arrested for stalking ex-partner with GPS See in context

Or a guy who's been watching too much Breaking Bad on Hulu

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Posted in: Man arrested for kidnapping 5-year-old girl See in context

The only word for this is "uuuugh"

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Posted in: Aid agency Oxfam says Ebola could become the "definitive humanitarian disaster of our generation." Do you agree? See in context

Unless the virus mutates and become airborne I don't think so. Our generation will have to deal with water shortages, geo-political and economic upheaval and the opening stages of climate change. All of which have far more potential for humanitarian disaster on a truly global scale. Swing and a miss there Oxfam.

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Posted in: Man gets 30 years for killing Japanese diplomat in Dominican Republic See in context

If the choice is between selling sex, and hardship for ones family. Many people choose to sell. I think it's horrible, but I can't judge unless I've seen my children crying from hunger. It's horrible for the diplomat to leverage his position to take advantage of the people he was supposedly there to help. But murder is never the answer...

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Posted in: Tokyo pulls plug on late-night Roppongi-Shibuya bus service See in context

Pulled directly from my comment when this service was announced: "This is the biggest waste. If the point of 24-hour service is to make Tokyo more attractive to business, they should run the line from Marunouchi/Ginza/Shinbashi to Nakano or Sendagaya or ANYWHERE where people LIVE. Running it from one drinking spot to another that can be easily walked WILL fail, and then the taxi companies who don't want to see this policy enacted get to keep their money-cow. Bad form. I hope this isn't a preview of the "reforms" we can expect under Abenomic's arrows”

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Posted in: Man arrested for taking 'normal' picture of woman on train See in context

As uncomfortable as it makes me to say, this IS a bad law. As America has shown with its asinine Stand-Your-Ground Law, you can't base public policy on how someone says the "feel". If there is no damage done then the picture is legal. By this reasoning no one should be able to take a picture of a crowded park, or inside a train for any reason. It IS a slippery slope.

Protecting woman and girls from inappropriate treatment (including unsavory hidden cameras) is important but punishing regular photographers isn't doing that.

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