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Posted in: Aichi man arrested again after having slashed over 1,000 women’s tires to get to know them better See in context

He's pretty much consigned himself to being single now. Even if he meets a women in a normal way, sooner or later the tire slashing history is going to come up.

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Posted in: Right time to 'get stupid again': Beavis, Butt-Head comeback See in context

With the coronavirus panic buying of TP, I predict hard times for Cornholio.

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Posted in: Which current world leader do you respect the most? See in context

The question asks about respect so I've thought about what I respect in a leader (even if I don't agree with their political stance). Decisive, proactive leadership but with a willingness to adapt if the situation changes. Clear communication so you can understand why they are doing something, even if you don't agree with it.

I think Ardern fits these criteria the best out of the current world leaders that I can think of.

Johnson and Abe are the worst fits (especially when it comes to communication).

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Posted in: A long way from home See in context

I have a vivid memory of seeing this mask in Cairo when I was five years old. I would love to go back there some day with my own kids.

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Posted in: Who would you like to see become Japan's next prime minister after Shinzo Abe? See in context

Somebody who isn't the child or grandchild of a politician and has grown up outside of the political bubble. Some experience of a normal working life before they became a politician would also be a plus.

I won't hold my breath though. It'll be one of the old guard as a placeholder until they feel confident enough that the younger Koizumi will toe the party line.

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Posted in: Tokyo Disney parks to reopen from July 1 See in context

If they really want to amp up the tension in the haunted mansion, just get one of the ghosts to start coughing when visitors enter.

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Posted in: Low calorie and protein packed 'Karaage without sin' See in context

Low calorie versions of junk foods always make up for the lack of calories with something else unhealthy (as do low sugar versions). I looked up the nutritional information and in this case, it is pretty high in fat (about 23g per 100g compared to around 17.5g for regular karaage).

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Posted in: Can Fukui’s Obama City draw visitors with rural tourism alone? See in context

I think tourism is a pretty short-term and fragile way to support an economy, as this pandemic is showing. I bet there are 1,000's of young people crushed into packed trains in Tokyo who would love to live somewhere more rural and cheaper. They need to start lobbying for companies to let their people work remotely and live away from the office. Although I guess it's pretty limited to what a small local government can do in this regard. I fear it will take a huge disaster for the overcrowding of Tokyo to end.

If they are going to stick with tourism, I recommend at least making a model that actually looks like Obama.

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Posted in: Do you think the closure of a bookstore or a newspaper's print version is a sad thing? See in context

I'll miss bookshops but new books had become expensive. I think it's a natural death. Most people have either shifted to technology or go to second hand bookstores and libraries like me.

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Posted in: Can a democracy exist without competing parties? See in context

In recent years I'm coming more to the opinion that at least three sizable parties are crucial for a democracy to function. A one party system is not a democracy as people with views different to those of the governing party are not being represented. The U.S. is currently a good example of the problem of a two party system, where trying to undermine your opponent is often a more effective tactic than trying to strengthen your own position. At worst, this can lead to a cycle where each party spends its time in power trying to undo the actions of the previous government and no one moves forward.

A strong third party lessens the likelihood of one party having a strong majority. This means that lawmakers need to be more pragmatic and open to working with colleagues in other parties to get anything passed. I personally feel that this kind of compromise, while not ideal for any one person, is better for a country as a whole and more representative of the entire population (although the UK Tory - Lib Dem coalition of 2010 shows how this doesn't always work).

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Posted in: Okayama to join other Japan cities issuing LGBT certificates See in context

As a resident of Okayama Prefecture, I'm happy to hear this and hope it is implemented in other towns and cities soon.

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Posted in: How would you say the social media landscape in Japan differs from other countries? See in context

It is fairly common here for people to use their personal Facebook page for professional networking, while in the UK I think most people would keep Facebook personal and open a separate account or use something like Linkedin for business. Unless they are pushing some kind of pyramid scheme.

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Posted in: People think making bread and sweets at home helps family members interact with each other and make themselves feel like they are at cafes. See in context


We have a bread machine too (mother-in-law received it as a gift and gave it to us). It makes really nice crunchy bread if you use good flour. However, the kneading process is really noisy so definitely no good for a Japanese apato or mansion. The loaf is also a little small for a family of four.

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Posted in: People think making bread and sweets at home helps family members interact with each other and make themselves feel like they are at cafes. See in context

There are loads of very simple bread recipes online and our kids love making it. We get out the salad tongs and a tray and they pretend to run their own bakery. Be prepared for mess though.

