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When rolling in dark clouds moved across the beach in easterly directions today, bring in the backdraft that any water bird is conscience of, they pulled down the exquisitely ripe red cherry and soft cream off white air bird. Hair stood up even though wet making us aware of possible lightning strikes.

When we ran up for shelter at the surf pavilion, crowded and touching body to body with sweat mixed with the faint smell of tepid saltwater, we could hear in the distance a kyukyusha singing a song. Later we found out one of our own got taken away due to a hit and run driver while crossing with a longboard meant for the water and not the front end of a speeding vehicle.

But still, it was a great day to see that balloon. Life is wonderful in Japan. Truly is the land of the rising sun.

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What were the ages of those people that the biopsies were done on?

Physical conditions?

Pre-death viagra users or did they just quit altogether?

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Better than the darn helicopters. There are constantly three to five hovering annoyingly low each day.

Was a good day for the sailors to roam around maskless on the beach and have cold beers in the beach houses that fill the beach areas.

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I find in the picture PC issues. It is prejudicial against very fair-skinned people with huge hairy lips and no hair on top.

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Why did not the mother confront the guy directly when he walked up to the wall of the changing room with an obvious peephole in it? Who made the peephole is my question? The staff of various genetic differences?

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When the government tries to tell people to stay home in their 60 meter squared hot, cramped, 3ldk and watch the Olympics on TV as long as their are no more than four people for 90 minutes at a time, yet they hold big foodie parties and drink until the sun comes up, well the sun does not shine on mine like it does yours.

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Her stride and perseverance are awesome. She will go far in this world as an educational icon and teacher.

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He is powerfully strong. Good athlete

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@Koha: Thanks for the heat pump info. Informative.

But what does not having air conditioning in homes have to do with these people running and walking on the streets?

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@SnoweyMountHappyGirl: The Olympic village is suppose to be a strict bubble.

The ocean is free for all here to enjoy.

You so often seem confused.

If I went down to the beach and put up two flags and tell everyone to keep out for 700 meters of public beach because my unskilled friends and friends of them want to have a surfing contest for first time groms and most cannot swim you are ok with that?

Man, you need to get out of your private box and open your eyes.

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So the heat pumps we use in most of Japan for heat, dehumidifying, and or air conditioning are different in Hokkaido? A dehumidifier will have the same effects as an air conditioner.

These athletes can wear white hats and grab water at all the road side stands.

And what does air conditioning have to do with running or walking on a street?

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The bronze winner should have been jumping for joy himself.

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Just cause trouble at the ticket gate and the captain will ban you from boarding.

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Nice to see the many beach lovers going after this silly rule.

If Kanagawa does this, all the beach house owners will call on the boys to fix the glitch. More beach houses than usual opened down at shonan. Olympic sailing crews needed some place to escape to.

my pet peeves are the amature surfing contests blocking off access to water. I go around and move right in with my bodyboard. They yell for me to leave but I only leave by riding in and then go do it again. They all know my name, but who cares. The water if open surf to me.

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One would think there would be multiple mobile patrols moving about and especially checking the internal park where drinking and doing the dirty act could happen.

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Counterfeit Olympic passes would make a fortune. Three days of quarantine compared to 14. Nice

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Posted in: Interpreters make sure nothing gets lost in translation at Olympics See in context

Dagon got it and Rocket too!

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Might be a radical out of the box idea, but if more people traveled and left the Tokyo area, including the nearby prefectures there might be less infections.

Spread the population out. Why are people so into being in the cement jungle with no air to breath, concrete monoliths called building and cave dwelling.

Get away and travel. It is summer break. Yank your kids from those overheated summer sports slave camps. Get out and see the country!

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Posted in: The working-age generation is more susceptible to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on their working environment, and we want to effectively connect people with anxiety and worries to counseling services. See in context

Do you think that the jammed trains, buses and train stations create any of this anxiety and stress?

