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"Most commercial pilots must renew their first or second-class medical certificate every year or two. But here’s a fact that might surprise you: while the standard medical exam requires a urine test, it does not screen for drugs. Instead, it is tested for kidney disease and diabetes. "

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Yes I have been watching the JASDF restructuring towards defense of the SW islands due to the inceasing threat from China. Even transporting Tanks from Hokkaido all the way to the south of Japan.I am aware that US forces can help defend Hokkaido easily if needed.

But the continuous milotary build up on the 4 islands, and the increasing Russian naval presence, one even jointly with China, calls for a increased highly visible US presence, both USN/JMSDF drills and land drills in Hokkaido.

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YrralToday  11:57 am JST

How would NK operate Vienna, not plausible, like plane from Austria fly regular to NK

"North Korean abductions have not been limited to northeast Asia and many documented abductees have been kidnapped while abroad, such as Mr. Lee Chae-hwan, a young MIT graduate student traveling in Austria, and Mr. Ko Sang-moon, a South Korean teacher kidnapped in Norway, making the issue of serious concern to the international community; 

Whereas there have been credible reports that North Korea may have abducted citizens from many other countries in addition to South Korea and Japan, including persons from China, Europe, and the Middle East; "

"on April 5, 1971, North Korean agents abducted Yu Song-gun, a South Korean diplomat stationed at the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in West Germany, his wife, and two young daughters, ages 7 and 1, while the family was believed to be in Berlin; "


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Love it! The United States, UK, France, Australiam, Russia, Taiwan (Republic of China), Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore all have no problem with this flag. The tri-color German flag whih goes back to 1919 is distinct from the Nazi flag, a political flag which was in use only during the period that the National Socialist Party was in power. The Japanese Naval Ensign does not fit this category. Nothing like watching the uneducated and misguided digging themselves deeper into the hole.

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True, German-Americans and Italian-Americans were interned, but nowhere near the scale of Japanese-Americans. Moreover, the internment of Japanese-Americans was more racially motivated.

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This is what happens when you have an unthinking idiot in the White House.

From Feb 2017.


I kind of feel sorry for the Harley execs and workers getting thrown around like this.

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