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Posted in: Follow the leader See in context

Good luck getting all those kids a hoikuen place.

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Posted in: How do you feel about your "friends" posting mind-numbing details about their daily lives on Facebook and Twitter? See in context

Doesn't bother me. People can share what they want about themselves, I'll only read what I find interesting.

Although I know a few people who overshare things about their children and that makes me a little uncomfortable.

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Posted in: 'Real Lords of the Flies' shipwreck to become Hollywood movie See in context

Hollywood in action! There was a fairly interesting article on this in the Guardian a few weeks ago which went viral. Then there was a short interview with one of the surviving boys (now an old man) who said he was considering writing a memoir. Not enough info for a feature film but the studios are desperately chasing the viral money. I'm a little curious but I'd rather read the memoirs of someone who was there then a formulaic movie "based on a true story."

Whatever happens, I hope a good portion of the money makes it to the boy themselves.

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Posted in: Telework challenge: Do you find it easy to work, live and relax in the same space? See in context

I started working from home a few years ago and I hope I never go back. Along with the obvious benefits, there are lots of little things that have improved. It's a lot easier to be patient with the kids in the morning (a tantrum while getting ready isn't going to make me miss my train) and as a result, the kids are a lot better at getting ready. I think it is because they are not being rushed. I also usually take a short break every couple of hours and do something like water the plants or fold the laundry, meaning less jobs to do before or after working hours.

Like Zichi's studio, I have a room that is my office and when I'm in there, I'm working and not available for anything else. I think having a set space for work helps to get into the right headspace and also sends a clear message to the family.

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Posted in: The students will be hired part-time and participate in ongoing surveys on online financial transactions, or engage in testing digital services. See in context


I'm sure there are stringent failsafes in place to prevent that happening. However, if one of the part-timers were to accidentally take money out of your account, well, that's just unavoidable human error...

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Posted in: Do you think the coronavirus will change the way people work, shop and socialize in the future? See in context

I hope people will continue to wash their hands properly. That was something that always bugged me before the pandemic. A squirt of soap and 20 seconds under the tap is not a big ask.

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Posted in: Game on: Group offers retro consoles to cooped-up kids See in context

I didn't know about this but its probably for the best. I can imagine what would happen if a console ended up at ours. "Dad, get off the SNES and do some work!" "But I've almost remembered how to Shoryuken."

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Posted in: 'Bohemian Rhapsody' screenwriter hired for Whitney Houston biopic See in context

The problem with biopic movies is the story always has to be massaged to give the story an arc with a climax toward the end. If you really want a flavor of someone's life, I think a good biography is a better bet.

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Posted in: Cutback See in context

Don't worry folks, the tulips will be back next year. They're good like that.

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Posted in: Ramadan on collision course with virus for Asia's Muslims See in context


Like with Christians at Easter and Christmas, people who are not particularly observant during the year tend to go to mosque on Ramadan, meaning numbers are bigger than usual. No idea why it is only focusing on Asia though.

I come from a heavily Muslim area and my friends are praying from home (I think the mosques are closed). I know at least one friend who is organizing an Iftar party online. If there is a will, people will find a way.

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Posted in: 4 layer tapioca tea latte ice cream is a whole new way to experience bubble tea See in context

The Meiji Sweets range is my secret vice (I occasionally buy and eat one when the wife and kids are out). This is one of the better ones so far.

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Posted in: Teleworking is simply not an option since I have no choice but to work at this tiny factory using machines. See in context

If the people who have jobs where remote working is possible are allowed to work remotely, it will mean safer commutes for people like this guy who have to physically be there.

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Posted in: Some economic analysts say the coronavirus is killing globalization as we know it. What is your understanding of globalization? See in context

On one hand, it is destroying supply chains that relied on sourcing parts and labor from the cheapest country possible and not considering self-sufficiency in a situation like this.

On the other hand, the fight against the virus is also globalized, with scientists across the globe working together and sharing data.

I don't think the virus will destroy globalization, but hopefully it will force us to reconsider how we go about it.

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Posted in: Go easy on the sake when stuck at home, Japanese brewer cautions See in context

The definition of four or more units in 2-3 hours as binge drinking in the CDC's, not mine (and apparently for men it's five or more):

I also noticed they used drinks, not units. I've no idea if these are interchangeable or not because what they consider a drink is not defined in this article.

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Posted in: Go easy on the sake when stuck at home, Japanese brewer cautions See in context

Binge drinking (four or more units in 2-3 hours) is thought to disrupt your immune system, so now is a good time to practice moderation. Drink slowly, savour the taste, and protect your health (and wallet).

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