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Posted in: Shiny green wasabi pearls become hot selling topping See in context

Many years ago I used to work in a restaurant that used wasabi tobiko as an ingredient. It was delicious. Looks like a bigger version of that.

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Posted in: Work of art See in context

Beautiful art, but I'll be appreciating it from a distance...

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Posted in: Man arrested over hit-and-run involving 6-year-old boy See in context


The problem here is drink driving. While he did the right thing eventually and came back, even though it might have been easier for him not to (although there's no guarantee he wouldn't have been caught later), if he hadn't been behind the wheel after drinking in the first place then no one would have had a problem.

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Posted in: How would you rate Japanese cities in terms of barrier-free facilities at train stations, on buses, in restaurants, stores and other public areas? See in context

Very mixed. Newer buildings are generally good, but its pot luck whether an older building has been renovated or not. When I lived in Kanto, all train and bus stations seemed to have barrier-free access, although in some of the older places you might have to search a bit to find the ramp or elevator. Now I live out in the sticks and our local station only has a footbridge with stairs to access the far platform. Not even a gate on the other side of the station or one of those little footpaths across the track. Basically if you are infirm or in a wheelchair, you need someone to carry you across the bridge. Not good enough.

I used to live in a barrier-free apartment. Even as an able-bodied person, it was quite nice having wide doorways and hand rails. The genkan area was even slightly sloped so people could still 上がる.

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Posted in: What do you think about suspected gropers jumping onto train tracks at stations to avoid capture? See in context

Wasn't there an article on here a few years ago where a lawyer recommended that if you were falsely accused of groping, the best option was to escape? I think it was because even if there was evidence of your innocence, the protracted legal process to prove this innocence would probably destroy your life anyway.

That being said, jumping onto the tracks is probably never a good idea.

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Posted in: Child fatally assaulted by father was earlier released from custody despite his sexual abuse of her See in context

a local education board provided a copy of Mia's complaint to her father.

This is the line that really bothers me. I'm struggling to think of a scenario in which providing a potential abuser with evidence that their victim is telling on them is a good idea.

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Posted in: Pierre Taki’s trial on drug charge to start on June 5 See in context


Exactly. I can understand him being dropped from future projects but pulling the old stuff seems a bit hysterical.

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Posted in: Swimming star Ikee launches website; says leukemia treatment proceeding smoothly See in context

I hope she gets through this.

Good on her for sharing her experience and raising awareness that cancer can strike at any age.

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Posted in: Henderson revels in Liverpool's epic comeback to beat Barcelona in Champions League semifinal See in context


The decision seems to have been mainly Wagner's. I think he just had enough and needed a break. I don't think the board would have pushed him. Dean Hoyle, our outgoing chairman, is pretty calm and sensible. Most fans would have been happy if Wagner had stayed, even if we went down without taking anymore points.


I feel you about the playoffs. As a fan, I think the genuine competition in the Championship is more exciting to watch. Most matches you feel that either side has a decent chance of winning. Watching your team fight tooth and nail against bigger clubs can also be exciting, but its not something you want to experience every match of the season. Still, I like Frank Lampard and I hope you do well.

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Posted in: Japan's labor shortage eats away at back-breaking work culture See in context

A friend of mine's father-in-law was a proper old-school salary man type and since he retired, he has absolutely devoted himself to his grandchildren. She thinks he is trying to make up for all the time he missed with his own kids. It made me feel rather sad.

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Posted in: Henderson revels in Liverpool's epic comeback to beat Barcelona in Champions League semifinal See in context

It's insane that Liverpool have been playing such outstanding football all season and could still potentially end up with nothing (although I'd fancy their chances against either Tottenham or Ajax). The standard of the top teams at the moment is phenomenal.

As a Huddersfield fan, I'm looking forward to getting back to the championship and away from these monsters.

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Posted in: People love coffee and beer for the buzz, not the taste: study See in context

"Taste may be a factor," Cornelis told AFP, but "it's an acquired taste."

This makes sense to me. I love beer now but I remember drinking it for the first time as a teenager and not liking it very much. I still drank the whole can because I didn't want to chicken out in front of my mates. I kept drinking because of social factors and then acquired the taste. Nowadays I don't care about the buzz but like the taste. If they can invent a non-alcoholic beer that genuinely tastes like the real thing, I'll be delighted.

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Posted in: Never mind 'sekuhara' -- now Japan's got 'shokuhara' (eating harassment) See in context

At my daughter's hoikuen, kids can request to have smaller helpings of each item. I think the idea is that they get a better understanding of how to gauge how much they can eat on a certain day and there is less waste. I'm not sure if there is any penalty for not eating everything up. As she eats like a horse it has never come up.

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Posted in: Man arrested after breaking daughter’s finger See in context

The school noticed the situation and contacted the child welfare office who then contacted the police, who took action. More of this please. I often read stories on here with sentences like "the welfare office made a visit but were unable to assess the situation," or "police were notified but no charges were pressed." These stories usually appear when the abuse has escalated and the consequences on the kid are more severe.