Suga never mentioned that in his long drawn out answers to set up questions last evening.

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@GW: Exactly the same down in KataseEnoshima where the sailing events are held. ZERO Bubble

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¥260,000 is such a small take for 30 residents. He is such a bad thief and can’t even scope out good joints. They should have called an ambulance and taken him to a psychiatric hospital.

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Self defense personnel will do research? That is like asking an American enlisted marine or try to spell virus, vaccine, and vacuums for the final jeopardy question.

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She already ran in the 100 heats and thought she got away with it, just like when you get one of those dear Mam/Sir letters telling you you inherited a hundred million and you write them back and they thought they got away with it! Not!!!

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Posted in: Americans Dressel, Ledecky, Aussie McKeown win gold in the pool See in context

I just shake my head wondering if all those in intensive care with Covid around the world were forced to watch this on the tv in their hospital room, and with no strength to reach the remote to cancel the tv and this horrible virus spreading event.

Looked like over one hundred sightseeing people at the beach this morning. All wearing Olympic badges. All gaijin. All no masks.

We live in at a Terrible time.

Enjoy your butterfly menu, get on the jet and go home.

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Personally I think Abe, AKA Mario really pulls off a very innocent face. Those sad pouting eyes, eyebrows raised in resignation. Poor man.

99.9 conviction rate, but they only indict and arrest those they know they can win hands down. All others left alone. That is why it is 99.9

His secretaries will face the shame, charges and be fined. Abe will slide a brown envelope with cash to them to help out, and GoToEat coupons included.

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Posted in: With so much media coverage of the coronavirus and medical professionals and governments sometimes giving conflicting advice, what advice would you give to people suffering anxiety and depression? What are you doing in your daily life to get through this crisis? See in context

Sorry, I offended some of you. Questions were put forward about advice, so I put some ideas forward.

Pocky are those chocolate sticks that snack girls used to put on ice and charge a fortune for. Quite messy in the summer I would think.

Never saw train tracks in the bamboo forest. There are guys hustling to take you on two-wheel carriages. Strong men.

That forrest is not 10km long. Rather a short walk. Ambulances are probably available for that with heat stroke I assume.

Some of you write weird responses.

@Zichi: I didn't look at it from the perspective of working people and those with kids. I guess I was blindsided by selfishness, but thanks for wishing us nice travels. Hope you can do the same.

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Posted in: With so much media coverage of the coronavirus and medical professionals and governments sometimes giving conflicting advice, what advice would you give to people suffering anxiety and depression? What are you doing in your daily life to get through this crisis? See in context

What my wife and I do is travel. We travel every 5 weeks or so for 5 days at a time. Great time to travel. Nobody doing it.

It takes away any stress which we do not have but am sure others do. Restaurants and venues are absolutely the bomb fabulous.

You can see Japan as if you are in a tourist guidebook with nobody in sight at any venues in general. That famous Bamboo Forest in Kyoto...if you know of it is usually packed. Not one person in sight.

I recommend people get out there and see the world.

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Perfect method explains why the government uses the same words over and over again on how not to clarify what they mean while hashing it over to come to some sort of consensus on the possibilities of not wanting you to have a beer and go home while those wearing a stern mask can wallow in sympathetic off tone singing while drinking nice sake and eating Kobe beef, ,,just a thought.

I can fax the whole meaning if you like

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Critics have pointed out that the punishment lacks any real bite, since Russian teams are wearing full national colors. Their flag is banned and their national anthem can't be played during medal ceremonies, but they do get music from Russian composer Tchaikovsky.

The Russians are the only real people in this world to know how the Taiwanese, the real Leaders of China feel.

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Posted in: Frenchman in Tokyo ends hunger strike over his 'abducted' children See in context


There are some very positive points to not speak the same language fluently as your spouse. Think about it.

By the way, does this guy know where his kids are? Easy to hide in Japan, but hiring someone can do a lot of good in a search effort.

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