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Posted in: How to vote in elections in your home country if you live in Japan See in context

I registered for a postal vote for the UK general election in 2015. My ballot slip turned up about a week after the deadline for posting it back. I've voted by proxy ever since.

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Posted in: Politically indirect: Using more inclusive Japanese words See in context

Interesting read. I don't really mind when people use 外人, but I'd like to see an alternative to ハーフ become more popular. I don't object when people use it, as I don't think there's any ill intent in most cases, but it would good to have something a bit more positive instead.

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Posted in: High school girl skirt lengths and hair fashions once again in a flux See in context

My girls are probably going to become high schoolers during the Reiwa period and I really don't care how they choose to wear their skirts and socks. However, I would feel a lot more comfortable if it was an issue for them, their friends, and the schools, rather than a topic of national debate.

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Posted in: Lazing about See in context

Wonder how the polar bear is doing. I once went to the zoo in summer and I've never seen such an unhappy looking animal.

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Posted in: Consumption tax hike may be delayed depending on June data: PM aide See in context

I wouldn't mind paying more tax if I had any confidence in how the money was going to be spent. For example, I pay a fair whack in 市民税 but at least I can see the effort being put in by the local government to make our town more livable. I don't agree with everything they do, but I can see planning, engagement with residents, and implementation, so I don't begrudge the money.

On a national level, it feels like throwing money down a well. I have no idea how the extra tax income will be spent because I rarely see any correlation between what the government says they are going to do and things that actually get done (the casino vote is the only exception that comes to mind).

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Posted in: Kumamoto hopes to boost recovery with new statues of 'One Piece' characters See in context

Putting them in different towns is a nice idea. There is no shortage of anime fans who are also avid collectors. Have to go to all eight towns to get the full set of photos.

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Posted in: How do you feel about convenience stores curtailing their hours of business amid the current labor shortage? See in context

In regard to curtailing hours, I think it is a sensible decision in response to the circumstances. It's refreshing to see common sense and the needs of franchisees winning out over the arbitrary rules set by head offices.

The labor shortages behind the closures make me a little more anxious. I get the feeling no steps will be taken to address the situation until it is too late for anything but drastic measures.

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Posted in: Royal welcome See in context

Kodomo No Kuni is great. Lots of places where kids can just run around, go nuts, and do their own thing.

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Posted in: Drum roll See in context

I love taiko so I searched to see if the "tour" was coming anywhere near me, but it's just for three months in the same venue. More of a run than a tour.

Also, I think a Minister of State for "Cool Japan"  should have a special uniform. Maybe something visual kei-inspired with the big hair and make-up.

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Posted in: Trailer released for Makoto Shinkai’s new anime, 'Weathering with You' See in context

Any alternatives?

Why not just "Tenki no Ko"? It's short and easy enough for a non-Japanese speaker to use and sometimes a title in the original language is more intriguing than a bad translation (I'm thinking Y Tu Mamá También).

Looking forward to seeing it.

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Posted in: As time catches up with rock's greats, can the genre survive? See in context

Late 90s early 2000s were quality if you're into Indie: the strokes, Interpol, Arctic monkeys (before moving to the us), the killers, bloc party etc.

Just goes to show that it is all subjective. When I was a teen in the mid-90s, labels would sign a load of small bands and put them on small venue tours together around the UK, in the hope that one or two would connect with an audience and become bigger. This was great for me as it meant you could see loads of interesting bands for cheap. It was also affordable to travel to see your favorites play in other towns, as the ticket prices weren't very high. Then, in a process that probably started with Oasis but really came to the fore with the bands you mention, indie really broke into the mainstream. Labels and the music press would then champion a handful of bands who would be pushed into bigger venues earlier, as there was now a bigger audience. The support slots were taken up by the next cherry-picked cars off the lot.

My cheap, variety-packed "scene" disappeared almost overnight. Although the kinds of bands I liked still existed, without label support they tended to only play in their local areas. This felt like the end of music for me for a while, but for you and others it was the start of something great.

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Posted in: Fukuoka police tackle shortage of female recruits via fashion show See in context

Actually, the Japanese doesn't say "fashion show", but "recruiting guidance for women"...

That's true, but then the text below reads "a workplace where you can utilize your appeal/charm (魅力)" rather than something like "ability" (能力). Unless I'm missing a nuance, it kind of suggests where the focus lies...

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Posted in: Virgin territory: Study shows heterosexual inexperience rising in Japan See in context

Does anyone else find this introductory statement rather bizarre? Why is the author differentiating “sex” from “heterosexual sex”? 

I don't think it is the author making this distinction, I think it was the survey. I found this strange too. As they asked specifically about heterosexual sex, it is obviously a factor in whatever they want to use the data for, so why not just ask about homosexual sex too? Instead, you end up with statements like "assuming that five percent of respondents were engaged only in homosexual sex," meaning that any conclusions have probably been reached at least partly based on an assumption.

It's like reality dictates that they have to factor in the fact that gay sex exists but they don't want to actually acknowledge it.

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